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Chatty MC
(Dialogue) Mc becomes chatty/talkative around normal people in the normal non-killing aliens world

(ubermorons on 12-22-05 13:15 UTC, permalink)

Never let go John...
(Romance) Halo get's turned into a cheesy war romance where Master Chief is killed soon after he declares his love for a female Spartan who is accompanying him and the movie ends on a tragic soft note. Don't let this happen!

(Halo Maestro on 12-22-05 13:14 UTC, permalink)

The Squad
(Character Development) Imposing stereotypical characters on a squad of marines. Having 'the cool one', 'the big, dumb one', 'the mean one', 'the funny one', and 'the gets out a photo of the girl he's going to marry when he gets back to earth the scene before he's skewered on a plasma sword one.'

(Stuntmutt on 12-22-05 13:14 UTC, permalink)

Cheesy One Liners
(Dialogue) Lines in the film spoken by MC: Worship THIS! (killing prophet) Stick this up your grav lift and smoke it! (plasma grenade) Mind if I drop in? (coming out of drop pod) Belay that marine! (I will KILL if I hear this in the film...)

(PlasmaDavid on 12-22-05 13:12 UTC, permalink)

Uncalled-for Music Changes
(Music) I'm really worried that they will ditch all of the original, unusual and downright brilliant music from the Halo games, and replace it with popular rock/metal music. I'm worried, for example, that we will end up watching a scene in which Master Chief readies himself for a mission,gathering weapons, slamming a magazine into his Assault Rifle and pulling back the cocking hammer and walk out of his armoury or whatever, with all shots synchronised to the background music of 'Dragula' by Rob Zombie or something. That would not at all fit in with the Halo universe that we know and love.

(Connie on 12-22-05 13:11 UTC, permalink)

Cortana = white woman
(Scenes) "White woman in trouble! She's always fallin' dooown!" -from the song 'White Woman', by gspawn In a holographic scene, Cortana is being pursued by "viruses" that have been "hacked" into her mainframe. Cortana, of course, runs away and trips on nothing at all- being the 'white woman' of the movie. Instead of just getting back up, she turns around and stares at the oncoming horror, screaming. The horror gets closer, and closer, and *oh no*! A bad graphical filter is applied for a frame or two before we cut to a different scene. Oh, woe is she!

(gspawn on 12-22-05 13:10 UTC, permalink)

(Plot) Hollywood turns the complex story into a private vendetta fantasy. Halo is about a military operation not the Master Chief getting revenge on the Covenant for personal reasons. *cough* Punisher *cough*

(Pezza on 12-22-05 08:43 UTC, permalink)

Bad puns don't kill, bad actors speaking them do.
(Actor) Even in a movie with a good script, a bad actor turn it into a nightmare to watch. The Last thing the movie needs is for the actor playing cortana to do the role in the movie stiffly, and show little emotion in her voice, expecially when she is explaining to MC what Halo actually does.

(Guru_jake(aka Nevermore/The Pope) on 12-22-05 08:34 UTC, permalink)

Corny Dialogue
(Dialogue) Master Chief: "You're a genius." Cortana: "I know." Grraaagghh!

(Pvt. Jenkins on 12-22-05 08:30 UTC, permalink)

Insignificant Character saves the day, Take 22!
(Scenes) Master Chief is a very powerful man. He's fast, strong, has shielding, and is an expert in hand-to-hand combat and weapons training. He's taken on everything from the Covenant to the Flood, and has emerged victorious.

And he has motion tracking.

So it would be ridiculous if the Chief was attacked from behind by an enemy (bonus crappy points if it's a weakling like a Grunt), yet is saved by a Marine (bonus points if it's the sympathetic Rookie who always had trouble in basic training doing anything right).

Grunt: (sneaky sneaky)

Master Chief: (unaware)

Grunt: (charges plasma pistol) DIE!


Master Chief: (whirls around)

Grunt: (is dead)

Rookie: (holding smoking battle rifle) I SAVED YOU!

Master Chief: O RLY?

Rookie: YA RLY!

Master Chief: NO WAI! I OWE U MY LIFE!

(Ultra Sonic 007 on 12-22-05 08:30 UTC, permalink)

Face Off!
(Scenes) Mc and baddie are staring at each other (a game of 'chicken' with looks). Camera keeps shifting between the two as tension, and music tempo, builds. Suddenly, in a flurry of action, both charge each other at the same time.

(PsycoJoe on 12-22-05 08:24 UTC, permalink)

Cortana grows boobs
(Character Development) Cortana will grow into a double D, move from inside Master Chief's head and into the "real world", and I'm fairly sure you can guess the rest. I think that pair of "Porntana" clips will do nicely to get the actor into the mood, don't you?

I'm seeing too many ties to the TV series "Andromeda" where the AI (Andromeda Ascendant) comes to life and is now a living, breathing being on and off the ship.

I'm with ya brother, having another living AI defeats the purpose of the disconnected voice and guiding hologram.
- cybrfrk
(Slimby on 12-22-05 08:03 UTC, permalink)

Force field madness!
(Plot) The Chief will, invariably, stumble upon a force field/locked-door-with-window/shield that prevents him from:
-Reaching the next battle
-Saving some random marine who is just beyond the "locked" door
-Engaging that uber-Elite that's absolutely pwning everything else in the room.
Then, after the force field/locked door/shield has dissipated, he will, invariably, rush in and kill everything in sight - in about 4 seconds.

(Bronzemage on 12-22-05 07:59 UTC, permalink)

Witty self-reference to game origins
(Dialogue) When one character chastises another for not taking a battle seriously enough. "This is not a game," they say, a truly clever and original reference to the origin of the story.

(GhaleonEB on 12-22-05 07:37 UTC, permalink)

A Medley of movie requirements
(Scared of Realism) The UNSC troops always manage to emerge heroically victorious over the Covenant, with no close battles, gruesome casualties, or other realistic faire. After (a) space battle(s), the human ships are always completely unscathed, and never have to plow through floating covenant/human wreckage. No gutted or derelict good-guy ships will ever be noticeable either. All weapons, vehicles and other equipment remain sqeaky clean and retain their factory-fresh sheens throughout the movie. Neither Covenant nor fellow Human blood will splatter onto the Chiefs armour, or any other surfaces. None of the characters will ever look scared, tired, or all around un-enthusiastic before or during firefights. The flood will be completely mindless, and not have sensory stalks, or other features that set them apart from normal zombies. They will not be able to jump great distances, and will only be able to shamble and moan whenever their enemies start to shoot them.

(Tire Iron on 12-22-05 07:24 UTC, permalink)

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