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To tumble or not....
(Cheap Death) Master Chief and a group of marines get ambushed in the open near a cliff by a small gang of Elites and Grunts with vehicles involved. Its a difficult fight, with a few marines getting their shit ruined, and they ultimately overcome, but during the last scenes of the battle, an elite on a ghost charges MC to splatter him. He boards the ghost from the front and they punch each other with dolby-shaking hits. Just when the Elite dies, he pushes on the "gas" and sends them both tumbling off a nearby cliff, leaving us in suspense as to whether or not MC died in the battle, saving his fellow Marines. And so on...

(an error on 12-23-05 03:16 UTC, permalink)

A new twist...
(Scenes from Hell) The covanent who don't want to join sides with the humans form a group like the heretics. Master Chief is gonna beat the crap out of everyone. johnson falls off of a pelican and since hes invinsible, survives and becomes the ultimate invinsible bad catch-phrase flood.

(Klay Sniper on 12-23-05 03:16 UTC, permalink)

I love ya but...
(Props) The Chief is seen blasting his way into a heavily fortified Covenant base. He runs into a group of Elites and reaches for his Assault Rifle. He thinks better of his weapon choice and instead brings out his trusty pistol. While pulling it out he has a hert melting flashback of Cpt. Keyes, the warm, kind, compassionate man who gave the chief the pistol. Before breaking his cover, he says quietly to himself, 'Just hold on, sir, we'll get you out." He then zooms in his pistol and opens fire on the Elites, killing them all with triplets of expertly placed headshots, wiping the entire patrol out.
I love the Halo pistol and think it makes for great FPS fun, but even Bungie realized that a sidearm firing explosive rounds with a zoom feature is just a little bit out of the state called reality...

(TheSearching0ne on 12-23-05 03:19 UTC, permalink)

Live Action
(Computer Graphics) I personally think that the movie would best be made use the authentic Halo 2 graphics engine (slightly beefed up, of course) and a live action movie would sort of ruin the imagination of it.

(zeldafreak on 12-23-05 03:20 UTC, permalink)

Johnson's Bad Old Self
(Character Development) Johnson is a flat character, and one that is important to the story. He adds the character and humanity to it, and he is the bravado in the face of everything.

If he is included at all he will, of course, be made into a major character, a fleshed-out non-cliched person. He will have his flaws and depths, and the cigar will be meaningful and symbolic.

This may not be a good thing. Mr. Avery Johnson adds salt to the dish; we can't have our condiments being complex, standalone courses.

Or I could be wrong.

(Quantum on 12-23-05 03:21 UTC, permalink)

Gory for gory's sake
(Scared of Realism) Many have complained that Hollywood will de-violence Halo to make it suitible for a larger audience. I have quite the revearse fear. I am afraid that at every possible moment their will be something that may cause some people to want to eject what ever is in their stomachs. Highly detailed head shots where the a marine gets his brains plastered on a nearby wall, over the top maiming where master chief grabs an energy sword and dismembers/decapitates everything in the room, Flood feasting on human flesh (actually, that might be cool) all of these are examples of what I don't want to see in the Halo movie. Don't turn it into a horror movie/disgusting action movie Hollywood! The thing that brought me into halo in the first place was that it didn't have over the top violence!

(Thrall1138 on 12-23-05 03:21 UTC, permalink)

MC's bad old self
(Character Development) There are many ways for the movie to get this wrong. MC's personality is not a hard-core warrior type, nor is he a sentimental soldier doing his duty to save humanity. While he may be an impressive, phenomenal soldier, he is more like a machine, and does not revel in warfare. MC is following orders, and his poor neglected humanity is covered by a facade of toughness. That's not to say he's all tender underneath - most decicedly not. He dosn't get along well with humans, and is almost inhuman himself.

I have a feeling that the movie will attempt to shoehorn him into either the "badass warrior" type, killing Covenant with patter, banter, and style, or the the dutiful savior, who can do no wrong and triumphs over insurmountable odds by sheer perseverence - like taking 10 Elites head-on while battered and wounded to get to the control room.

(Quantum on 12-23-05 03:22 UTC, permalink)

Marathon 1.1
(Character Development) Elites call Carrier Forms "simulacrums"[the camera then does a close up on the Elite's face and the elites winks].

Or even worse, the characters act all 'gangsta'

Master Chief: Yo, homy Keys, what is up my *****

Keyes: it's tight homes, but there's Covies do bitch-slap, aight

Master Chief: Chill, those homies are as good as dead, any stuff to give a homy pleasure in his work

Keyes: Okay foo, here's Cortana, and damn, she's looking mighty-fine *both laugh*

Or howabout the begining of Halo:

Cortana: There's some marines stuck in the hills, go check if they need help.

Chief: Hey girl, no need to tire a playa out. 3 minutes later...

Sarge: Yo chief! Ova here! Me and my homies were just playing then suddenly, man these bitches came and completely shot us to pieces. Reminds me of my rap song *breaks into a rap song that's twelve minutes long*

(ChiChi on 12-23-05 03:24 UTC, permalink)

(Sexual overtones) To sex up the movie, there will be a ten minute scene of Master Chief taking a shower. Steam, soap suds and smooth, suggestive Spartan skin. Add a strictly Barry White soundtrack and an abundance of ab closeups and women will flood to the movie just for this!

(an angle on 12-23-05 06:16 UTC, permalink)

Halo a love story, nooooo
(Romance) When you awake from cryo sleep theres another spartan there, you find out SPARTAN II- Linda hasnt been shot and killed by the covenant

* * ** ** * *
They get off halo and then retire, get married and life happily ever after, the covenant never come to earth

- i run screaming out of the theater

(Kyle van Es on 12-23-05 06:17 UTC, permalink)

Alas, poor On'amee! I knew him well, Ful'somonee...
(Dialogue) Lengthy Elite soliloquies in poetry. Untranslated, with subtitles... said subtitles obviously cribbed from Shakespeare.

Must be a miniumum of 180 seconds of screen time. Gotta make them "alien", you know.

(Anton P. Nym on 12-23-05 06:17 UTC, permalink)

That's no man!
(Scenes) *Scene of Cortana attempting to break into the T&R's system*
Covenant AI: Fool. No man can hack me!
*Insert scenes of unlocking doors and confused elites*
Cortana: *reveals herself* I am no man. *purges AI*
*Triumphant music*

Hopefully Mr. Jackson will have learned this time around.

(Geary on 12-23-05 06:18 UTC, permalink)

MC actor
(Actor) having a real actor for the chief, they should just get a no name and use the voice actor for him.

(Spartan-104 on 12-23-05 06:19 UTC, permalink)

(Corny twists) I just had a vision so terrifying I nearly had a heart attack. What if, at the end of the movie, standing on a pile of freshly killed covenants, master chief removes his helmet and we find out "he" is a woman! Extra "WHAT!?" points if she's gorgeous (even though she always spends her days under that armor and she's just killed a lot of covenants). Doesn't it just send a chill down your spine?

(TheDarkLich on 12-23-05 06:20 UTC, permalink)

Legendary Scene
(Scenes) Just before the Pillar of Autumn goes critical we see Sarge and an Elite fighting over an Assualt Rifle. As the ship begins exploding Sarge looks into the elites' eyes and says, "This is it baby, hold me." They hug, and the elite grabs Sarge's ass.

Cue fadeout and credits.

(Slith on 12-23-05 06:20 UTC, permalink)

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