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Where art thou 458?
(Romance) They will try to romantically try to attach John117 to some character.. *rolls eyes*

(Fork on 12-22-05 07:16 UTC, permalink)

now cut to gratuitous montage!
(Scenes) How about right before a mission to the surface, when MC and marines are gearing up to the sounds of heavy metal music and fast cuts from one scene to the next.

(pcsme on 12-22-05 07:16 UTC, permalink)

The grunt
(Scenes) I would like to see a scene the MC does a surprise attack on some covies, but gets spotted by a grunt. There would be a short pause of the MC and the grunt staring at each other, and then the MC gets a head shot and we see the grunts head blow up.Also, I would like to see The MC look in pity at a wounded, groaning grunt, and then shoot it in the head probably with the pistol.

(His Haloness on 12-22-05 07:18 UTC, permalink)

(Cheap Death) Johnson will meet an untimely death, as with any black man in a horror movie.

(Billy the Smoker on 12-22-05 07:19 UTC, permalink)

Avast me b**ches
(Plot) After taking Bungie's earlier 2005 promise to seriously, the moviemakers will indeed include pirates and pimps in the storyline.

(Fork on 12-22-05 07:19 UTC, permalink)

I love you!
(Romance) They include the fall of Reach, but when Linda gets shot we see a slow motion of her falling, a cut to MC's face (helmet) as he screams "NOOOOOO!" and when he picks her up, he whispers "You can't die. I love you!" and then proceedes to kill many, many Covies in a rage because they killed his girl friend.

(Angel 251 on 12-22-05 07:20 UTC, permalink)

343 loves?
(Romance) 343 Guilty Spark will have troubles understanding human feels. More than likely the felling maybe love.

(Billy the Smoker on 12-22-05 07:20 UTC, permalink)

Lord of the Ringworlds
(Plot) They will try and incorporate the story into another trilogy about rings.

(Fork on 12-22-05 07:20 UTC, permalink)

A Medley of movie requirements
(Scared of Realism) The UNSC troops always manage to emerge heroically victorious over the Covenant, with no close battles, gruesome casualties, or other realistic faire. After (a) space battle(s), the human ships are always completely unscathed, and never have to plow through floating covenant/human wreckage. No gutted or derelict good-guy ships will ever be noticeable either. All weapons, vehicles and other equipment remain sqeaky clean and retain their factory-fresh sheens throughout the movie. Neither Covenant nor fellow Human blood will splatter onto the Chiefs armour, or any other surfaces. None of the characters will ever look scared, tired, or all around un-enthusiastic before or during firefights. The flood will be completely mindless, and not have sensory stalks, or other features that set them apart from normal zombies. They will not be able to jump great distances, and will only be able to shamble and moan whenever their enemies start to shoot them.

(Tire Iron on 12-22-05 07:24 UTC, permalink)

Witty self-reference to game origins
(Dialogue) When one character chastises another for not taking a battle seriously enough. "This is not a game," they say, a truly clever and original reference to the origin of the story.

(GhaleonEB on 12-22-05 07:37 UTC, permalink)

Force field madness!
(Plot) The Chief will, invariably, stumble upon a force field/locked-door-with-window/shield that prevents him from:
-Reaching the next battle
-Saving some random marine who is just beyond the "locked" door
-Engaging that uber-Elite that's absolutely pwning everything else in the room.
Then, after the force field/locked door/shield has dissipated, he will, invariably, rush in and kill everything in sight - in about 4 seconds.

(Bronzemage on 12-22-05 07:59 UTC, permalink)

Cortana grows boobs
(Character Development) Cortana will grow into a double D, move from inside Master Chief's head and into the "real world", and I'm fairly sure you can guess the rest. I think that pair of "Porntana" clips will do nicely to get the actor into the mood, don't you?

I'm seeing too many ties to the TV series "Andromeda" where the AI (Andromeda Ascendant) comes to life and is now a living, breathing being on and off the ship.

I'm with ya brother, having another living AI defeats the purpose of the disconnected voice and guiding hologram.
- cybrfrk
(Slimby on 12-22-05 08:03 UTC, permalink)

Face Off!
(Scenes) Mc and baddie are staring at each other (a game of 'chicken' with looks). Camera keeps shifting between the two as tension, and music tempo, builds. Suddenly, in a flurry of action, both charge each other at the same time.

(PsycoJoe on 12-22-05 08:24 UTC, permalink)

Insignificant Character saves the day, Take 22!
(Scenes) Master Chief is a very powerful man. He's fast, strong, has shielding, and is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and weapons training. He's taken on everything from the Covenant to the Flood, and has emerged victorious.

And he has motion tracking.

So it would be ridiculous if the Chief was attacked from behind by an enemy (bonus crappy points if it's a weakling like a Grunt), yet is saved by a Marine (bonus points if it's the sympathetic Rookie who always had trouble in basic training doing anything right).

Grunt: (sneaky sneaky)

Master Chief: (unaware)

Grunt: (charges plasma pistol) DIE!


Master Chief: (whirls around)

Grunt: (is dead)

Rookie: (holding smoking battle rifle) I SAVED YOU!

Master Chief: O RLY?

Rookie: YA RLY!

Master Chief: NO WAI! I OWE U MY LIFE!

(Ultra Sonic 007 on 12-22-05 08:30 UTC, permalink)

Corny Dialogue
(Dialogue) Master Chief: "You're a genius." Cortana: "I know." Grraaagghh!

(Pvt. Jenkins on 12-22-05 08:30 UTC, permalink)

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