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red vs blue
(A wink to us fanbois) OK this is for all of us... during the spartan training have them practice combat on a map from halo multiplayer and before each round start with the spawning *boop boop booop* and have Chief Mendez be the cool deep multiplayer voice and as John grabs the flag from red base have Chief say "blue team has the flag"... oh man that would be so cool.

(True Dark 1ES on 03-13-07 02:46 UTC, permalink)

Mid-firefight trashtalk
(Confrontation) The Master Chief and the Arbiter, unbeknownst to each other, are engaged in a firefight against some brutes, the former leading several marines, and the latter with a group of Elites. They have not met each other prior to this particular battle.

After a particularly intense shooting scene, both of them take cover behind the same block of fallen concrete, and both look into each others' eyes with recognition. For added effect, Chief is dual-wielding while the Arbiter is holding a Carbine.

Camera cuts to the Arbiter's face. "You are the Demon."

Cut to Chief's face, plasma grenade goes off in the background.

"And you are the Arbiter."

Moment of silence, then Arbiter laughs, while the MC grunts, and both charge out back into the fray.

Conversation inspired by Shakespeare.

(whythecynic on 03-13-07 02:47 UTC, permalink)

Miranda and MC
(Romance) Picture this: The Flood has somehow reached Earth. The Chief is fighting a mob of Flood Combat forms, mostly ex-Elites, when he's hit by a plasma burst. His shield flickers out and he doesn't really care. A Flood is approaching from behind. It's lifting a tentacle, and thrusts it forward.

Someone pushes the Chief. It's Miranda. The tentacle penetrates her and the Chief butchers every last Flood in the area.

Cortana does a bioscan. Miranda has somehow been infected with a Flood virus, which'll change her unless she gets a vaccine.

"But such a thing doesn't exist," the Chief remarks. A quick shot shows a lone tear, trickling down his ultra white, scarred cheek.

"I'm not so sure," Cortana says. She tells him that ONI developed just such a vaccine, based on the Halo data they collected on the first Halo.

Thus begins a mad race against time. Chief struggles to gain entrance to the secret military complex where the Flood vaccine is stored. Meanwhile, by cross cutting, we see how Miranda gets worse and worse. Green skin, loss of articulation and such.

Naturally, the Chief makes it. He gets the vaccine, after a very intense verbal showdown with a Navy general, and delivers it safely to Miranda.

At first it looks like she dies. But then she opens her eyes, looks at the Chief and smiles.

"You're lucky you made it through," Cortana says, while cocking an eyebrow.

Miranda slips a hand into the Chief's and whispers: "Luck's got nothing to do with it."

Credit roll.

(Kilroy on 03-13-07 02:49 UTC, permalink)

Food-Nipple... WHAT?!
(Character Development) As the Master Chief was driving the warthog down the vast corridors dodging Sentinel Beams, and running over Combat Forms, he decided he wanted to take a shortcut. So over the cries of Cortana, he managed to fit it in the narrow space. As he was going past, he heard a high-pitched Grunt scream.

"Stop, Demon!"

Curiously, the Master Chief gets off and walks over to the Grunt, ready to bash its tiny brain if necessary.

Ignoring Cortana's annoying plea to kill it and move on, the Master Chief bends down to eye-level with the Grunt.

"P-p-please D-Demon! No hu-hurt me..."

Then, it looked like the Grunt was actually crying.

"You're unique", the Chief commented.

"Chief! For pete's sake - " Cortana began.

"Shut up, Cortana." MC retorted.

Cortana was too stunned to reply back.

The Chief turned back to the so-called "unique" Grunt.

"So, give me a reason not to bash your head in right now. I'm in deep trouble already."

"D-Demon.... I-I LOVE YOU!"

Even though no one can see behind his mirrored helmet, his jaw dropped open a few feet. Then, he hurriedly went back to the 'hog, went in the narrow space, and crushed the Grunt. Then he reversed the 'hog at full speed, put it into gear, and drove full speed to the Longsword. He made it just in time.

(john010117 on 07-02-07 14:20 UTC, permalink)

Could it get any worse?
(You're freaking me out) OK, so this is more like expertly woven observations on a current theme with ill interpretation, but for the sake of the cliche, I'll do it!!

We start with the ill fated meeting of Cortana and MC. Who knew that the battlefield could create such a bond between.........um......I guess MC is a normal guy under all that Mjolnir armour...... and a holographic entity. Though the Covenant waged a war of fire and hate, the love war was far worse. Never getting to spend any time with her, he fought bravely to end the Covenant's path of destruction, taking careful consideration to the program held within. Once free from the grasp of Halo and it's gravitational-like aura, the ride back to Earth was a nice one, until she was recommissioned to the Cairo Platform at Earth. Once there, it was a onslaught of paperwork and meetings for the one who saved mankind, but his thoughts stayed with her. Upon the Covenant's attack on the stations and Earth, fate brought them together again, only this time, their bond would be tested more than ever. Fighting on Halo once more, MC battled harder and faster than ever before, only to lose more than he had ever bargained for. The events at Halo Delta tore them light years apart, and MC was once again alone. But lo, out of the ashes of New Mombasa comes a MC like none have ever seen. Focused, deadly, more fearsome than any speck the Covenant make on screen. The bond between the two has been left shattered, and you are the one employed to repair the damage left behind. Can MC and Cortana ever find their true calling? Did Cortana sleep with Gravemind? Does the Sarge ever figure out what the ladies TRULY like? How much gold could be melted out of the arbiter's original armour? And will "Little Shop of Horrors" be remade with Gravemind as Seymour?? Who knows? You do.........I think.

(packbackx2 on 10-24-07 21:09 UTC, permalink)

Head Turn + Sad Look = Thoughtful Introspection
(Weepy melodrama) Amazing information has just been revealed! The Master Chief turns his looking away from the camera and looks off into the void obviously thinking intently on the new information and the situation at hand. He then begins singing a sad song and we see a lone tear roll down his visor. Or alternatively he says nothing at all and his shoulders droop down and he exhales as if exhausted.

(z0n3 on 10-24-07 21:09 UTC, permalink)

Hasta la.....never mind REMAKE!!
(Dialogue) Halo 1 - The Maw

The Chief is running, running to the last weapon he can find. A lone grenade. The Flood are closing up on him, and then the Chief stops. He picks up the grenade and turns back. The Flood are just a couple feet away from him. Then, a humongous Flood jumps in front of them all, inches away from the Chief.

Cortana: Chief, don't....

The Chief stares in it's eye's, pulls the pin, and sticks it into the hulking beast.

MC: "Hasta la vista mother...."


(Mr. Lau on 10-24-07 21:11 UTC, permalink)

sarge ending
(Comic Relief) At the point of the end cutscene, just as the camera is about to pan out to the picture of the galaxy, Sgt. Johnson pops out of the back of the Longsword and says something to the effect of "Oh, boy Chief, we're not done yet."

(mla on 10-24-07 21:11 UTC, permalink)

(Hey, I'm in a movie!) In New Mombasa, we are shown a scene taking place before the Covenant invasion. A Red Elite and his squad have been sent to negotiate a human surrender.

Red Elite: Choose your words carefully, Demon, or they will be your last

Master Chief: Maybe it is you, Covenant, who must choose his words more carefully, as you threatened our people with slavery and death. So we will fight against you and not bow down to your Prophets.

Red Elite: This is madness!

Master Chief: This is madness? THIS IS EARTH!!!

MC kicks the Elite down a huge hole leading to the sewer system below. A fight ensues between the humans and the Covies.

Sorry for the poorly done and obvious reference to 300, but the MC's team are called SPARTANS...

(J23 on 10-24-07 21:13 UTC, permalink)

In the end
(Corny twists) After a huge epic struggle for the Chief to acquire (something of importance) he is then immediately incapacitated and has it stolen/lost.

...or has to trade it for someone(thing), a hostage? That would be lame.

(Wolfenrage on 10-24-07 21:14 UTC, permalink)

Soundtrack Suggestions
(Music) Get poppy nu-metal like maybe Hoobastank or Breaking Benjamin to add some riffs that make the movie less epic and sound more like a made-for-TV movie.

o wait.

(doctor 7 on 10-24-07 21:14 UTC, permalink)

MC's true identity:
(Comic Relief) After a whole lot of time, filled with tons of combat, the Chief jumps into the middle of a group of Jackals. He takes one by the shield, and uses it to block the others fire. He then strangles the Jackal, but keeps the shield. He dives in and slaughters the remaining Jackals.

The Chief stands, and a hiss comes from his armor. The front pops off, and a grunt jumps out. He goes to the nearest dead Jackal and says, "Ha! Me never like Jackal. Back to work."

(Uglywimp on 10-24-07 21:15 UTC, permalink)

Warthog rocket
(Split-second groans) The Chief will be driving a Warthog when he sees an approaching drop ship going to land at his position. He looks behind him and sees that the 'hog is carrying a crate of grenades. He puts the 'hog on cruise control, jumps onto the back and shoots the crate, which explode and propel him into the drop ship, which is subsequently destroyed in a huge explosion. He flies out the other end and lands in the still-moving Warthog. This will be accompanied by some loud hip-hop music.

(Elite on 10-24-07 21:15 UTC, permalink)

No Place Like Earth
(You're freaking me out)

(As Master Chief arrives back to Earth)

Chief: There?s no place like home

(Chief would be talking with his helmet moving up and down in an unnatural way like they would do in a poor machinima)

(Dark_Davis on 10-24-07 21:16 UTC, permalink)

Reveal at the end
(Scenes from Hell) The Chief is captured, and before his execution, in the typical mad villain style, the prophet of Regret proceeds to explain his master plan in great detail: How the great journey was just a dupe, the Ark is Earth etc. Then, Johnson busts through the holding cell at the last minute saving him, and with this knowledge is able to save humanity!

The Ark is Earth? :)
- free3bme
(Cody Miller on 10-24-07 21:17 UTC, permalink)

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