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Taking the Bullet
(Cheap Death) Picture this. The Chief is in a huge battle, and his shields go critcal. He turns a corner to recover,and finds an elite with a needler pointed right at him. In slo-mo, the elite shoots the Chief but as the needle is streaking towards the Spartan, a marine jumps out and has the needle impale him and subsiquently blow his chest open.

But the Master Chief is spared. He rhen blows the elite away with dual SMG's or something.

(j23 on 06-11-06 19:56 UTC, permalink)

Childhood Love Interest
(Romance) The children that will make up the first Spartan II training class have been gathered together and are beginning their indoctrination and training. During an early training exercise John is extremely confident and thinks he will surely win but he actually comes in second to one of female cadets, let?s call her Lindsay. When the instructors aren?t looking Lindsay sticks her tongue out at him to show that she knows how much it bothers John that she beat him.

Later, he finds her and asks her how she managed to beat him. Lindsay teases him and toys with him, but won?t tell him her secret. Before they?re called to their bunks for lights out, Lindsay quickly plants a kiss right on his lips and then runs away back to the girls? barracks. Little John walks away, a little stunned, as we cut to?

? a training montage. We see quick clips of the kids training, playing sports, goofing off, and growing up. We see quiet yet romantic moments between John and Lindsay. We also see that she continues to be the only cadet that ever beats John in the competitions and training exercises. And all of this is set to a rousing, and sure-to-be popular, hip-hop tune.

The montage ends as we encounter our Spartan cadets several years later. Now, obviously teenagers, John and Lindsay are each in command of their own squad during yet another training execise (Lindsay, of course, is a pretty young thing, all lithe and sexy, and in no way resembling a young woman who has endured intense physical and military training for several years without a break). It?s a night exercise during a rather rainy night using live ammunition. Things appear to be going okay, but eventually something GOES WRONG. Lindsay takes command to try and get everyone out safely, but someone dies. Lindsay take full responsibility and is washed out of the program. As she walks to the transport that will take her away from her Spartan family forever, she and John share one last long look at each other. John breaks eye contact first and walks away, a little sad, as we cut to?

? another training montage. We see more clips of training and what not, but with a harder, less playful edge. We watch the bio-enhancement process and eventually see the Spartans received their armor and graduate. We see the armored Spartans engage in various missions over the years. All of this is set to yet another hip-hop tune, this a little less happy and robust, intermixed with bits of voice-over narration telling us about the bio-enhancements, the armor, and the nature of the missions.

As the movie progresses, John, now known only as The Master Chief, finds himself and a number of marines on Halo. During one intense firefight, Master Chief is saved from a stealthed elite. The person who killed this elite turns out to be none other than Lindsay, who found success in an elite Marine unit, the ODSTs. Master Chief is happy to see his long lost friend, but Lindsay is cold and says, ?It?s nice to see that even with all that armor and fancy upgrades, you still need my help, John. Or, I suppose I should call you Master Chief. Follow me, the captain wants to see you.?

Eventually, during a quite moment, she admits that she never stopped loving John even when she wanted to hate him. They share a tender moment, and she leads John, who has removed his armor for now, back to her tent.

After fleeing the swamp installation where the flood are first discovered, Lindsay is mortally wounded. Master Chief say that she can make it to the evac point, but Lindsay says she?s done and begs him to set her down. She doesn?t want to slow him down while he?s trying to escape. She asks him to take his helmet off so she can see his face one last time. She looks into his eyes and reminds him of all the times she beat him during training as kids. He says he remembers, but that he never figured out she managed it. ?I never held anything back, John. I gave everything I had because I had to be the best. Now I need you to do the same thing. Give everything you have. If you hold anything back, then these damn zombies, these? flood will beat us and spread to our homes and our families. Promise me, John, promise me you won?t hold anything back.?

?I promise, Lindsay. I love you.?

?I love you too, John.? And with that she dies.

Master Chief stands up, puts his helmet back on, looks around, and is teleported away by 343 Guilty Spark.

It?s now the end of the movie. The PoA?s reactor is about to go critical. Master Chief is racing for the last available ship in the PoA?s docking bay. As he?s running toward the waiting ramp of the Longsword, a single flood-infected marine moves to block his way. As he raises his shotgun, the Master Chief suddenly realizes that this isn?t just any marine? it?s Lindsay. Master Chief can?t fire. Cortana is screaming at him, ?That isn?t Lindsay, it?s just another flood. Kill it and get on board. We don?t have much time. Chief, please.?

A single sound escapes from the Flood. A word, ?Jooooohhhn.? Then it leaps into the air, attacking the Master Chief and he finally fires his shotgun. The body lands limp on the ground and the Master Chief runs right over it into the Longsword.

Cortana quietly says, ?I?m sorry you had to do that.?

?You were right. It wasn?t her. Just a flood infection using her corpse. It?s over. Let?s get out of here before we?re corpses too.? With that, he pushes the throttle forward and the Longsword rockets out of the PoA?s docking bay towards open space.

nicely done!
- free3bme
(opie301 on 06-11-06 19:56 UTC, permalink)

Out of ammo?
(Scenes) The Master Cheif takes aim at an elite and fires but he hears a 'click' as he is out of ammo.

The Elite laughs and tries to fire but he is out of ammo as well.

The Chief and the Elite then take off the armor on their arms to show off their muscles and engage in fist a cuffs.

(Chupacabra on 06-11-06 19:50 UTC, permalink)

The swamp
(A wink to us fanbois) (343 guilty spark level setting, night, heavy rain) (marines, MC and sgt J in Pelican hovering above the swamp)

*music Kinks-You realy got me* plays in Pelican

Marine: Do we, Have to listen to this crap!

Sgt Johnson: This crap is part of our history

Marine: Well the Covinent can erase that part of our history as far as i'm is conserned.

Sgt Johnson: But...but I love the Kinks...what about the beach boys!

~marine shacks his head~

2 minutes later...

Sgt Johnson: Let go ladies..go..go...go

Marine: Blam!, sir my boot is stuck on the pelican's wing.

~Johnson rolls his cigar to the side of his mouth and pushes the marine out of the pelican onto the muddy ground~

Sgt Johnson: ha ha, I just pwned you!

Marine: with all due respect sir, shut up!

Sgt Johnson: Oh your going to regret that.

~Johnson extends his arm and aims his assult rifle at the marines head; the marine shakes partly due to the cold rain~

*music stops*

~all the marines and chief fall silent as they watch in shock as the heavy rain soaks there camo gear.~

Marine#2: What the hell are you doing!

*!*!*!*!BANG!*!*!*!* the marines armour clinks as his limp dead body hits the cold wet muddy ground~

~Johnson smiles~: Got a head shot!

Marine2#: Wwwwaaaa... He's gone rampent.

~Johnson jumps out of the pelican and runs for a far rock as the marines open fire~

*!*!BANG*!*!BANG!! BANG!!! bang!! Bang!!!

~bullets bounce off the rock Johnson is hiding behind.~

Marine#2: I'll find the Bas***ed

5 minutes later...

~Johnson walks out back to the men...~ ( It seems the men have forgiven him after 5 minutes of hiding )

Marine#2: I'm keeping my eye on you!

Chief: I trust you for now...

(HazUKza on 06-11-06 19:49 UTC, permalink)

MC 'll be back
(Scenes from Hell) Maranda Keyes: chief you've got to go! LEAVE ME!

Chief: not without a fight.

*MC grabs an assult rifle from the side of her with one hand and puts her over his right shoulder with the other.

Chief: don't worry were getting out of here!

*BANG* chief meleis the door with the assult rifle and walks through calmly*

Maranda Keys: Chief...

*three elites shoulder barge through a disused fire exit* two blue and one black spec-op*

*MC moves in a circle around them and gentle puts maranda keyes on a pile of cables while facing them*

spec elite: Mwwaww mwa mwaww...

SUB TITLE: die demond

MC: will see about that.

*MC rips a conductor pipe in half, spraying -50 nitrogen at the elites*

*then MC lunges for the elite nearest to him and smashes his head against the wall*

elite 2#: mmwwwaahhh!

*elite2# uppercuts the cheif in his underarm, ripping open his rubberoxide sub-armour protecting his joints.*

Chief: aagghhhh...

*MC turns around and nuts elite#2 in the face, crushing his armour into his narrow face in turn killing him instantly.

Spec-op elite: Mwah mahh

SUB TITLE: you and me, demond

*MC with his hand behind his back slowly pulls the pin out of a frag grenade while the the elite mocks him in his forien tounge*

MC: mabey later!

*MC spins around in one blur and scoops maranda keys up dropping the grenade symutainintly*

MC: bye

*the chief then sprints up the hall as a ball of fire (caused by the Nitrogen) consumes the elite.

spec-op elite: MWWWAAAAHHHHHHH....

(HazUK on 06-11-06 19:48 UTC, permalink)

(Scenes) MC races across an open plain in his Hog, side by side with a Spectre. They slam into each other, trying to make them spin out. Suddenly, they realise there is a massive canyon ahead, but none of them turn. MC lights the nitrous in his Hog, and the elite hits the boost. They fly over the canyon, in a slow motion, matrix style shot. The MC realises that the heavier Hog isn't going to make it, and leaps clear of the doomed Hog. He grabs onto the Spectre, throws the Elite out and lands safely on the other side. Cut to slo-mo shot of an Elite falling to earth screaming.

(Wild Weasel on 06-11-06 19:45 UTC, permalink)

A wink to the noobs
(A wink to us fanbois) after undergoing a search for a elite commander a squad of marines find said alien on the bridge of a ship. The marines hide behind a doorframe 'comedy style' (the heads are poked out from the side of the door seem 'stacked' on top of eachother) The commander has an energy sword which he is performing a complicated ritual with. (ideally this has lots of ninja style throws and masterful catches in it) the final catch is simply allowing the sword to rest in perfect equilibrium on his forefinger.

a marine quips in a whispered tone 'looks like someone Finally balanced the sword'

Th elite commander, with his 'super senses' turns his head toward the door with an inquisitive snort and sees the marines.

The marines more into an offensive position and advance slowly towards the alien, guns raised.

The Elite throws the sword at the marines, impaling one, preferably the 'generic asshole' or the 'scaredy cat' . Rushing over the zealot retrives the sword from the now breathless body of the soldier and proceeds to wound all of the marines, sans the joker. As the marines lie severely damaged the elite advances on the joker menacingly (an evil genious laugh would be preferable). The two stand off. the elite discharges the sword and whispers 'I suppose not' subsiquently knocking the joker out with the handle.

(TehCatZOrD on 06-11-06 19:44 UTC, permalink)

Bungie Evilness
(You're freaking me out) I bet that in fact, they're going to use the cliches to make a good movie. That would be great because they would know the public's opinions of good and bad movies.

(Sim on 06-11-06 19:43 UTC, permalink)

A Halo Tomorrow
(Scenes from Hell) Several things come to mind: First, MC's faceplate needs a small port added to it. Why? So that a lit cigarette can dangle from his mask while he blasts aliens with a gun in each hand, like a in a John Woo film. Second, speaking of guns: MC needs a pair of big-ass revolvers, something like the .357 Python, so we can see slow-mo shots of him spinning the cylinders after each reload. Let's add some slow-mo empty shells falling to the floor at his feet while we're at it. And while not thematically related, what action movie is complete without the burning-stuntman-running-around-waving-his- arms cliche? Here's the scene: for some reason, MC makes a Molotov cocktail, lights it with his cigarette (looking WAY cool as he raises the bottle to his faceplate - don't miss the extreme close-up of flames reflected in MC's mirrored mask), then says "Feel the burn, baby" as he tosses it towards... oh, I dunno, an onrushing Flood guy. Flood guy catches fire, waves tentacles frantically, and runs off a cliff/ledge/rooftop.

(Darth Marty on 06-11-06 19:43 UTC, permalink)

Eye of the Tiger
(Props) Instead of telling the story of the Spartan's training normally, do it in a montage sequence set to "Eye of the Tiger." It could have them gradually getting better at shooting, running, and lifting. Bonus points if you get some product placement in there of the Chief using a Bowflex.

(EvilTurkey1021 on 06-11-06 19:42 UTC, permalink)

Typecasting at it's best!
(Actor) I can completely envision Samuel L. Jackson as Sergeant A.J. Johnson.

(GameJunkieJim on 06-11-06 19:42 UTC, permalink)

Completely out of place...
(A wink to us fanbois) We get a huge scene, Master Chief laying waste to an enormous group of Covenant, then the voice-over pops in with "Kill-tacular" or "Un-Freakin'-Believable!"

(GameJunkieJim on 06-11-06 19:42 UTC, permalink)

Helm's Alamo of Thermopylae
(Scenes from Hell) I've learned from a review of the script that Captain Keyes will stay besieged in the Pillar of Autummn. I'm just worried it'll become another war movie about an epic siege.

Cortana:"Chief, the marine's are saying we will not make it through the night."

Master Chief: Don't dispair Cortana, we have to make sure the thousands of civilians... the men, women and children still on the POA... oh god, do I have to say this line? This isn't halo at all!

Director: Say it.

Master Chief(begudgingly): ... we must do it for them, we might look back on this day and say, 'this was the one good thing we got out of this whole crazy mess; saving sergeant Johnson'.

Private Miles*: Why shouldn't they say so Cortana? It's 300 million covenant to our 50 marines. Each of us will have to kill...(counts on each finger, mumbles to self)... a lot!

Master Chief: In these walls we can outlast them.

Captain Keyes: What would you have me do? Look at my ship, her hull hangs by a thread. If these passengers are to make an end, I will have them make such an end that it's worthy of buying on DVD!

Master Chief: If we can hold them off for one night, a million *insert cavalry here* will break through the enemy lines and save us.

[Later that night the defenders sit on top of the POA with various long range weapons and through several witty jokes, a few unpleasant anecdotes and a lot of gutteral and forced lines meant to portray bonding, the defenders get to know each other for the last few moments of their lives.]

Private Miles: It was wrong of me to Despair, Master Chief. It would be an honor to die by your side.

Master Chief: We'll take out as many of these covie sons of bitches as we can, we've got to buy the precious civilians some time to prepare for death.

Cortana: Wouldn't it be wiser to tell the Civilians to run far away from this battle? The chances of winning are mathmatically impossible.

Master Chief: You know not the honor of the warrior. I hunger for battle.

Cortana: So that's worth all the lives-

[The director makes a hand gesture as if to cut her off]

[The battle ensues. The audience watches them pick off a few elites and grunts with sniper rifles, and to shake things up for the audience's-sake the defenses are breached and the defending army quickly retreats to a Court Yard. Or a Keep. Whatever. A lot of faceless nobody soldiers are decimated and the audience cheers because the characters portrayed in the movie are alright. All but one. One secondary character is sacraficed for drama's sake in the retreat, probably Miles or something. The leader is distraught about the all the destruction he is probably responsible for.]

Master Chief: How many of us are left?

Captain Keyes: Only about twenty. We need to stand ready, if they brake through that door/barracade/bulkhead.

[After a little more talk of strategy that the audience doesn't understand, they decide to charge into the thick of enemy soldiers without any clear intention of winning even though victory isn't that far off. Either they will all be slaughtered for their reckless actions and the civilians will suffer for their brash actions or the cavalry will promptly arive when things look their bleakest and as soon as one of the main characters is in peril. Apparently, consalidating and mustering all of their forces couldn't be done from the begining. Soon an offensive move is executed made up of the few survivors. They win. The End.]

(ShortRoundMcfly on 06-11-06 19:41 UTC, permalink)

Clint Eastwood/Dirty Hary scene
(Split-second groans) MC fights with an Elite, MC opens fire with his pistol. Chief finaly manages to pin the elite to the ground. MC points gun at the elite's head. the elite laughs, "HA HA HA, stupid baboon, your ammunition is gone, I counted your shots!" MC jabs gun into elite's forehead "That make ya feel lucky punk?" Chief twists pistol around elite's neck and strangles him.

(Brenan 117 on 06-11-06 19:39 UTC, permalink)

Another dramatic ending
(Weepy melodrama) At the end of the movie, Master Chief saves the humanity (kills the prophet of truth and etc.) and in the last scene when MC and the Arbiter are walking towards each other Arbiter sees an Elite (who is somehow not aware that the prophets have used them and betrayed them) coming behind MC with the sword. Arbiter tries to warn MC but he does not get it. The elite stabs MC with the sword. Arbiter shouts NOOOOOOOO!!! Elite is quite pleased with himself while Arbiter starts crying and shouts something like "You fool. You have no idea what you did!". After the Elite learns the truth he falls on his knees and he is devastated. He says things like "What have I done!!!". Meanwhile MC is saying "It is OK now. The Earth is safe, that is what is important". And he dies. Everyone starts crying.

(serdar on 06-11-06 19:35 UTC, permalink)

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