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I'm gonna eat my socks...
(Scenes from Hell) Master Chief is on a pelican with a whole lot of civilian evacuees. One of the guys there is a champion surfer with an ultra-high-tech surfboard that has 'wings' attached to its underside fin.

The Pelican's PA crackles. "Elite Drop Pods coming from the cruiser. Our ground teams are gonna have hell!"

Master Chief turns to the surf champion. "I need that surfboard."

The surf champ says, "Sure, dude, but what for?"

MC says, "Surfing the airwaves."

Johnson, sitting nearby, pulls out his cigar, and quitely observes. "That's suicide." He adds, "I'll eat my socks if you come back alive."

MC picks up his Rocket Launcher and Dual SMGs, and tells Johnson, "You're on." He opens a side door and leaps out of the pelican with the surfboard, plummeting towards the ground.

His radio crackles. "AA fire, from the cruiser!"

MC gets up, flattening out the board. He dodges curtains of blue plasma fire raining down from above like a pro surfer going about the waves.

He sees the drop pods coming down, and noses down the surf board to put on that extra burst of speed. He whips out his dual SMGs and begins firing at the drop pods as he swings around them. A short burst to each pod causes them to explode. He surfs around the pods, shooting at them with his SMGs until they're all destroyed.

The pelican pilot comes on air again. "Phantoms!", she says.

Four Phantom dropships are descending rapidly in front of him, one following the other in a sort of 'staircase' formation. The chief whips out his rocket launcher, and blasts the last phantom, which falls out of the sky in flames. He swerves from left to right, dealing the other phantoms a rocket apiece, and watching as they all fall to Earth.

The radio comes on again. "That longsword below's been captured! God save our marines!"

Master Chief hugs the surfboard and dives deep, aiming for the longsword and its two escort banshees far below. He pulls out of the dive, stands up, and sprays the two escort banshees with remaining rounds from his SMGs. Both explode in flames.

The Chief's surfboard zooms up to the side of the longsword, next to the left door. The Chief opens it and noses the surfboard in. He's in the act of picking up the surfboard when he comes face-to-face with a very surprised rookie Elite. The Chief pithily says, "Get off my plane!" , and whacks the Elite with the surfboard. The Elite staggers out of the open door, and a scream is heard as he is blown off.

The Chief shuts the door, and goes to the cockpit. An Ultra Elite is sitting in the copilot's seat. Master Chief puts aside the surfboard and straps himself into the other seat, and flips open the ejection seat buttons. The Ultra sees him, gapes, and unstraps himself.

The Chief says, "Don't do that."

The Elite whips out his plasma saber and snarls.

The Chief says, "You're fired.", and presses the ejector seat button. The ejector seat shoots up, smashing into the Elite, and carrying him up and airborne. The Elite screams as he goes high up; there is a flash as his sword evaporates.

MC goes on the radio. "This is the Chief. I'm heading home."

The surfer says, "Radical, dude! You're awesome!"

Sarge is heard saying, "Uh...Chief? I didn't wear my socks...I swear!"

(UrsusArctos on 11-08-06 13:39 UTC, permalink)

I'll tell you my plan!
(Dialogue) As Master Chief is zooming through space in the forurunner ship, he is *gasp* taken and held captive.

He is thrown in a loosely restrained chair which rattles each time he moves, but the guards do not bother to check the straps. He is then visited by the Prophet of Truth, alone.

Prophet: Guards, I need some time alone to talk to our *special* guest.

MC: *rattles more violently*

Prophet: Do not try to fight it, for it is already to late to save your pitiful race. You see, I plan to remote activate the rings through the Ark, sending those fit worthy on the journey.

The Prophet then explains his plan in excruciating detail, while pacing back and forth in his hover chair.

Brute on intercom: Your ship is ready

Prophet: Excellent, guards, I am done with him, kill the demon. I will be on my way.

Of course Chief, being such a badass and such, manages to escape, and stops the Prophet's master plan.

(Rednatek on 11-08-06 13:42 UTC, permalink)

Something just to add to those dear grunts...
(You're freaking me out) You need to include a grunt in the movie chasing after a bug while the convenant were about to go attack and out of no where would be elite saying d*mnit grunt MOVE!

I KNOW ITS STUPID BUT HAVE YOU SEEN HOW STUPID GRUNTS ARE IN HALO AND HALO 2! Seriously even on legendary mode they don't change...

Hey you have to admit it would make the movie funny for a moment.

(Lenamire on 11-08-06 13:42 UTC, permalink)

Ark Malfunction
(Cheap Death) The Ark activates. Everyone is supposed to die. A large white flash fills the area and then recedes. When all is clear, it turns out that the Ark only kills the covenant and flood, and the humans dont.

Chief: See, i told you we wouldnt die.

(J23 on 11-08-06 13:45 UTC, permalink)

Drive Through
(Scenes from Hell) Click here for a funny vid

For mature audiences. Not sure how it really fits here, but let's try it.
- free3bme
(Rudy Medina on 11-08-06 13:57 UTC, permalink)

A Little Respect
(Scenes from Hell) The Master Chief is embroiled in a deadly battle with a black-armoured Elite, on top of a Banshee while it's flying. They circle the Pillar of Autumn as the chief attempts to reach the reactor. Elites battle the flood on the surface of the ship below.

The battle is tough. They are too evenly matched. Blow and counterblow hit off their shields, surrounding them in shimmering auras. They fall away from each other, neither able to land a decisive blow. Then, the Elite produces a plasma grenade and grins. The camera does a Sergio Leone-style close up of the Chief's visor (slightly less effective due the fact that the visor is reflective and you can't see the fear in his eyes...) and the elite tosses the grenade and sticks it to one of the Banshee's wings. An explosion tears the stumpy wing off and the plane circles downward and crashes in the battle torn surface of the PoA. The Chief is sent flying and lands hard. He's wounded. He can't get up. All the surrounding Elites and Combat forms stop fighting and surround the chief, staring at the spectacle unfolding. Meanwhile, the elite who threw the grenade has landed on his feet and walk slowly toward the Chief's unmoving form. The Chief can?t stand. He turns over to see the Elite standing over him cocking a plasma pistol, which will cock with a similar action to an old six shooter for added coolness. It charges and the Chief stares into its iridescent green flames.

The Elite snarls and says ?The heretics think you are their saviour. Yet you could not even save yourself. Time to die...? Cortana speaks through the Chief?s helmet and says ?If you have one of those barbarically crude but daring plans, I?d be up for it right about now?? The Chief says nothing.

Just as the Elite prepares to shoot and the soundtrack builds to a choral climax, a Gold Elite emerges from the surrounding crowd and yells ?STOP!?

The Black Elite standing over the Chief looks up, surprised and all the Flood and Covenant shift uneasily.

The Gold Elite steps into the centre and speaks to the crowd.

?How can we kill this man? This man who has fought us on Halo?s beaches, who?s fought us in the snow, beneath the earth, in the air? This man who has lived through hell, and honourably killed thousands of our brothers? Why does he deserve to die now after all he?s suffered through? Yes, he may be a godless heretic. Yes, he may be a vile demon who threatens our civilization and way of life. Yes, he may be trying to get to this ships reactor and blow us all to hell, and yes if we don?t kill him now he will almost certainly succeed. But does any of that matter? Are we really so different deep down? He has glib one liners and a smart-talking AI, we have ?wort wort wort?. He has bullets, we have plasma. But we all want the same thing; the total annihilation of our enemies. This man?? [He looks at the Chief] ?THIS MAN? has done more to annihilate his enemies than the rest of us combined! He has earned your respect? and? he has earned my love.?

A tear runs down his cheek and the Elite begins to clap slowly. The Elites and Combat Forms in the crowd look at one another, baffled as the applause echoes hollowly back. Then one by one, the clapping spreads and Elites and the Flood alike cheer in support of the Chief. Everyone is clapping furiously?

?except the Elite with the plasma pistol levelled at the Chief?s head. They stare into each others eyes for a long moment, before the Elite drops the pistol and offers the Chief his hand. He raises the Chief to his feet and says ?I may hate you? but I still respect you.? They shake hands, and the Elite says ?Next time we meet? we are enemies.? The Chief nods and salutes the Elite. He returns the gesture. The Chief runs off toward the reactor, and the clapping fades.

The Elite looks around and says ?Now? Let?s win this fight once and for all!?

(Beowulf on 11-08-06 14:12 UTC, permalink)

What next , a Stormtrooper?
(Dialogue) Some things we don't need to have is an cheesy, effects-heavy Energy Sword duel. We don't want a "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" moment either. And we most certainly do NOT want a opening story-crawl.

Pop-culture is acceptable though, I can imagine the Chief saying this: "I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THESE MOTHERF**KING COVENANT ON THIS MOTHERF**KING SHIP!!!" when he is on the Autumn. That would be awsome, actually.

(Interceptor on 11-08-06 14:14 UTC, permalink)

Pod racing
(Other games) The Chief is driving a warthog, when suddenly a ghost with an Elite drives up beside him in a ghost. The two catch eyes, then burst of to the sound of engine revs.

The two then complete three laps of a dangerous desert circuit complete with a camp of flood shooting at them and a two-headed announcer with the cheif's droids, his mother and some outerspace ninjas watching, before the Elite crashes, excaliming "Bantha Poodoo!" loudly.

This then allows for the game tie-in to be a rally game with minigames that include time-trials and such. It worked once before...

(Chaos Theory on 11-08-06 14:16 UTC, permalink)

Bad Ending
(Scenes from Hell) We all know that at the end of Halo, MAster Cheif said little. If the moviemakers decided to try and spice it up by adding a corny ending like this, I will be upset.

Aboard Longsword, somewhere above halo:

Cortana- Its over chief, they're all gone. Its just dust and echoes.

Chief: (Take your pick of ending) God bless their souls. (Stands up and salutes) --Or-- Flies into rage and attacks controlboard while screaming/ crying.

(Top Hat on 11-08-06 14:17 UTC, permalink)

Frogblast the Ventcore!
(A wink to us fanbois) Sometime during the movie, a character yells the line "Frogblast the Ventcore!"

Extra points if it's during a battle sequence.

(Sharkface217 on 11-08-06 14:17 UTC, permalink)

(Positive Thinking) Anticipated movie get's shot down by the two studios that provide the financial backing.

This entry, of course, was submitted after the announcement of two studios pulling out of the movie, and Jackson soon after announcing that it is still going forward.
- free3bme
(I3ladeDragon on 11-08-06 14:17 UTC, permalink)

Breaking the Fourth Wall
(Dialogue) Johnson gives a not-so-witty one-liner, then wonders in bemusement which writer wrote it.

"Don't lose yer head now! Too late. Aw, man; why'd Alex have to write that?!"

(Retsof-Noraa on 11-08-06 14:18 UTC, permalink)

Listen to the old stuff
(Music) So the flood has taken over IAC, and landed on High Charity - everything looks bad for everybody.

Then one of the more intelligent flood forms finds Sgt. Johnson's music chips or whatever they will be called in the future, and the flood tries to read the title and it says something like "Rock in Hell" By a group called "Death Machine." "Death Machine" sounds pretty good to the flood, so it pops it into the computer and some loud rock music starts blaring out - suddenly all the flood thingies start to tremble and pop and all their guts and stuff bubble and spew out and they die.

"What the hell" says Sarge, "who's playing my music?"

"You mean some of the old stuff" interrupts one of the Marines.

"And what the hell is going on? What is killing these flood?"

Cortana chimes in "I know what it is, Sarge" she says. "It's the music, it's killing the flood."

"I Guess, I'm not the only one who thinks you have bad taste in music Sarge" says the marine. So then the Sarge gets in one of the Pelican dropships. "Hey mothers, get a load of this" he yells out and pops another chip into the dash of the Pelican and loud rock music blares out. Cortana makes the music play on all the band frequencies and the Sarge flies around High Charity in his Pelican killing all the flood.

ROFL ? sorry couldn?t help it after watching Mars Attacks on TBS the other night?

(Ace Heart on 11-08-06 17:24 UTC, permalink)

Old Ironsides?
(Confrontation) The Arbiter enters the Control Room. Covered in ash; his armor charred and burned, he looks down in the chamber; and basking in the white light of the core is Tartarus.

Then Ironside, by Quincy Jones, plays; the camera cutting to each character's face with the rise and fall of the siren in the tune.

After the song finishes, the Arbiter draws and energy sword and with a guttural yell leaps down on Tartarus, sword raised high, clutched with both hands. Tartarus in turn hefts his hammer, ready to swing a mighty undercut blow. In slow-motion the two foes close. As they approach the camera shifts to below the falling Arbiter and pointing up at Tartarus, sillouetted by the light of the core behind him. The closer they get, the brighter the light swells until it envelops the scene.

(Scott W. on 11-09-06 03:39 UTC, permalink)

Got time to...?
(Comic Relief) Scene: Earth, Generic warehouse with an assembly line operating at full steam. Spartan-117 comes crashing through a window on an upper level.

Cortana: "You're bleeding!"

John: "I don't have time to bleed.."

John is intently trying to work fast and crash the computer that handles security, in an attempt to get the back gates to open up and get his reinforcements brought in.. He's very intent on his work.

The audience see's movement (slightly out of focus) behind the masterchief's head.. It's an elite with a pole he has pulled off of the wall approaching John from behind.

Cortana (sarcastically and smartassed.. as a last second warning) "You got time to duck?"

(the expected course of action is for him to quickly duck, the elite swings and misses, Cortana says "thought so", and the gag is over.. .. or)

John (absentmindedly): "No." as the pole clangs loudly into the side of his head, bending ridiculously out of shape. John doesn't even flinch.

John (turning to face this new threat.. standing there toe to toe for a moment, each eyeing the other.): "Oh."

(Deadguy71 on 11-16-06 20:02 UTC, permalink)

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