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Back story, overtakes Halo story....
(Plot) Some Hollywood films get so engrossed in the lore and mythology they explain everything up to the point of the story they're trying to tell and then cram it into half an hour of gun blasting craziness.

Soooo, the first hour is the backstory, rise of the Spartan 2.0 programme, the plight of mankind as they are swept from the galaxy and the fall of Reach.

The last 40 minutes is Halo; Pillar of Autumn tumbles from the sky crashing, queue a scramble of gunfights and some cameos by otherwise major characters.

Halo blows up and none of the nuances of any of the locations, or chracters or the majesty of Halo itself is captured, there's not even enough time for a full shot of Halo against Basis and Threshold.

Johnson, Stacker, Foe Hammer they're not even named, Keyes is said three times in the film once when you meet him, once when you learn he's been captured, once when he's dead.

It's a cruel and edited world we live in, beware!

(Firelode on 12-23-05 08:41 UTC, permalink)

Please don't base it on easy!
(Dialogue) If you play Halo 1 or Halo 2 on Easy mode, you will constantly find yourself thinking, "How is humanity losing to these guys?" What they need to do is base it off Heroic difficulty like many fan fic authors do. I don't want to see some sort of scene where the Chief is doing wall-walks, snapping a Grunt's neck on the way back down, then throwing its limp body into a group of Jackals, knocking them over like bowling pins. Fortunately, it appears that they problem may not exist, I.E. the excerpt from the script where the MC is heaidng to the bridge, gets up behind an Elite, and fires half a clipp of AR ammo into him before finally breaking the sucker's back. Please, no wall walks, no back flips, no cartwheels, and if they absolutely MUST include the last few elements, don't let the following dialogue selections get in.

Quarter Master: What do you need to take on that Cruiser, Chief?

MC: Guns. Lots of Guns.

Quarter Master: *Opens up a locker with a bunch of guns or something*

MC: Whoa...

(Sterfrye36 on 12-23-05 08:40 UTC, permalink)

scary scary scar fri
(Plot) I think they should make it a little bet more scary. NOt a horror film but make the Covenant a lot scary. The game was a great game but it didnt realy give the feel of you being in a war with your life on the line. Make it more like the books ,because the books was great.

(halofreak on 12-23-05 06:25 UTC, permalink)

Oh god what if there was a time machine?!
(Scenes from Hell) What if to stop the covenant from destroying earth the master cheif had to go back in time to the 1980's to save some great great great (etc) grandmother of dr Halsey from being killed by covenants who ALSO have a time machine, then he falls in love with the girl he has to save, and takes off his mask to kiss her while fighting invisible covies using one ear and one arm?! (or did i just blow your effing mind?!)

(germ1770 on 12-23-05 06:24 UTC, permalink)

We need cannon fodder!
(Character Development) The marines are characterized at the beginning as well trained and well oiled soldiers that talk cool and guess what? There are even cooler people like Helljumpers. They get the one-liners that make the crowd gasp at their rock-solid coolitude. Then, throughout the rest of the movie, (after slaughtering grunts for comic relief of course), they can't do a single thing useful other than scream and run and the Chief becomes the only significant soldier along with select others (Sarge never dies like the others because he's needed for comic relief).

The game was mostly a one-man show, but I think they really should take this opportunity to shift some influence onto the marines and their struggle ALONG with the Chief, not just in front of him as mutilated corpses.

(EvilEntropy on 12-23-05 06:23 UTC, permalink)

Big Green Balls of Death
(Scared of Realism) It would be so, so horrible if plasma pistol overcharges "only killed shields" in the movie. When you have a giant ball of flesh-devouring plasma going towards someone, i want to see them get injured!

Just think...Master Chief's shields are dwindling, and he gets hit with the aftershock of a plasma grenade. He notices a Jackal inching towards behind his shield, and MC takes a pinpoint shot on the exposed hand that is holding an overcharged pistol. The jackal releases the trigger, and the sphere of plasma rushes towards the chief. He tries to jump to the side, but it hits him smack in the face. Instead of having his head melted backwards, he is "stunned" for a few seconds until his helment regains normal visor functions.

(Wave Of Lag on 12-23-05 06:23 UTC, permalink)

Linda's last stand.
(Cheap Death) Onbord a covenant flagship where the last prophet is located John and Linda are seperated by a team of brutes and jackals and take cover. John has a straight path tword the grav lift, if it wern't for a pair of pissed off brutes and no rounds for his weapons. Realizing that the only way to stop the covenant from activating halo is to kill the prophet, Linda runs out and fires on the aliens. the brutes run after her and the cheif makes a run for it. As he walks into the lift Linda tells him "Protect Sol, John. Save Earth." An explosion ensues as her power cell overloads, killing Linda and taking out the group of brutes with her.

(Gruntzilla on 12-23-05 06:22 UTC, permalink)

Opening cinematic
(Scenes from Hell) AS the movie starts, the screen is black. Blaring theme song then dramatically starts and we see the word "Halo" coming up the screen in yellow letters. THen it is followed by som text that will look something like this:
It is a time of great unrest in the galaxy. As the unstoppable covenant juggernaut sweeps through space crushing all human resistance, only one man can stop it.
That man is John 117. A superpowerful soldier bred for war and who only knows one ting for sure, he is humanities last hope for survival. The real question is though, John, are you up to the test?

As this text finishes going up the screen Star Wars style, the breaking Benjamin song "Blow Me Away proceeds to start up full blst. As the obnoxiously loud song plays in the backgroungwe see pics of the Master Cheif defeating covenant forces in battles where the odds are dramatically stacked against him. Then the movie would begin.

(Top Hat on 12-23-05 06:21 UTC, permalink)

Legendary Scene
(Scenes) Just before the Pillar of Autumn goes critical we see Sarge and an Elite fighting over an Assualt Rifle. As the ship begins exploding Sarge looks into the elites' eyes and says, "This is it baby, hold me." They hug, and the elite grabs Sarge's ass.

Cue fadeout and credits.

(Slith on 12-23-05 06:20 UTC, permalink)

(Corny twists) I just had a vision so terrifying I nearly had a heart attack. What if, at the end of the movie, standing on a pile of freshly killed covenants, master chief removes his helmet and we find out "he" is a woman! Extra "WHAT!?" points if she's gorgeous (even though she always spends her days under that armor and she's just killed a lot of covenants). Doesn't it just send a chill down your spine?

(TheDarkLich on 12-23-05 06:20 UTC, permalink)

MC actor
(Actor) having a real actor for the chief, they should just get a no name and use the voice actor for him.

(Spartan-104 on 12-23-05 06:19 UTC, permalink)

That's no man!
(Scenes) *Scene of Cortana attempting to break into the T&R's system*
Covenant AI: Fool. No man can hack me!
*Insert scenes of unlocking doors and confused elites*
Cortana: *reveals herself* I am no man. *purges AI*
*Triumphant music*

Hopefully Mr. Jackson will have learned this time around.

(Geary on 12-23-05 06:18 UTC, permalink)

Alas, poor On'amee! I knew him well, Ful'somonee...
(Dialogue) Lengthy Elite soliloquies in poetry. Untranslated, with subtitles... said subtitles obviously cribbed from Shakespeare.

Must be a miniumum of 180 seconds of screen time. Gotta make them "alien", you know.

(Anton P. Nym on 12-23-05 06:17 UTC, permalink)

Halo a love story, nooooo
(Romance) When you awake from cryo sleep theres another spartan there, you find out SPARTAN II- Linda hasnt been shot and killed by the covenant

* * ** ** * *
They get off halo and then retire, get married and life happily ever after, the covenant never come to earth

- i run screaming out of the theater

(Kyle van Es on 12-23-05 06:17 UTC, permalink)

(Sexual overtones) To sex up the movie, there will be a ten minute scene of Master Chief taking a shower. Steam, soap suds and smooth, suggestive Spartan skin. Add a strictly Barry White soundtrack and an abundance of ab closeups and women will flood to the movie just for this!

(an angle on 12-23-05 06:16 UTC, permalink)

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