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Fear Factor of the flood being cheapened
(Plot) One of the greatest surprises of Halo was discovering that you were not alone on this ring, that the flood was there. 343 Guilty Spark was a great level in Halo because no one saw it coming. The empty hallways and carnage scene built up tension. Who's this mysterious enemy? What creature can kill so many covenants? The inclusion of movies from marine helments was the icing on the cake of the built up tension. So basically my clich? is this: I hope they don't make the flood appear in a cheap scare moment, that some tension will be buit up yet that no one who didn't play Halo will see it coming. I also hope the flood won't be mere zombies, but that the psychological impact of these creatures will be an important part of the movie.

Here here! If the Flood are given the Doom treatement, it will be a letdown. :(
- free3bme
(TheDarkLich on 12-22-05 06:15 UTC, permalink)

An experiment gone wrong
(Plot) We don't want to find out that the Flood was just some sort of genetic experiment by the Forerunners (or even worse, humans or the Covenant) gone wrong, ala Doom, and MC is the "secret weapon" developed just to fight the flood

(Arcrath on 12-22-05 06:17 UTC, permalink)

No Corny lines
(Dialogue) I Don't want any corny marine or covenant dialoge, I want the marines to sound like highly trained soldiers, and the covenant to sound like crazy Religious Bad@sses. also i want the elites to go back to speaking in covenant, "U DU DOS BOW DU MI!!!" sounds cooler than "Kill the demon"

(ActiveCamoElite on 12-22-05 06:18 UTC, permalink)

Personal Reasons
(Plot) What if, rather than being abducted by the military, MC saw his family/parents/friends killed by the Covenant during an attack in which he was the only survivor, or one of a few, and joined the SPARTAN program to get revenge, and this comes up throughout the movie. Killing off other SPARTANS is ok, everthing else isn't.

I think that would suck, but I'm not sure you share the same sentiment. ;)
- free3bme
(Arcrath on 12-22-05 06:19 UTC, permalink)

(Comic Relief) Not really a cliche, but some sort of homage or tribute to Halo fans when a marine shouts "pwned!!" at a dead elite. It's happened.

I'm not sure if you're saying this is a good thing or a bad thing. It could be funny if done right.
- free3bme
(Arcrath on 12-22-05 06:26 UTC, permalink)

(Character Development) The writer(s) may try to heighten Dr. Halsey's character by turning her into a Morpheus-type, who is infinitely wise and quips philosophical babble into almost every piece of dialogue. Ultimate clich?: give the woman a pair of pince-nez sunglasses.

(LostRock11 on 12-22-05 06:27 UTC, permalink)

Sweet fighting scene!
(Scenes) What would bother me would be the lack of some sweet hand-to-hand combat action. I mean, guns are awesome, but the movie would have some real hair on its chest if we could see MC and an Elite duke it out. No martial arts, either. Just regular ole fisticuffs.

(redapocalypse04 on 12-22-05 06:29 UTC, permalink)

Toss in a little extra...
(Character Development) I've seen a lot of people say that "humanizing" MC is a bad thing and that it should be non-stop, Rambo/Terminator style action throughout the whole movie, but I think this would be a bad thing.

Don't get me wrong, I love for stuff to blow up etc., but the Haloverse as it is is not enough for a movie. We need a little bit more emotion(not much, just a tad).

(redapocalypse04 on 12-22-05 06:30 UTC, permalink)

Advertising Plugs...tastes like chicken.
(Cheap Merchandising) Personally, I hope the movie doesn't try to plug any products(I'm sure it won't...actually I'm sure it can't, but still). I mean, it would suck to glimpse a billboard in the background of New Mombasa with King Kong on it, or worse, MC punching a Grunt, then as he brings his foot down on the poor bastard's face, he's wearing Converse All-Stars(cough I,Robot cough).

(redapocalypse04 on 12-22-05 06:31 UTC, permalink)

Suitable for 3 months+...
(Plot) If they alter the movie to suit younger audiences. Eg no smoking, lack of swearing, lack of bleeding, flood are always in shadow to hide features etc. Don't take away the gore and swearing! Don't turn this into a generic M rated offering! We need our fix!

(Wild Weasel on 12-22-05 06:34 UTC, permalink)

Doom 3'd
(Other games) The movie ends up a cinema FPS like Doom, but w/o the Rock. Therefore, we end up wanting to FPS ourselves out of the theater.

(PISSTOFF on 12-22-05 06:36 UTC, permalink)

Star Power Rules the Film
(Scenes) Every major star and upcoming star in the film except the Master Chief battles through the film wearing no face protection or environmental suits. Instead their faces are shown prominently to all the audience, some with and some without helmets. However the rest of their bodies are clad in heavy armor. To top it off, the enemy (Covenant) can't get a head shot if their life depends on it. Not wearing a helmet or face protection turns out to be more safe in battle than wearing one.

(Wado on 12-22-05 06:37 UTC, permalink)

The Clone Wars
(Scenes) Remember the old days when they would get thousands of actors/extras to play out a massive battle. Sure they were all similar, but they were not all the exact same or did they act the exact same way. Movies like the Seven Samurai had bandits in armor, but they didn't all look alike. Yet the audience did not see the faces of all of them, just the way they moved and the way they dressed. Everyone was unique in some way. I could watch the movie over and over again and see something I missed seeing the time before. Now in the Halo movie, we have a massive string of battles, thousands of dead. However, it all becomes a blur because everyone except the main characters look and act exactly alike. CGI at its worse.

(Wado on 12-22-05 06:38 UTC, permalink)

The Actor
(Actor) The Actor playing The MC will be played by a Pro-wrestler, and not an established actor.

(Darkneshasfallen on 12-22-05 06:39 UTC, permalink)

Level 20 paladin verse level 1 bandit.
(Character Development) One of my favorite scenes in Conan the Destroyer is when a seemingly nobody enemy ends up fighting Conan, but he almost beats Conan in the fight which lasts several minutes of going back and forth. In the end the enemy dies. Seemingly insignificant characters play key roles in many films, such as the sentry that somehow stumbles onto the party and sounds the alarm or keeps the entire party pinned down by machine gun fire. The whole mission now at stake because of this one obstacle. The Halo movie could have a similar scene with a seemingly insignificant Covenant guard who ends up fighting like a boss. Great stuff should that enemy end up dieing. However, given the worst of the worst everyone is just misunderstood PC script, after defeating the enemy, the Master Chief would spare his life and this enemy would become an ally. An ally that we find out is some prince of Grunts or something equally "royal" and of course, this makes the ally the perfect target to be killed by the real enemy big bad boss -- just to make a point to show just how big and bad he really is.

(Wado on 12-22-05 07:14 UTC, permalink)

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