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Toss in a little extra...
(Character Development) I've seen a lot of people say that "humanizing" MC is a bad thing and that it should be non-stop, Rambo/Terminator style action throughout the whole movie, but I think this would be a bad thing.

Don't get me wrong, I love for stuff to blow up etc., but the Haloverse as it is is not enough for a movie. We need a little bit more emotion(not much, just a tad).

(redapocalypse04 on 12-22-05 06:30 UTC, permalink)

Sweet fighting scene!
(Scenes) What would bother me would be the lack of some sweet hand-to-hand combat action. I mean, guns are awesome, but the movie would have some real hair on its chest if we could see MC and an Elite duke it out. No martial arts, either. Just regular ole fisticuffs.

(redapocalypse04 on 12-22-05 06:29 UTC, permalink)

(Character Development) The writer(s) may try to heighten Dr. Halsey's character by turning her into a Morpheus-type, who is infinitely wise and quips philosophical babble into almost every piece of dialogue. Ultimate clich?: give the woman a pair of pince-nez sunglasses.

(LostRock11 on 12-22-05 06:27 UTC, permalink)

(Comic Relief) Not really a cliche, but some sort of homage or tribute to Halo fans when a marine shouts "pwned!!" at a dead elite. It's happened.

I'm not sure if you're saying this is a good thing or a bad thing. It could be funny if done right.
- free3bme
(Arcrath on 12-22-05 06:26 UTC, permalink)

Personal Reasons
(Plot) What if, rather than being abducted by the military, MC saw his family/parents/friends killed by the Covenant during an attack in which he was the only survivor, or one of a few, and joined the SPARTAN program to get revenge, and this comes up throughout the movie. Killing off other SPARTANS is ok, everthing else isn't.

I think that would suck, but I'm not sure you share the same sentiment. ;)
- free3bme
(Arcrath on 12-22-05 06:19 UTC, permalink)

No Corny lines
(Dialogue) I Don't want any corny marine or covenant dialoge, I want the marines to sound like highly trained soldiers, and the covenant to sound like crazy Religious Bad@sses. also i want the elites to go back to speaking in covenant, "U DU DOS BOW DU MI!!!" sounds cooler than "Kill the demon"

(ActiveCamoElite on 12-22-05 06:18 UTC, permalink)

An experiment gone wrong
(Plot) We don't want to find out that the Flood was just some sort of genetic experiment by the Forerunners (or even worse, humans or the Covenant) gone wrong, ala Doom, and MC is the "secret weapon" developed just to fight the flood

(Arcrath on 12-22-05 06:17 UTC, permalink)

Fear Factor of the flood being cheapened
(Plot) One of the greatest surprises of Halo was discovering that you were not alone on this ring, that the flood was there. 343 Guilty Spark was a great level in Halo because no one saw it coming. The empty hallways and carnage scene built up tension. Who's this mysterious enemy? What creature can kill so many covenants? The inclusion of movies from marine helments was the icing on the cake of the built up tension. So basically my clich? is this: I hope they don't make the flood appear in a cheap scare moment, that some tension will be buit up yet that no one who didn't play Halo will see it coming. I also hope the flood won't be mere zombies, but that the psychological impact of these creatures will be an important part of the movie.

Here here! If the Flood are given the Doom treatement, it will be a letdown. :(
- free3bme
(TheDarkLich on 12-22-05 06:15 UTC, permalink)

Shoddy graphics/props/etc?
(Props) Seriously, here's to hoping that they actually try to produce some nice weaponry, and even more importantly, nice Covenant. I don't want to see some midget in a Grunt costume trying to snort.

Weaponry was already mentioned, and your costume complaint is just that, a complaint. :) Can you spice it up a bit?
- free3bme
(redapocalypse04 on 12-22-05 06:12 UTC, permalink)

Master Ninja Petty Officer
(Scenes) The Master Chief decides to perform pointlessly dangerous tasks when an obvious alternative is readily available. For instance: MC drops his rocket launcher and beats a group of elites do death through some sort of improvised means such as a clever trap or steel I-beam. He spends a majority of his screen time unarmed, and sidetracks the movie with ridiculous beat-em-up displays of martial artistry. Remember the Teaser Trailer? (NOT part of the real story) When he jumped on the Covenant Assault Carrier with a Battle Rifle? Stupid stuff like that.

I'll take it one step further... if we see Matrix-like stop-motion effects while the MC is kicking ass... that would suck. :(
- free3bme
(Lavarock on 12-22-05 06:11 UTC, permalink)

MIsmatched music
(Music) Often in movies, the creators decide it would be a good idea to add really bad oppera to intense action scenes. This confuses the hell out of me. It has been done in, like, 50 movies in the last few years. It is a horrible cliche.

I think John Woo, who I really like usually, has used this 'contrast the music to the scene' effect the worst. :(
- free3bme
(Vironex on 12-22-05 06:07 UTC, permalink)

Too much character development
(Character Development) One thing I don't want to see is the "John" side of MC. I'm scared they'll do to him what they did to John in the Doom movie, giving him a family, and emotions. The MC (and all the Spartans) are much more of a surgical strike team than anything. If Hollywood tries to "over humanize" him, I'll be pissed. I want a MC who isn't afraid to sacrifice himself or his fellow marines to get the job done. The MC of the books and games. Not one who argues with himself over right vs wrong. One who gets the job done, as messily as possibly.

I'm at odds with this personally, because I actually have a soft-spot for John and his neglected humanity, but you are absolutely correct that it would not be in line with the storyline.
- free3bme
(QuantumChaos on 12-22-05 06:05 UTC, permalink)

(Music) I can just imagine a big MC boot smashing down into frame, immediately followed by the opening riffs of "Bad to the Bone." Not even his "Destroyers" could make George Thorogood appropriate for the Halo movie.

Nice one!
- free3bme
(Max Power on 12-22-05 06:04 UTC, permalink)

appealing to the masses
(Plot) Hopefully there will be no sappy romance thrown in there (regardless of who its between) in an attempt to appeal to "All" demographics. And one would hate to see it being shot in pg-13 in order to.............well see above. The MC kills Covenants and its a nasty job. Lets keep it real and rate it NC-17 or R. we all saw what happened with ALIENS vs PREADATOR. yuck !

NC-17 is the death-knell for films, hate to say it. However, an R would be nice. But I also imagine the Studios (and Microsoft) would love to make it available to every man, woman, and CHILD out there. They loves the greenbacks. But conversely, Alien and Aliens were rated R and no one complained from either side.
- free3bme
(X3n0 on 12-22-05 06:02 UTC, permalink)

MC = Killing Machine
(Character Development) Master Chief is all business. Do not try to humanize him with a love interest or bitter memories of a lost youth.

I'm with you on love interest, I'm not sure about lost youth.
- free3bme
Humanizing, not!
Showing some of his "past", perhaps? Maybe showing some of the training as a youth including some of the death that surrounded him even at a young age.
- cybrfrk
(SonGoharotto on 12-22-05 05:56 UTC, permalink)

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