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(Location) Just imagine if the Pillar of Autumn looks completley different than in the game. I mean how would you react if the POA looks more like the ship from StarFox, it just dosn't fit.

I concur. If the POA is turned completely around into some kind of 'inviting' ship it would be a real let-down. That said, they need to walk a fine-line between looking like the ship in Babylon 5 or in Aliens. It's a tough job they have.
- free3bme
(casuela on 12-22-05 05:53 UTC, permalink)

Invisible sux
(Scenes) The MC has to face off against a bunch of camoflauged elites, and after not being able to see them he drops his weapons and only uses his ears, and his fists, to destroy the enemy. Personally, I think the active camoflauge shouldn't even be in the movie. It was a good gameplay variation, but I think it would be kinda cheezy to watch, and i don't think it would go over well with the general public.

I have to say, you actually describe a scene that would be quite innovative, but I see your point. If done poorly, it would come off very 'Predator' cheesy, which we don't need.

But I must say, your initial scene actually gets my pulse racing, I think it could be filmed rather convincingly if in the right hands.
- free3bme
(carcharoth on 12-22-05 05:51 UTC, permalink)

Talk About Ruining the Mood
(Dialogue) There are parts in Halo and Halo 2 where certain situations seem to be comical, but if the director writes in "funny" lines for actors to say in intense situations could ruin the movie. If the MC saw the flood and said "My God..." that could be cool, but if he said something like "It's clobbering time," Or "Looks like I'll be here for a while," I might leave.

Bad dialogue, punny puns... Mr. Mutt has the flag on that, we don't need it in the movie all that much, thanks.
- free3bme
(FOXIMUS on 12-22-05 05:47 UTC, permalink)

The End...
(Scenes) (Scene) Mc finishes up a long days work of blowing up ringworlds. He limps slowely from the air dock of a battered ship to an free room on a massive cruiser. We see s dress uniform hung on the door, or set on the end of the bed. Mc sits down, unlatches his helmet and sets it down. During this scene we just here clicks and clasps becasue the camera is focused on Earth floating outside the ship. Suddenly we see the back of Mc in the reflection, he turns back to survey the room as he switches off the light, we catch a glimpse of his face. It's...It's....CHRISTOPHER WALKEN!

And he starts dancing on the walls. :) Horrible scene, not terribly creative, so it makes it in 'cause what else would we expect from Hollywood? :)
- free3bme
(DanteThePoet on 12-22-05 05:46 UTC, permalink)

3, 2, 1
(Scenes) The old stop-the-bomb-countdown-timer at-the-very-last-second-for-dramatic-effect Hollywood cliche.


Halo 2 has already done this, so it's acceptable. Just hopefully they can pull it off with class. :)
- free3bme
(Michael M. on 12-22-05 05:44 UTC, permalink)

Lame One-in -a-million chances
(Plot) "Oh No!" The flood-infested covenant ship is about to make it to earth! Then the ship gets destroyed or whatever with one second to go. If you e-mail me, make the subject For Geoffrey

This one is also debatable, because Halo the game has used this very same plot device.

"How much time was left?"

"You don't want to know."

As we state, the Halo storyline kind of sets the 'zero-line' of what's over the top.
- free3bme
(Fr3d-105 on 12-22-05 05:38 UTC, permalink)

But that's impossible!
(Scenes) (Scene) A hunter pair are charging the Chief, who has hunkered down behind a boulder, firing his sniper rifle over the top. He hits one in the orange exposed neck and it falls, then... click click ... his gun has jammed! But that's impossible!

I'm not sure about this one... guns actually jam more often than one would think from a diet of Hollywood action movies. I would almost list this as realistic if handled properly. For now, it's in until further notice.
- free3bme
(Eastbeast314 on 12-22-05 05:35 UTC, permalink)

(Dialogue) 1 word we don't need to hear elongated if anyone dies: "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

I think Vader basically killed that one. :(
- free3bme
(Ross Mills on 12-22-05 05:33 UTC, permalink)

MC is not Emo!
(Music) Gamers love using angsty emo rock for their montages, don't they? Cue the My Chemcial Romance as Master Chief embarks on a slow-mo killing spree FOR THE WIN!

I'm feeling a little emotional just thinking about it. *snif!*
- mnemesis
(SonGoharotto on 12-22-05 05:27 UTC, permalink)

The last one
(Scenes) (scene) There should be a heartbreaking scene in which the Master Chief is going into some covenant infested area (Two betrayals esque) with one other marine, the Chief is hit by a ball of plasma knocking him down and depleting his shield. Another ball of fiery death streaks toward the chief, and the marine realizing that the chief is the last hope, jumps in front of the ball, saving the chief but losing his own life.

Love it! Perfectly cliche, grody to the max!
- free3bme
(Whiterlight on 12-22-05 05:24 UTC, permalink)

If I see Master Chief's Face, Ill Cry!
(Actor) Seeing Master Chief's actual face will ruin the entire world of Halo for me, if they show his face, I will quit playing Halo forever

(NeedzABetterSN on 12-22-05 05:23 UTC, permalink)

Wort wort wort
(Dialogue) Master Chief is in a tough spot... and starts talking to an Elite... who responds by giving a human-like shrug and saying, "Wort wort wort." Then, the Elite lets MC go.

Lame re-use of existing Halo dialogue would be bad. Subtle homage is one thing (Hulk's dream in Ang Lee's Hulk movie where Hulk gets to say 'puny human') but just inserting it for any reason isn't cool.
- free3bme
(Eastbeast314 on 12-22-05 05:21 UTC, permalink)

Starring Stuntmutt
(Comic Relief) A character such as "Jenkins" marine from the first flood scene, or even Cortana herself, are tagging along as comedy rather than actual characters with depth and purpose. This would Halo fans to groan at more than just bad jokes.

Bad grammar aside, this is a good point, though possibly already iterated in some form or another already here. There is a fine line between getting laughs and getting laughs in the face of danger. (Hudson in Aliens)
- free3bme
(Ross Mills on 12-22-05 05:20 UTC, permalink)

Generic beasties
(Actor) Will the Flood indeed look distinct if featured in the movie, or will they look like every other dime store beastie from the last 20 years of zombie movies? Keep it unique!

Don't lose parts of the Flood anatomy that set it apart from the rest.
- free3bme
(fw on 12-21-05 20:39 UTC, permalink)

Overuse of a classic from Star Wars
(Dialogue) Watch your step around here, some say it is a hive of scum and villiany.

"I've got a bad feeling about this." That would actually fit, but I ain't saying why. :)
- free3bme
(CYBRFRK on 12-20-05 00:23 UTC, permalink)

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