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The Eye of the Tiger
(Scenes) Master Chief crashes his nearly ruined Warthog into a pile of crates blocking his path to the Longsword fighter. He tumbles from the driver's seat and rolls to his knees. He blasts two flood combat forms with his shotgun and then vaults over the crates... only to find that he has landed in a ring of elites with plasma swords. Standing directly opposite him is a Spec Ops Elite with no weapons.

Elite: The time has come to see if you are a true warrior, Demon. Throw down your weapons and face me.

Cortana: We don't have time for this.

MC: I think I have to MAKE time.

MC throws down his weapons and stands upright. The Elites forming the ring roar their approval.

A battle ensues. The two warriors spar briefly and then become completely engaged. It is clear, however, that the Elite has the upper hand. He blocks most of MC's blows and lands at least half of his own. MC gets weaker and weaker. He moves slower and slower. The music builds to a discordant crescendo as the elite kicks MC in the face. We hear his visor crack and watch him hit the ground in slow motion. Through the crack we can see one of MC's eyes... awash in blood.

Cortana: Chief! Chief! Can you hear me?

The Elite bends over the body of the MC.

Elite: Your destruction is the will of the gods. And I am their instrument.

Suddenly, MC's hand dashes up in a blur and grabs the elite by the throat.

MC: It looks like the instrument is a bit out of tune.

MC gets up with a gutteral yell and begins to beat the hell out of the elite as the music builds triumphantly. After a final flurry of punches the elite crashes to the floor.

Elite: Finish me, demon.

MC: I've seen enough death today.

He pushes through the stunned onlookers and limps towards the Longsword fighter. The Elite grabs a plasma rifle, stands up and aims it at the MC's back.


MC turns and lifts his hands defensively, but the Elite does not fire. Close up of the Elite's hand as it goes limp and the rifle drops. Close up of the Elite's face as he looks down. The camera follows his gaze to reveal a plasma sword sticking out of his chest. He falls dead to the floor revealing another elite behind him.

Plasma Elite: (gestures to the body with his sword) His actions were without honor.

PE nods to MC. MC nods back. The group of elites deactivate their swords and turn on their active camo. They all disappear.

Cortana: Can we leave now?

MC: I think we can.

He climbs aboard the Longsword and flies away as the Pillar of Autumn begins to explode.

This one is just awesome. Congrats!
- free3bme
(Slothboy on 12-22-05 18:53 UTC, permalink)

Escaping Bad Guy
(Scenes) The evil bad guy leader (Truth) always escapes the MC and then random Covies warp in to fight him.

(Fr3d-105 on 12-22-05 20:49 UTC, permalink)

On The Turn.
(Scenes) Chief: One of those...things stung me. But I haven't turned into one of them like the others did.

Cortana: Maybe it's because you're a good man, Chief...

"Chief...perhaps it's because of how our neural networks are linked together, the Flood could not gain a foothold into your nervous system?"
"I believe that you were a mere puppet Chief, until I unleashed my countermeasures device and neutralized the Flood's neural network"

That's right -- Cortana is the hero, Chief is merely a high-tech Mercedes.
- cybrfrk
(Stuntmutt on 12-22-05 20:50 UTC, permalink)

Halo: The Musical.
(Music) Singing, dancing marines. Elites doing the can-can. Cortana river-dancing. MC using his guns as percussion, killing grunts in time to the beat.


(noah! on 12-22-05 20:51 UTC, permalink)

Halo of the Dead
(Other games) The flood walk around slowly, with their arms outstreched and dragging one foot behind them, moaning "brains....brains...."

Is that you Matt? :)
- free3bme
(atomicmoose on 12-22-05 20:52 UTC, permalink)

Weapons of minimal destruction
(Scared of Realism) In the beginning of Terminator 2, we have a dark scene from the future. The plasma based weapons are highly effective, virtually vaporizing all flesh in their path. Sends chills down my spine thinking about it. But oh no, what if the weapons in the Halo movie are as balanced as in the game, or worse, human weapons are better. So we have the MC rushing through 343 Guilty Spark with a shotgun. Each shot blowing the enemy ten feet back. Blowing them back through glass, off of cliffs, through doors. Bow down to the almighty weapon wielded by the hero. Yuck, instead, please have the alien weapons be accurate and powerful. Have a plasma rifle that hits an unarmored arm, boil all the flesh down to the bone, from the shoulder down. Don't make it like the game.

(Wado on 12-22-05 21:29 UTC, permalink)

When in Rome
(Scenes from Hell) "Hey, director. You're making the flood look to fast and calculating. The flood are supposed to be stupid and slow."
"I know, but here's my plan: We have the Master Chief go to the flood headquarters in that swamp thing, find the head zombie and challenge him to a duel. The Master Chief has the upper hand, of course, until the Zombie grows another two arms and pins him down on the ground. The zombie beats his face in, until Master Chief is knocked unconscious. The zombie then takes off his helmet, and tries to infect him!"
"Uh...don't you think that's a little stu..."
"Don't interrupt me! Then Cortana takes control of the Master Chief's suit, throws a frag grenade, and runs off, until the MC can regain consciousness."
"Why would he do that?"
"I don't know. Create some sort of thing where the flood are holding Miranda hostage, and the MC secretly loves here or something like that."
"But Mr. Director..."

Love it!
- free3bme
(Funkmon on 12-22-05 21:31 UTC, permalink)

A few tweaks, and a Masterpiece?
(Scenes from Hell) I think that the whole concept of a ring per se is a bad idea, i mean come on, we're not trying to sell jewelry! I think that instead, the halo 'ring' should be turned into a a halo 'cube', because everyone who liked the cube movies would then go to see this 'master chief' try to survive. Its the same concept, really, survival against all odds, in an unknown environment with unknown enemies plotting against you.

Oh, and another thing, I think that mel gibson should play the Master Chief, because he's old and in signs he was quiet, so he'd be perfect. And his hands crucified Jesus, so we need someone to blame when this movie crucifies our studios!

- free3bme
(Lord Thorn on 12-22-05 21:32 UTC, permalink)

Real People!
(Characters) I want them to have real people. Not as in, computer animated, I mean REAL people. Not the normal people you see on TV. It needs to have people that you can relate to. (Such as in the movie Serenity) I want to believe those people are real, not just action movie heros.

({SS}Zag1 on 12-22-05 21:32 UTC, permalink)

Don't Doomanize it
(Other games) They need to keep the plot as close as possible. If I go to the movie, and see that they did the same thing to Halo as they did to the Doom movie, I think I'll go on a killing spree.

(Divad on 12-22-05 21:32 UTC, permalink)

Worse than nothing
(Scenes from Hell) Uwe Boll directs and incorporates footage from the game. Urgh...*twitch*

(masterskill on 12-22-05 21:33 UTC, permalink)

Johnson Rofflecopter
(Comic Relief) Johnson becomes your standard stupid guy who always says something funny after an intence moment, forgets his ammo, runs into things during battle, etc...

(masterskill on 12-22-05 21:33 UTC, permalink)

Smell that? It's tea leaves!
(Comic Relief) It would be totally funny but ultimately unneccesary and a little disturbing if they showed a marine or the chief corpse humping...

Interesting. Simliar thoughts as this and this.
- cybrfrk
(Cody on 12-22-05 21:33 UTC, permalink)

(Other games) The Master Chief aiming to shoot the cores on POA, and Cortana randomly saying "Frog Blast the Vent Core"

Are you kidding? For the (maybe) 1% of the movie-going public that knew what that phrase meant, it would be GREAT. ;-)
- mnemesis
(ChiChi on 12-22-05 21:36 UTC, permalink)

Missed it by *that* much
(Cheap Death) Master Chief is driving a warthog madly through the desert, being closely chased by a ghost. Sarge and Captain Keyes watch from the Pelican floating above the scene.

KEYES: (shouting at driver of Pelican) Isn't there anything you can do?!
DRIVER: The weapons are all malfunctioning at once!!!
KEYES: (turning to look at the chase far below) You're on your own, Chief.

Meanwhile, the ghost is gaining on Master Chief's hog. The Chief frantically searches his brain for a plan. Suddenly, he sees a cliff ahead with a 5,000 foot drop! If he can lure the ghost to the edge at top speed and turn at the last second, he can send the ghost flying off the cliff! He slams down the pedal and the Hog flies to the edge at top speed.
But suddenly, the pedal gets jammed! The brakes won't work! And, oh no, the steering wheel is stuck! Oh God, it's too fast to bail out now, he'd surely die!

SARGE: What's goin' on? Why ain't he stoppin'?!?
ELITE IN GHOST: *I'm going to get him! My weapons have all malfunctioned at once, and I don't think I can stop, but I'm gaining on him!*

Master Chief is terrified, there's nothing he can do!! Soon he will fly over the cliff to his death far below!!!
As Sarge, Keyes, and the others in the Pelican watch, the Hog plunges over the cliff. The Elite in the ghost tries to turn away, but it is too late. He too flies off of the edge into oblivion.
Immediately Keyes' eyes clench tight with grief. Sarge puts a hand on his shoulder solemnly. A few marines behind them lower their heads.
But suddenly, a single hand reaches over the top of the cliff and grabs a shrub. Keyes looks up. To the joy of the others, a triumphant and dusty Master Chief hoists himself over the edge and onto the ground again!!! Immediately a celebration erups in the Pelican. Cue loud music.

(Faktablad on 12-22-05 22:44 UTC, permalink)

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