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Man of Few Words
(Scenes) We know Master Chief is accustomed to using hand signals with his team (assuming we get to see any other Spartans). I'd be worried if they tried to play up the 'cool military angle' with a five minute scene of elaborate pantomime. ...Actually, that would make for a funny outtake.

(SonGoharotto on 12-22-05 15:23 UTC, permalink)

Forerunners Revealed
(Plot) There will be a scene in which this hologram comes up of a Forerunner after Master Chief saves the universe and he says "thank you for stopping the Flood." Then MC will take off his helmet and they will show his face, and he will get on a spaceship to another galaxy where the Forerunners are "alive."

(Elite on 12-22-05 15:22 UTC, permalink)

Ultimate Weapon
(Plot) Some ultimate weapon or other that has spent years in developement for sole purpose of destroying the Covenant falls into enemy hands. MC is sent in to retrieve it, but realizes that he has no choice but to activate it immediately. Only then does he realize that the remote detonator or whatever is broken, and he (or another valued member of the cast, maybe one that was first introduced in the movie and is "expendable" as far as the Halo story goes) must sacrifice his life to make sure that the super weapon goes off.

(m1a2slayer on 12-22-05 15:10 UTC, permalink)

Mobile Cortana/Poorly realised Forerunner buildings
(Location) Cortana is contained on a card that is seen for all of a few seconds in Halo, but in the film the card is slotted into everything. Even if it's Forerunner technology and she can open doors, use the security systems, spy on Covenant forces using the security cameras etc. Also Hollywood has a tendency to view all underground concrete buildings as nuclear missle bunkers. So the great and well thought out architecture of the Forerunners is replaced by contemporary concrete boxes and horribly uninspired low cielings and the odd security camera in the corner going; *whiirrrr* *chk* *whiiirrr* Either of those two things would seriously suck.

(Firelode on 12-22-05 15:09 UTC, permalink)

(Plot) Making a group of very difrent marines + MC, make us like them, then elimininate everybody severally, except MC.

(Rkaner on 12-22-05 15:09 UTC, permalink)

MC surfing on... something
(Scenes) MC: "Surf's up"
Cortana: "Hang 10, Master Chief! Woohoo!"

- After MC suckerpunches a Hunter and steals his giant shield, and proceeds to "surf" down an incline, bashing into grunts and jackals, etc.

Deliciously grody. :)
- free3bme
(DocOctavius on 12-22-05 15:08 UTC, permalink)

You can't take the sky from me!
(Plot) When MC and Cortana land on the deserted planet of Miranda Keyes, they discover that the Flood was actually created by ONI in an attempt to pacify the populace. Luckily, Cortana reveals heretofore unknown physical abilities and starts kicking Flood-ass left and right.

(Sep7imus on 12-22-05 15:08 UTC, permalink)

The Pun-isher
(Comic Relief) Two words: Screenwriter Stuntmutt

(Sep7imus on 12-22-05 15:07 UTC, permalink)

Master chief falls in love.
(Romance) Master chief is torn, he has to take out the Halo power generators but he has fallen in love with (insert either Miranda Keys, female marine, civilian, or Dr. Hasley) and she is in danger. He has a choice... either let his true love die by the hands of the Convenant or complete his mission. I think some kind of dilema plot will be there. And I am sure PJ and company will pull it off... please don't let it be John in love!!!

(Xraf on 12-22-05 15:07 UTC, permalink)

We're innocent, WE'RE INNOCENT!
(Characters) Whatever they do with the covenant, they MUST NOT make them look like repressed slaves e.g. grunts etc. Gotta make the covenant look like over zealous aliens, who would kill every human in existance given the chance!

(Exodus on 12-22-05 15:06 UTC, permalink)

Dumbing the Movie Down for the General Public
(Plot) Here's to hoping they don't turn Halo's intricate storyline into Master Chief being a single minded killer who doesn't think. Peter Jackson did an excellent job balancing Lord of the Rings' story for the public and those who were fans, here's to hoping he'll do it for Halo as well.

(Diss3nt on 12-22-05 15:05 UTC, permalink)

Which armour....hmmmm
(Props) So the people making the film may not know about the MC or Halo, so what's the betting he's wearing Halo 2 armour with not a hint of Halo armour, or worse, they cross the suits to; '....get the best of both worlds, in one film.' Scary isn't it?

(Firelode on 12-22-05 15:05 UTC, permalink)

Don't you mess with that music...
(Music) Hopefully they won't use overplayed songs from the radio.... I am expecting some stuff whipped up by Marty himself or if not, keep the general tone and beat of both Halo games for the music in the movie.

(I3ladeDragon on 12-22-05 13:18 UTC, permalink)

my 10 cents
(Scenes from Hell) 1: MC goes through an intense battle where he is fighting a new type of covenent warrior that was created by splicing the DNA of Elites and brutes with his own DNA

2: After the battle with the Hybrid covenent, MC realizes that his shield generators have broken so he returns back to his ship to have it repaired. When he arrives, he is told that a new suit was just ordered for him, and it will arrive in about 30 minutes. He then goes to the Burger King that is on the ship where he orders a large whopper value meal.

3:As he is eating with his mask and armor off, he begins looking at the scars on his arms wich instantly trigger a flashback of how he got it. He remembers holding his 2 month old baby on some planet when the covenent launched a surprise attack. His 2 month old baby was stolen by an elite after it sensed a "strange aura" aropund the child. MC tried to stop it, but the elite beat the crap out of him with a big, heavy object that somehow creates sparks upon impact with human skin.

3:MC is awakened from his day dream by UPS delivering him his new armor, which was made by under armor.

4:MC takes the package to his room and begins to renmove the armor from it's packaging and discovers a bottle of the latest scent in the Axe Deoderant line. He sprays it on him, and then Cortana instantly appears and says something sexy.

5: MC takes his new armor into the battlefield, kicks a lot of covenent butt, and sees the flood in some type of formation charging towards him while one of the flood stays 30 feet away giving the other flood orders. MC decimates them and heads towards the leader. When he gets there, he realizes that it a grown up, flood form version of his son,

6: MC says NOOOOOooooooo

7: and then "I am your father"

8: His son says "NOOOoooooo"

9: The screen says "To be continued"

10: The screen says "directed by uwe boll"

and two 3's. :)
- free3bme
(adrenalizedpc on 12-22-05 13:17 UTC, permalink)

Prelude to RvB? NOW WITH FAT GUYS!
(Comic Relief) Here is a scene which i just wouldnt feel right with.

The battle on Reach continues to rage, when, on accident, 4 red spartans fire on 4 blue spartans, sarge yells, "dammit grif, thats our own team!" this is followed by bickering and insults passed between both the red and blue offenders, until they just start fighting with each other.

Even though this would be a good homage to rvb, I feel it would take away from the story.

Also, Peter Jackson better not make a fat spartan, that just wouldnt look right.

(TheMean on 12-22-05 13:15 UTC, permalink)

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