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Black eyed peas in Halo?
(Sexual overtones) Heh, it would be funny if when they introduce Cortana in the movie, its all slow-mo and in the background they play the song "My Humps" by the black eyed peas. The marines would be all blown away like 'Holy crap shes hot' and then it resumes to normal time, with the sound of a disc scratching and she'd be like, "What?"

(Gruntmaster on 06-16-06 00:29 UTC, permalink)

The Spirits of Covenant Past-and Future dreams
(Hey, I'm in a movie!) The Covenant forces loyal to the Prophet of Truth have overrun all of Earth. The Arbiter and his fellow Elites have come to Earth to bring the Elites unaware of the events on Delta Halo to his side, and to defeat Truth and all the Brutes. The combined Human and Covenant Rebel support is barely enough to stem the juggernaut of Truth?s war machine as it spreads across the face of the Earth, bringing the terrible event of activation closer and closer within reach, with millions still unaware of the truth behind it all.

It is late at night, the moon is high and the stars are out. A gentle, sleepy music plays throughout the scene. The Arbiter lies down to sleep on a heap of leaves and twigs on a desert plain in Africa, within sight of the Artifact?s excavation site. He feels crushed, hopeless. Many of his Elite brethren do not know of the rift in the heart of the Covenant, and continue to fight as allies of the Brutes and Jackals. Several attempts to communicate with them have been jammed, and the substantial Brute and Jackal forces that accompany them make conversion even harder. The tide is turning against the Prophet of Truth, nevertheless, but it turns slowly-and time is running out.

The Arbiter turns around and faces Half-Jaw and his fellow Spec-Ops Elites. There is one sentry next to a small fire, and the others are lying down on battered cushions or heaps of plant matter, tossing and turning as they try to fall asleep. Everyone in the camp is in full battle armor, even while asleep, removing only their helmets. They have precious little sleep to get, and another great battle to fight at dawn. The Arbiter lays his hand on his helmet, and turns to look at it.

The scene now flashes back to the past- back to him meeting the Prophets of Truth and Mercy in the Mausoleum, accepting the ornate armor and helmet of the Arbiter, and the perilous and suicidal tasks that he was to undertake. He remembers well what he said about his predecessors when he entered the Mausoleum-?Even on my knees I do not belong amongst them?.

The flashback ends, and the Arbiter says, ?Yes, even on my knees I do not belong amongst them?he(Mercy) told me that the council would yet have my corpse. But my predecessors have always died while succeeding in their task. I?am the first and only one to fail.?

The Arbiter looks up at the stars, and shuts his eyes. Exhaustion and dejection overcome him quickly. As he falls asleep, the music stops and we get to see inside the Arbiter?s mind- from a third-person perspective.

The Arbiter opens his eyes to the sound of Marty?s double E?s. He turns around uneasily, and gets up when he realizes that he?s lying on an unfamiliar black slab of stone, reminiscent of a coffin or a grave. His helmet isn?t on the ground-as he reaches up to scratch his head in wonder, he realizes that he has it on. He raises his eyes slightly, and starts violently. The campsite has vanished, and there is no trace of it whatsoever. He feels his thigh, searching for his plasma saber. It?s gone. He?s alone, and unarmed, in the middle of the wilderness.

The moon and stars shine bright, casting the empty stretch of African plain in glorious white light. As the Arbiter looks around into the distance, trying to see any signs of other members of his unit, the light changes subtly. Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles once. The Arbiter looks at the sky, and is astounded to see that it has clouded over in mere seconds, leaving only a small gap in the clouds for the moon. Rain falls all around, and the ground magically turns into water. The Arbiter is in a moonlit island in the midst of a dark, rainy ocean. Before the Arbiter can make any sense of what?s going on, a number of blurred shapes emerge in the darkness, accompanied by gurgling, hissing and screeches- Flood Combat and Carrier forms.

The Arbiter immediately hunches over and balls up his fists to fight the beasts hand-to-hand. As soon as he does so, white light erupts all around the moonlight patch he stands on, and the grotesque flood forms, lit in flashes of light, turn back into marines and elites. Guttural gurgles and bloodcurdling screeches turn into human and elite voices, crying out in anguish.
?Helllp meeeee!?
?No?we don?t deserve this?don?t?urrrrrgh!?
?We want to be free?from this?pain!!?
?No more, no more!?
?Please, God, help me, help me, ahh?help mee!?
?Save us, somebody save us?we don?t want any of this?(sobs)?

The Arbiter is appalled and horrified by their misery-but before he can stop gaping, the light-and the flood forms vanish. He is now in a small pool of moonlight, in the midst of absolute darkness. He hyperventilates, feeling genuine fear and terror.

A familiar voice says, ?Why are you afraid of the dark, when you are part of the light??
The Arbiter turns around, and is surprised to see Tartarus come out of the blackness, his silvery-white fur gleaming in the moonlight.
The Arbiter says, uncertainly, ?Tartarus??
Another voice says, ?I was a fool. I brought death and suffering upon my followers and myself when I needed to live, to spread the truth to one and all. It was all because of my blind love for power and glory. I stand rightly punished for all my sins.?

It is the Heretic Leader, and he seems nothing like the cocky slanderer and megalomaniac seen on the Threshold facility.
The Arbiter says, ?You too.?
The Prophets of Mercy and Regret appear from the darkness, fighting the tentacles holding them. Regret says, ?I was blind to the truth, blind to the light?now, I??

An almost sob-like grunt is heard from the darkness, the tentacles drag the two Prophets in before they can speak further.

Tartarus says, ?Yes, that is a fate that we all deserve. Mark their fate, Arbiter. You are the only one who can stop the innocent from meeting it.?
The Arbiter says, ?You?ve seen the light?you?ve been on the Great Journey?? Tartarus shakes his head. ?The Great Journey is closed to us-as yet. We can?t walk the path until you and John show all the way.?
Arby says, ?John?the Demon??
The Heretic Leader says, ?He is no demon. He is the one half of our salvation-our way to go on the true Great Journey. You are the other. Together, you and him stand in the way of darkness, evil and suffering. The innocents must not suffer-like the ones you have seen.? Arby shudders. He slowly says, ?And all that I saw?I can prevent it??
Mercy, reemerging from the darkness, says, ?Yes.?

Tartarus walks up to the Arbiter and says, ?Come with me, Arbiter. There is much to show you.?
Tartarus places his arm on the Arbiter?s shoulder and all goes white. The Arbiter blinks, and then stares around. He sees a garden with a great fountain in the center, with lush grass and many, many great trees, teeming with children and happy folk- all of them Brutes.
Tartarus says, ?This is the dream I had, as Chieftain.?

Brute children bounce and play around all over, and one of them hears a call from its father and rushes over. The father of the Brute child is a huge Brute major, and he is in military garb. He lifts his child high up and cuddles it lovingly. The Arbiter shakes his head slowly, his little eyes going wide.

Tartarus grunts. ?Surprised??
The Arbiter slowly says, ?I?we all never credited you- your people with??
Tartarus says, ?Your pride, and your prejudice against us, you must overcome?you have to overcome. There is no other path. I have learned that in death, and you must do so in life.?

The scene changes, abruptly, with many characters fading in and out like mirages. Instead of a garden full of brutes, the garden seen is full of different species-Humans, Elites, Brutes, Jackals, Grunts, et al. All of them are walking about, talking, laughing. Children of different species play rough-and-tumble games in the grass, and a Grunt walking along the flagstones greets a human couple-something normally unthinkable.

Tartarus goes on. ?No prejudice, no caste, no boundaries.?

The Prophet of Mercy materializes, with Gravemind?s tentacle holding on to him. ?Yes. We shall all be together. None of them shall be left behind.?

Gravemind?s voice comes out of the black void behind Mercy. ?We exist together now. Two corpses in one grave.?

Mercy says, ?I shall meet my fate now?bless you, Arbiter.?
The Arbiter says, ?Noble Prophet!? It is too late. Mercy is sucked back into the void. The Arbiter shakes his head slowly, and turns to the teeming city in front of him.

Tartarus says, ?I have shown you what I can. Now he must show you his part.?

The Heretic Leader materializes next to the Arbiter, and touches his shoulder. The scene goes white again, and the Arbiter finds himself in what looks like a massive version of the Cruiser control room. He sees a huge crowd of Grunts and Elites assembled in the room, with a very different Heretic Leader standing on the raised platform in the center and preaching to them all. The Heretic Leader on the platform is in garish gold and silver armor, in a design not unlike those used by Elite Councilors.

The ?real? Heretic Leader, standing beside the Arbiter, says, ?Now you see my dream. I dreamt of power, of control. I was sickened of the system, sickened of the prophets. I wanted to use the oracle so that?all might follow me, set up a new Covenant.?

The Arbiter says, ?I remember your speeches. You openly declared that the Prophets were false??

The Heretic Leader finishes his sentence. ??and in doing so I appeared as a foul blasphemer, yet another slanderous fool who strayed from the path for his own purposes, serving only to spread the seeds of discord within the Covenant. My lack of wisdom was the downfall of myself, the downfall of my men?and it might yet be the downfall of the Covenant. I sought salvation for myself and myself alone-and look what I wrought! So great was the magnitude of my folly, Arbiter! How I wish I had stayed my hand when the Oracle came down to you! It is too late?I cannot change the past, as much as I wish.?

The scene changes to that of the Threshold facility, where several Elite Combat forms stand behind a flickering barrier of white flame. As the Arbiter approaches, they all turn back to their previous selves, and scream out-cursing the Heretic Leader and pleading with the Arbiter.
?He brought us to this fate, the fool!?
?Urrrgh?Arbiter, you alone can save us!?
?Forgive us for straying from the path?but do not let others meet our fate!?
?You scum?I now pay the price for meeting you!?
?Arbiter?please help us??
?Arbiter, see that no one meets our fate??
The Heretic Elites are unmarked, physically, but are in great pain. They reach out to the Arbiter as they cry for help, and point accusing fingers at the Heretic Leader.

The Heretic Leader turns to the Arbiter and says, ?It is their fate I deserve, my friend. Death at your hands was?merciful.?

The scene shifts again. Tartarus, the Heretic Leader and the Arbiter now stand in the Covenant garden-with all races walking, laughing and playing in beautiful, blooming light. The three of them are standing in some sort of barrier of light, which separates the city full of life from the stormy, wet gloom of a wasteland, inhabited by flood victims.

Covenant, Heretics, and Marines alike are there. The Arbiter steps forward, and looks between the living, laughing world and the miserable, dead world. He looks at the faces of the flood victims, who seem to take a small bit of pleasure in his appearance-that he may bring them out of their doomed existence. He recognizes Jacob Keyes, and steps forward. The barrier that separates the flood world from the living world seems to be pushed back.

The Arbiter looks around, surprised. Tartarus explains, ?You are part of the light. You make what is in the light possible, and you keep back all that is in the darkness.? The Arbiter bows to Jacob Keyes, who salutes him, briefly, before he is racked by pain yet again.

The Arbiter turns to Tartarus. ? I have seen what I must do?how must I go about doing this??

The Prophet of Mercy reappears again. ?The one quality I was named after, but which I lack. Mercy. True mercy.?

Tartarus turns to the Arbiter. ?Do you see that mark on your chest, Arbiter? Who was the one who put it there??

The Arbiter looks up. ?You. You were the one who branded me.?
Tartarus says, ?So I was. That mark?it is my shame, not yours. Forgive me.?
Tartarus kneels before the Arbiter, who is quite surprised, and uncertain how to return the compliment. He hesitates for a moment, before saying, ?I forgive you. I see the fault of the Sangheili-we oppressed you needlessly, and without cause. I bow before you. Forgive us for our ego.?

As the Arbiter bows, Tartarus says, ?Arise. You have learnt a great lesson.?
Mercy says, ?Mercy. Mercy is always more powerful than revenge. Show mercy to those whom you meet, those who are deluded. They shall join you.?
The Heretic Leader says, ?Show them the truth, for the sake of showing the truth, for the sake of good, and of true freedom. Strive not for power or glory, and you shall succeed.?

Regret appears, and says, ?As you continue on your journey, you shall see deeper into yourself, understand more of truth and delusion. Bear in mind what we have shown you, bear in mind your power, and you shall not fail. Darkness shall not consume the light.?

Mercy says, ?Remember the garden, Arbiter. This is the way it began, and this is the way it shall be. All are equal. The salvation of one lies in the salvation of all. If all are not saved, none are saved.?

The Arbiter says, ?I shall bear all this in mind. I shall do all that is needed. I shall!?

A vision appears in the barrier. The Master Chief stands at the edge of the precipice near the artifact, and an army of SPARTANS materializes behind him. They are the dead SPARTANS, those who lost their lives fighting the covenant. Regret says, ?Their King knows that they are with him, ever as much. He shall bring forth the greatest truth, and you shall create the law to bind us all.?
Mercy says, ?Do you take to your task, Arbiter??
The Arbiter says, ?Your Arbiter shall do all that is needed, Holy One.?
Mercy says, ?Bless you, Arbiter.?
Tartarus, The Heretic Leader, and Regret say, together, ?Bless you, Arbiter??

The subdued music turns high, triumphant. Regret, Mercy, HL and Tartarus all flare white and disappear into a sheet of pure white flame, which fills the whole screen.

The Arbiter wakes up-for real this time, and he shields his eyes from the glare of the morning sun. Half-Jaw and his men are getting up. The Arbiter stands and puts on his helmet decisively. He looks proudly upon his men, while the Halo 3 trailer fanfare plays on. The Arbiter calls out, "Men!"

Half-Jaw and his men turn to face the Arbiter.
The Arbiter announces, "It is time."
End of scene.

God bless us -- every one. Memories of Christmas past, present and future flood into my mind.
- cybrfrk
(UrsusArctos on 07-26-06 16:34 UTC, permalink)

Awesome 360's
(Split-second groans) Yeeeah, last time i entered it was about funny buisness. This time im serious.

So the scene opens with a spectacular 360 view of the crashed POA. (like in 'The Maw')The chief crashes a smoking banshee into the side of the ship, and jumps onto a ledge. He clicks a fresh magazine into his Assault Rifle and looks around. Cortana: "Chief, we've got company..." In the distance we hear the slithering and wet grunting of the flood, and unexpectantly a flood infected Elite leaps from behind and slams its tentacle into the back of the chiefs head.

The chief falls to the ground, and picks himself up again. He plants his feet with a clunk and sings his AR, and draws two Magnums. Yet another 360, showing a circle of Flood grouped around him. Now some sweet backdrop music should start (may i suggest "Blow me away" from the Halo 2 soundtrack?) and he begins the slaughter.

After the last Flood combat form (Marine or Elite, doesn't matter) falls, the chief flips the two Magnums cowboy style and is about to stuff them into the holsters on his hips when theres a brief shot from MC's face. Behind him you see a flood marine come waddling up, shotgun in hand. The chief lifts one magnum over his shoulder, pulls the trigger, and the flood falls.

Cortana: Was that really necessary?

The chief sticks the magnum into is pocket.

MC: Whenever you have the chance, always try to look cool in battle.

(Gruntmaster on 11-08-06 02:24 UTC, permalink)

Enter the Matrix
(Split-second groans) The Master Chief walks into a room being guarded by a gold Elite. The Elite takes out his energy sword and lunges at the MC, then time stops and the camera swivels around him, then time starts again as he kneels down and kicks the Elite backwards into a wall.

(Elite on 11-08-06 02:25 UTC, permalink)

Cortana goes Rampant
(Split-second groans) The Master Chief is running for the Longsword as the PoA is about to explode. He gets up to it but the hatch doesn't open. "OPEN THE HATCH DOOR, CORTANA!" "I'm sorry John, but I can't do that." Then the Pillar of Autumn explodes.

(Elite on 11-08-06 02:26 UTC, permalink)

Sgt. Johnson's healing syndrome
(Dialogue) There will be a scene where Johnson gets hit by some plasma and falls down, then a Covenant comes over and he shoots him in the chest with the assault rifle, saying "BET YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING!"

(Elite on 11-08-06 02:26 UTC, permalink)

Save the best for last
(Split-second groans) There is a huge gunfight, and then MC kills all the enemies except a grunt, which is standing there. He goes up to it and points his gun at it, and it screams, then instead of shooting it, he pistol-whips it.

(Elite on 11-08-06 02:28 UTC, permalink)

Brand Placement
(Cheap Merchandising) There will invariably be brand placement as this movie will be costly.

*In the mess hall fight, there will be a big sign on the wall that says "COCA COLA"

*Master Chief runs into the Longsword and says "finally, I can enjoy this nice, cold, refreshing glass of Mountain Dew!" Then he takes off his helmet, revealing his face, and drinks it.

*Sargeant Johnson is smoking cigars throughout.

(Elite on 11-08-06 02:29 UTC, permalink)

(You're freaking me out) I just hope the directors dont read the Part of First Strike that details Sarges Regenerative abilities

just imagine it

An Elite slices Sargeant Johnson in half and turns around and walks away then hears Sarge say in the wierd two people with same voice saying same thing at slightly varying tiomes effect "I-I'm mad as hell now-w" Elite turns around and sees two Sarges. Elite slices both of'em in half then walks away and hears in a four of the same people talking at same time going "You're starting to piss me off."

The Elite begins slicing and now we have hundreds off johnsons. Finally the sword runs out of energy and the ELite whimpers and look at thousands of sarge's its lower mandibles tremble. Later the sarges meet up with more marines.

At once the sarges start going "About the money you owe us" or "Remeber what you said about my music."

Hollywood will probably do this two. I have seen much worse.

(me on 11-08-06 02:30 UTC, permalink)

Jolly good wart wart wart
(You're freaking me out) Consider the scene. They have just recieved news that the Covenant are about to attack the POA. Two Marines are standing outside the entrance to a lifeboat. One mentions how he can't wait to get home to see his pregnat wife. Immediately the lifeboat hatch behind him explodes open, killing one and pinning the other beneath the hatch. An Elite steps out of the hatch, looks around, and gives a brutal and graphic series of threats to the subordinates behind him in a pronounced upper-class English accent (please can that bit be in italics). The words "jolly good", "hWe hwill crush the pathetic humans", and the like will be used. The Elite then looks down, and as the father-to-be marine pleads for his life, slowly crushes his head with his hoof. He then calls for a Grunts to clean the mess off his boot.

Later on, of course, while the Chief is breaking into the Truth and Reconciliation, he enters the bridge on his own. He sees a Prophet's chair turned away from him, but doesn'y know what it is. Suddenly, the Prophet swivels around, with a white armoured grunt on his lap, which he is stroking, and says the immortal words:

"Ahh, Master Chief, I've been expecting you..."

These two examples actually have a serious point. Please, can not all of the villians be English. They're a religious totalitarian xenos collective theocracy, for goodness sake!

(EarthScorpion on 11-08-06 02:31 UTC, permalink)

Did It See Us?
(Scenes) The setting is Halo. The Chief has smashed into the ground in his drop pod and all the people but him are dead. John 117 walks outside and notices the covenant drop ship form the game bearing down on them.

"Hide" Cortana hisses.

The Chief runs and hides behind a tree. The covenant dropship hovers beside them and freezes.The music builds up in suspense and everything seems to go wrong when- The dropship veers away and doesn't seem to notice the Chief.

(j23 on 11-08-06 02:32 UTC, permalink)

Somebody save my baby!
(Scenes) We enter the scene into a bustling metropolis, with business people walking quickly to work, mothers taking their children to school, and vendors selling things on the street. Suddenly, air-raid sirens go off and for several minutes there's sheer panic.

Out of nowhere a large Covenant cruiser swoops down out of the atmosphere and hovers above the city; opening it's shuttle bays and spewing forth countless phantom dropships. As one of these ships goes down into the city, it fires plasma bolts at a large advertisement sign. It begins to fall...right on top of a crying child who has lost his mother.

People watch the billboard slowly crash down, and the mother is crying nearby, and then WHAM, a blur through the air, and the sign crashes to the ground. As the dust settles we can see a figure next to the sign... it's the Master Chief holding the boy in his arms.

"Here you go M'am". The Master Chief reunites the child with his mother and sprints off to halt another Covenant invasion.

(jman571 on 11-08-06 13:30 UTC, permalink)

Super...errr....chief to the rescue!
(Scenes from Hell) An enormous covenant plasma blast hits the rails of a high-speed train inside a human city. The tracks are melted alway revealing a gap in the tracks.

Unfortunately, there is no time to warn the oncoming train, if it tries to brake at it's current speed, it'll derail for sure. It's moving at hundreds of miles per hours and if it hits the gap in the tracks, everyone onboard will be killed!

So the Master Chief hears this on the UNSC radio and decides to do something about it. But he first has to convince his superior to let him go.

MC: Please, General you've got to let me go, I'm the only one who can help those people.

GENERAL: Ah, it's too risky, we've already lost too many heroes in this war, and we need you Chief. Besides, there's nothing anyone can do.

MC: You're right. This isn't a task for anyone. It's a task for the Master Chief. And I'll be damned if I let those civilians die.

GENERAL: Alright, Chief, you have my permission, go now. And God-speed.

MC: I won't let you down.

The Chief borrows a warthog and drives off, by now the train is a mere few kilometers from the tracks so to everyone's amazement a Spartan arrives, clad in his MJOLNIR armour. MC uses a service ladder to climb onto the tracks and runs to recieve the oncoming train.

As the train approaches his position, still going very fast, he braces his feet and moves his arms out to "catch the train". The train hits him full-tilt and instead of being totally and utterly crushed the train is slowing down and the Chief is bring propelled by the train, his feet creating sparks with the ground, in an attempt to stop the train. Finally, barely feet before the gap the train comes to a halt,and the MC jumps off. He waves to the stunned on-lookers...and drives off toward the sunset.

(jman571 on 11-08-06 13:31 UTC, permalink)

Search For The Hero Inside...
(Characters) A weak, weedy, cowardly secondary character is introduced. Through a set of circumstances, this puny character finds the courage to play a crucial role in helping the chief.

Because even without the guns, the armour and the training, there's a hero buried deep within awwwwwllllllll of us. If we can only find what The Wizard of Oz's Lion called, and I quote, 'The Noiv.'

I'm welling up here... sniff.

(Stuntmutt on 11-08-06 13:32 UTC, permalink)

Still Sharpe, old Bean
(Actor) Sean Bean is cast as Fred, the SPARTAN second-in-command and expert in martial arts and close-combat.

Fred gets into a duel with a mighty gold elite. Fred has his trusty machete;the Gold Elite has a plasma saber. The Elite swings and stabs about, Fred uses his speed and skill to dodge the blows, trying to find an opportunity to strike.

Finally, the elite loses his patience and lunges at Fred. Fred sidesteps the lunge, and hacks at the Elite's back with the machete. The Elite's shields 'blow out', leaving the Elite unprotected but shattering the machete. The Elite, angrier than ever, whirls around to kill him. Fred ducks, and swings the little bit of blade stuck to his machete(The 'hilt-shard').

The strike cuts off the Gold Elite's sword hand at the wrist. The elite roars in pain, grabbing the stump of his wrist. Fred seizes the opportunity. He snatches the plasma saber from the severed hand, and slices off the Elite's head.

Fred then examines the glowing weapon in admiration, and says, "This one's sharp(e) all right."

[Sean Bean acted as a soldier named Richard Sharpe in a British TV series, and often joked about his character. In Fellowship of the Ring, Bean(As Boromir) cuts his finger on Elendil's broken sword, and says, "Still sharp(e)"]

(UrsusArctos on 11-08-06 13:33 UTC, permalink)

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