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In-jokes, Shout-outs, and Tie-ins
(Scenes from Hell) Fade from BLACK. MC and CORTANA stand on edge of open bay door of DROPSHIP as it WHIZZES over a flood-infected city. CORTANA is not being projected by any device, and simply stands next to the MC. In fact, their arms are around each other.

MC: Cortana, inform me of my location.

CORTANA: We're over *apparent gargled interference* City 17. No, I meant Seattle.

MC and CORTANA look at each other. Both begin to show physical signs of laughing. MC's hands are on his knees.

MC (Recovering): Pilot, lets skip this one. Nuke it.

PILOT: Roger, Mr. Chief.

Suddenly, it is SUNSET. DROPSHIP begins to tilt upward in order to allow NUKE to fall through open door. Suddenly, NUKE is onscreen with camera placed by the foot of the dropship door, facing NUKE. NUKE is size of shipping crate, and has enormous, brightly colord button on top. NUKE begins to lose traction as dropship gains altitude , sparks flicker all around. Finally, NUKE falls and WHIZZES by MC, who slaps NUKE's 'behind' as it falls out of now vertical dropship. All the while, MC holds onto nothing, but CORTANA has both arms around MC, lest she fall off.

MC: Good work, Pilot.

Closeup of CORTANA's face. She seems to have a sudden realization.

CORTANA: Chief! The nuke hasn't been activated.

Camera cuts to MC. He seems to have already secured a BUNGIE CORD to his ankle.

MC: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn.

Closeup of MC and CORTANA kissing, as best they can given physical constraints. MC falls out of DROPSHIP with cigar in his mouth. MC whizzes down towards earth through CLOUDS and reaches NUKE, which is now on fire due to atmospheric penetration at such a high speed. The "Jurassic Park" theme music begins. MC clings to the NUKE, and slams his fist on the button just as the BUNGIE CORD snaps back and sends MC back to the DROPSHIP. The "Bungie" logo is visible on BUNGIE CORD for a split-second.

NUKE explodes atop bewildered Flood combat forms. Flood fly and spray over the city, and an infection form flies dangerously close to MC. MC takes cigar out of mouth, and heartily pops infection form.

MC: Now that's the way I like 'em!

Cut to BLACK.

Author's Note: In fact, this would be the perfect trailer for the movie. But only if scored to heavy metal.

Fantastic job!
- free3bme
(Finchmeister on 06-11-06 18:58 UTC, permalink)

halo wars
(Scenes from Hell) A marine lets out a howl of pain as the MC slices through him with an energy sword.

Cortana: the MC has gone...to the dark side!(cue starwars darth vader music.)

The MC continues slaying marines untill they are all dead. He rips cortana's data chip out of head and crushes it under his foot.

A hooded prophet comes out from the shadows.

Prophet: you have done well my apprentice...

MC: Thank you master

(MC picks up sword and turns then pauses.he looks at the ground where cortana's chip lay crushed.)

Prophet: it seems you killed her...



(friedyoda on 06-11-06 19:04 UTC, permalink)

Truth Vs. Deceit
(Weepy melodrama) The opening scene should begin on a safe planet, such as earth.

It should show the basic technologies of the civilians, having fly-throughs of one of the cities. On the gigantic screens throughout the city, a patriotic message should be playing, complete with sappy music, pictures of marines killing aliens, and an ONI spokesperson talking about how well the war is going.

The camera should now entirely show the war movie, and after each marine picture, it should show a scene that is really occuring in the war, the heaps of marine corpes that litter the battlefields, the charred planets that used to be homes of people, and the utter efficiency of the enemy, an enemy that the entire population assumes is being defeated.

The Final picture should show the Spartan II's, all lined up in their spotless MJOLNIR armor, and ONI has finally announced their existance, speaking of how they are "unkillable" and "immortal." Then, it should show the real Spartans, fighting, yet winning, but having their battle armor scarred, surrounded with both friendly and enemy dead. The one they show should be MC. Utter melodrama.

(JimmyC on 06-11-06 19:05 UTC, permalink)

(Scenes) Tartarus the brute lies dead in Halo 05?s control room. A group of protector elites and ultra elites stays back in the control room after Johnson, Miranda, the Arbiter and 343 Guilty Spark head off to an elite-controlled starship to go to Earth.

Soon, a large force of brutes, jackals and drones arrive to retake the control room. The protector elites and brutes trade insults before the battle. After several minutes of trading insults, both groups prepare for battle. The momentary lull before the storm is broken by a strange whisper.

?I have walked among men and angels for three thousand years??

A huge cheer goes up from the brutes. The elites look around, dumbfounded.

They see Tartarus? body.

The mighty brute is surrounded by a faint aura, and he?s slowly getting up.

?Time has no beginning, no end, no purpose.?

The elites shake their heads in absolute bewilderment. Didn?t the Arbiter slay Tartarus before their very eyes? One of them, an elite councilor, gasps, aghast, ?No, no, this cannot be true!?

?I wander the earth, seeking forgiveness for my horrible crimes against God, and Man.?

Tartarus is on his knees, like a baby. He blinks uncertainly, and slowly looks around. He sees his hammer, and reaches out for it.

More elites cry in horror and despair as their most hated foe reincarnates before their very eyes. The brutes cheer again. The jackals are as amazed as the brutes and the drones just aren?t paying attention.

?I live to seek death, destruction, over the light, the light that cannot be extinguished?

Tartarus gets a firm hold on the hammer, and it seems to bring him back to strength.

One elite shrieks, ?Oh, if only I were a grunt, born to flee!?

?I live in a prison of my own demise?

Tartarus gets up on his feet, holding his mighty gravity hammer. His impenetrable shield flares out brightly. He glares at his terrified enemies.

?I am lost in time??

Tartarus raises his hammer high above his head and gives an almighty bellow. The brutes bellow and roar, and raise their weapons in salute. The jackals do the same.

Some elites fling down their armor and weapons, and kneel before this seemingly invincible foe. Others, like the one who wanted to be a grunt, run out of the control room, screaming in absolute, unmitigated horror.

The platforms realign so that the brute chieftain can simply stride over to his followers, who bow low in greeting.

Tartarus growls, ?Take them away.?

The brutes take away the surrendered elites. Tartarus steps out of the control room and looks at the sky. He growls again. ?It is time.?

(UrsusArctos on 06-11-06 19:15 UTC, permalink)

(Weepy melodrama) John-117, better known as the Master Chief, is on a UNSC hospital ship following the covenant invasion of Coral. The covenant practically own the planet?s major cities, and the situation looks dire. Lord Hood is aboard the hospital ship as well, having been seriously wounded when a covenant boarding party stormed the bridge of his command vessel.

The Master Chief is seen getting up from beside a very weak and bandaged Lord Hood, who is surrounded by many of his staff officers. The Chief looks around at all the wounded civilians in the same ward, and walks past their beds. Those who are awake or conscious look at the Chief with admiration and wonder in their eyes. The Office of Naval Intelligence has publicized all his exploits, including a censored version of events at Halo.

The Chief looks towards the old couple in the beds nearest to Lord Hood?s (Whose bed was set aside so that his staff officers could meet him without disturbing the other patients). He notices something a tad familiar with them, but he can?t put his finger on it. The old man is looking up at the ceiling, holding a dog-eared magazine. He lowers his eyes and sees the Chief looking at him.

He asks, ?So you?re John-117, aren?t you, son??

The Chief says, ?That?s correct, sir.? He?s a tad surprised. Other than his fellow SPARTANS, very few people have called him by his name.

He picks up a heavy metal stool and places it near their beds. He?s still in full battle armor including his helmet, and an ordinary stool would break under his weight.

The old man goes on, ?Heard a lot about you. Lot of people aboard this ship were very excited to hear you were on board.? He wheezes. ?You?re doing a damn fine job, John. I dare say every member of the human race is proud of you.?

Master Chief says, ?Well, I?ll see. My job isn?t over yet.?

The old lady says, ?Oh, don?t worry about it. Frank and I are sure you?ll come through. There really isn?t anything to worry about, John. As long as you take it in yourself to keep fighting, you?ll always win.?

The Chief notices that they exude a strange confidence in his capabilities, one that he hasn?t entirely come to terms with, even now. He nods his head. Someone scrapes up a stool and sits nearby.

?Shifted to PR work, Chief??

It?s good old Sergeant Johnson, minus his body armor and cigars (No smoking inside a hospital ship).

The Chief doesn?t answer Johnson. He leans forward and asks the two old civilians, ?Permission to?sorry.?

Frank (the old man) laughs, ?You don?t need permission to ask me anything, son! I?d have to get permission to talk to you.?

The Chief glances at the UNSC officers at Lord Hood?s bed. None of them object to his conversation with the couple, and one of them gives a reassuring nod.

The Chief asks again, ?Why do you call me John? SPARTANS aside, everyone else calls me Master Chief.?

The ghost of a smile hovers around Frank?s lips. ?I had a son named John.?

The Chief goes ?Oh.?

?He was such a bright, healthy kid, so strong and so intelligent and so different from everyone else??

The old lady?s eyes water. ?I loved him. He was such a dear. Tall and handsome and loving?and he died when he was only six.?

John(MC) grunts. A strange, uncertain tone comes into the music. There really is something wrong here.

The old lady goes on, ?Whenever someone mentions the name ?John?, Frank and I can?t help but think of him.?

John says, his voice low, ?He died at six? Do you?do you have a photograph of him??

Frank turns around. ?Jennifer??

Jennifer (the old lady) says, ?Why, yes.? There?s a strange look on her face. She looks as though she?s trying to see through the Chief?s opaque gold visor.

Sarge asks, ?What?s up, chief? Something wrong??

Jennifer pulls out a large locket, opens it and presses a button. A photograph expands from it.

She says, ?That?s his most recent photo. It was taken three weeks before he died.?

John pulls out the photograph and stares at it. It?s the photograph of a boy, apparently ten or eleven years old, with messy brown hair, freckles and a gap between his front teeth.

John asks, ?T?this is him at s?six??

Frank says, ?You?d never know he was just six, what with his height and those freckles.?

John?s stutter makes Johnson suspicious. He peers over the Chief?s shoulder. A staff officer hears the stutter and turns around.

John takes off his helmet, revealing the back of his head to viewers. His hair is brown, and closely cropped. He stares at the photograph in his trembling hands for several seconds.

Frank(the old man), asks, ?You know him? He isn?t dead??

John?s voice is a faint whisper. ?No. His clone replacement died. He?s not dead.?

The photograph falls from his fingers. Johnson picks it up, looks at it, and back at the Chief?s face(not visible to viewers). He rubs his eyes in disbelief.

John stutters, ?M?m?m?.mom??

The old lady?s eyes go wide as saucers. ?John??

John stares at his mother for several seconds. The music turns dreamy, fantastical. The staff officer watching them goes, ?My god. That?s his mother.?

The old man gasps, ?John??

John slowly turns around, and, with an effort, whispers, ?Dad??

John?s father gapes, speechless.

All the staff officers have turned around. Lord Hood tries to prop his head up on his pillow to see.

The music in this scene reflects the spine-chilling shock and awe of this moment. The hero meets his parents, shockingly, amazingly. It?s a moment unlike any other.

John?s father finally manages to say, ?We missed you, kid.?

Mom says, ?Honey, I never dreamed?? she begins to sob.

John turns towards his mother, and she reaches out. John extends his own hand, but refuses to grasp hers. Her frail, wrinkled hand stands in contrast to John?s mighty battle-armored hand. John holds her hand only after removing the pressure glove on his own. Mother and son make physical contact with each other after decades. Mom places John?s hand next to her cheek and kisses it.

John says, ?It?s been years since anyone kissed me, loved me the way you do.?

The camera refuses to reveal his face, but we do see a tear flow down his cheek.

Johnson sobs loudly, thinking of his own mother. ?Oh, poor mamma, what would she be thinking now? BOO-HOO-HOOO!? He blows his nose into a hanky (Real noisily). We Halo fans should?ve known better: Sarge has a soft spot for his mommy.

John swallows heavily, and holds his mother?s head in his (ungloved) hands. He kisses his mother on the forehead, and presses his cheek next to hers. Old memories are flooding his mind, rapidly, uncontrollably. He remembers things he was trained to forget: his mother?s kisses, his father?s smiles.

He slowly lets go of his mother, and turns towards his father, whom he also kisses on the forehead.

Dad says, ?I?d give just about anything to have another game of baseball with you, son, but it ain?t likely. Plasma burns in my leg, you know, and we?re all running low on biofoam.?

John, who?s kneeling on the floor between the two beds, gets up and says, ?Mom, dad. I?m making a promise, right here, right now. I?m not leaving you, ever again.? His voice rises in an anger and shame he never felt before, not even when he lost almost all his friends on Reach. ?No one, not the UNSC, not ONI, not the Covenant, not the Flood, not God if he wills it, are going to take me from you ever again. I?m with you, no matter what!?

John begins to remove the battle armor that encases his body with a vengeance, almost explosively shedding the machine part of him. Lord Hood and his officers, moved to tears by the surprise reunion, don?t like the idea of humanity?s hero deserting one bit, but given the circumstances-and the presence of civilian onlookers, they have no choice but to wait until John cools down before reminding him of his mission.

John?s mother asks, ?Son??

John says, ?Mom??

Mom swallows and takes a deep breath. She seems to be preparing to tell him something terrible.

?Honey, there?s nothing in the world we?d like to do than spend whatever?s left of our lives with you, but??

John says, ?You can?t. WHY??

Dad says, ?You?ve got a far more important task than any other human being alive. That?s why. Look, don?t get me wrong, son??

Mom and Dad are no longer shocked, and there?s a firmness in their voice that was never there before. John snarls. ?Yes, I?m to go about with the God damn UNSC, slaughtering all kinds of aliens, killing, murdering, butchering things, all fine for them not to care about me??

The staff officers at Hood?s bed melt away.

??you?re my parents, and you don?t care a damn about MEEEEEEE!!!!!!?

John?s voice is like thunder. He raises his armored ceramic helmet and prepares to smash Mom and Dad to smithereens. Johnson cries, ?NOOOOOO!?

John freezes as though made of stone. The only indication that he?s alive is his breath, which is rapidly hissing in and out of his lungs. The granite lines of his face soften. He drops the helmet and collapses, clutching his head. His dad and mom, who were unruffled during his insane attempt to strike him down, reach out and touch him on his shoulders.

Mom says, ?We love you, John. Don?t ever think we don?t love you. We love you more than anything else in this world. I can?t describe how happy I was to have met you again after all these years?but there are some things that God denies people like us, and he has a reason for doing so.?

John is cynical. ?God? It wasn?t God who took me away from you. It was the UNSC, and ONI. Men like?men like them!?

He points at the staff officers, who look as though they?re expecting the apocalypse to unfold.

Dad smiles. ?They took you away because you?re special.?

John said, ?What specialty? All that was??

Dad continues, ?Not a fluke. Look at all other, less hopeless missions. SPARTANS, supersoldiers supposedly like you, stronger than you, faster than you, have died in far less risky, far less chancy missions. You? You prevail where they all don?t. You get to go and do things that no other SPARTAN would. How come??

John said, ?I don?t know?I??

Lord Hood, on the other bed, says, ?That?s correct, John. Do you think any other SPARTAN could?ve succeeded in the battle on Halo? That you should have been there, in the right place and the right time, to foil everything the enemy did??

Mom says, ?There, John. You see? You were the only one who could?ve done what you did. You have no substitute. There?s no second John, not in the galaxy, not in the universe. You are what God made you.?

John nods. Of course, we still see the back of his head.

Dad says, ?Son, as long as you fight the covenant scum and save human lives, nobody, nothing, can stop you. You?re our savior, son. Let?s hear anyone question that!?

Johnson turns around. ?Anybody question the gentleman??

Silence. Lord Hood?s staff officers smile slightly at the reaction of a petty officer entering the ward for the first time. The light-headed officer staggers a little, shakes his head, comes back to his senses and gives his message, ?SPARTAN-117, HEV drop from the Alliance in ten minutes. Head to the pelican bay ASAP.?

The petty officer walks out of the room, more than a little giddy at the sight of a crying SPARTAN.

Mom turns to John. ?Go ahead, honey. Show them what you?ve got. Don?t worry about us. We?ve served our purpose out well. It?s thanks to God?s grace that we had a chance to meet you before our end. Remember, John, just do the job God has given you. Keep saving human lives, do what you do best?you?ll live through. So will the rest of us men and women.?

John says, ?Goodbye, mom.?

He kisses mom on the cheek, and eases his dad?s head back onto the pillow. He begins walking out of the room, wiping his eyes, looking back at his parents just one more time, and then burying his tear-stained face in his hands (We don?t see his face, ever). He sits on a darkened bench outside the ward. As he leaves, Johnson is seen getting up and picking up his pressure gloves and helmet. On the ward bench, we see the Chief?s face in silhouette, as Johnson comes with his gloves and helmet.

Johnson asks, ?We back in business, Chief?? (Johnson?s face is wiped clean of tears)

Master Chief puts on the gloves and helmet. A few seconds later, he gives Johnson a thumbs-up.

Johnson roars, ?Let?s kick ass!?

The scene ends.

- free3bme
(UrsusArctos on 06-11-06 19:22 UTC, permalink)

I wrote this because I like halo.
(You're freaking me out) Opening credits play as camera looks down at a small field. Slowly the camera zooms out to see trees. Camera speeds up its assent to see small arms fire. Camera view continues to climb to see a Pelican flying by. Opening credits stop. Just then it zips out to the atmosphere to see MAC guns and UNSC ships firing at covenant cruisers over the planet Reach. The battle rages on as ships left and right are exploding. Camera follows battle for a few moments. Next, the camera zooms back down too a Pelican being shot down about two miles high. Then small figures jump out of the flaming wreckage. Camera gets closer to the figures to reveal they are Spartans, without parachutes, falling from about what seems to be a mile high. Camera fallows them all the way down until they crash. Screen fades to dark. Loud crashes are heard. Camera fades in to show a ground shot looking up at trees reflecting off something gold. Camera pans out to see a Spartan lying there. Spartan gets up and says ?is everyone okay?? Screen fades to dark and the word HALO appear

(Jono 117 on 06-11-06 19:23 UTC, permalink)

MC sayings
(Dialogue) "Here grunty grunty"

"With guilty spark as a friend who needs enemies"

"Ooooo... a sniper rifle'

"hey sarge got any regular music on that data chip?"

(Tightreel on 06-11-06 19:25 UTC, permalink)

Surviving Spartans?
(Scenes from Hell) As eyeryone knows, sometimes plots have to be reworked for them to be sucessful on the big screen, and Halo is no exception. Somehow, a major plotline in the movie will revive around a handfull of surviving spartans who were captured by the covenant at Reach for some cliche purpose or another. One scene will develop in a large covenant ship that has been overrun by the flood. One of the remaining spartans is onboard in a cryo-tube. A lone flood combat form infiltrates the cryo chamber. It considers the room for a moment, as if wondering what to do, its sensory stalks flicking in the air. It senses the spartan's tube and runs directly twoard it. Once again it stands momentarily at eye level with the dormant spartan inside as if considering. It suddenly pulls back its grossly mutated arm, and gathering all of its strength, strikes a devestating blow to the tube. Immediately, smoke rushes out of the chamer, clouding the screen, fully obscuring the tube, and leaving only the flood's hazy outline visible. The flood lets out an anguished moaning sound, spreading its arms as if ready to attack. All of a sudden, a powerful hand shoots out of the haze, seizing the flood's sensory stalks andcrushing them. The flood seems disoriented. The hand, still holding the stalks, is joined by another which plunges straight into the chest cavity forcibly yanking out the still squirming flood infection form as the lifeless body falls to the floor. The hand clutching the infection form calmly applies a small amount of pressure, causing the flood to pop like a ballon. The next angle is level with the barley recognizeable, anguished face of the lifeless marine. A foot crashes down on its chest. A slow pan up and away reveals a spartan!

(Rebel_withoutan_xbox on 06-11-06 19:26 UTC, permalink)

Another dramatic ending
(Weepy melodrama) At the end of the movie, Master Chief saves the humanity (kills the prophet of truth and etc.) and in the last scene when MC and the Arbiter are walking towards each other Arbiter sees an Elite (who is somehow not aware that the prophets have used them and betrayed them) coming behind MC with the sword. Arbiter tries to warn MC but he does not get it. The elite stabs MC with the sword. Arbiter shouts NOOOOOOOO!!! Elite is quite pleased with himself while Arbiter starts crying and shouts something like "You fool. You have no idea what you did!". After the Elite learns the truth he falls on his knees and he is devastated. He says things like "What have I done!!!". Meanwhile MC is saying "It is OK now. The Earth is safe, that is what is important". And he dies. Everyone starts crying.

(serdar on 06-11-06 19:35 UTC, permalink)

Clint Eastwood/Dirty Hary scene
(Split-second groans) MC fights with an Elite, MC opens fire with his pistol. Chief finaly manages to pin the elite to the ground. MC points gun at the elite's head. the elite laughs, "HA HA HA, stupid baboon, your ammunition is gone, I counted your shots!" MC jabs gun into elite's forehead "That make ya feel lucky punk?" Chief twists pistol around elite's neck and strangles him.

(Brenan 117 on 06-11-06 19:39 UTC, permalink)

Helm's Alamo of Thermopylae
(Scenes from Hell) I've learned from a review of the script that Captain Keyes will stay besieged in the Pillar of Autummn. I'm just worried it'll become another war movie about an epic siege.

Cortana:"Chief, the marine's are saying we will not make it through the night."

Master Chief: Don't dispair Cortana, we have to make sure the thousands of civilians... the men, women and children still on the POA... oh god, do I have to say this line? This isn't halo at all!

Director: Say it.

Master Chief(begudgingly): ... we must do it for them, we might look back on this day and say, 'this was the one good thing we got out of this whole crazy mess; saving sergeant Johnson'.

Private Miles*: Why shouldn't they say so Cortana? It's 300 million covenant to our 50 marines. Each of us will have to kill...(counts on each finger, mumbles to self)... a lot!

Master Chief: In these walls we can outlast them.

Captain Keyes: What would you have me do? Look at my ship, her hull hangs by a thread. If these passengers are to make an end, I will have them make such an end that it's worthy of buying on DVD!

Master Chief: If we can hold them off for one night, a million *insert cavalry here* will break through the enemy lines and save us.

[Later that night the defenders sit on top of the POA with various long range weapons and through several witty jokes, a few unpleasant anecdotes and a lot of gutteral and forced lines meant to portray bonding, the defenders get to know each other for the last few moments of their lives.]

Private Miles: It was wrong of me to Despair, Master Chief. It would be an honor to die by your side.

Master Chief: We'll take out as many of these covie sons of bitches as we can, we've got to buy the precious civilians some time to prepare for death.

Cortana: Wouldn't it be wiser to tell the Civilians to run far away from this battle? The chances of winning are mathmatically impossible.

Master Chief: You know not the honor of the warrior. I hunger for battle.

Cortana: So that's worth all the lives-

[The director makes a hand gesture as if to cut her off]

[The battle ensues. The audience watches them pick off a few elites and grunts with sniper rifles, and to shake things up for the audience's-sake the defenses are breached and the defending army quickly retreats to a Court Yard. Or a Keep. Whatever. A lot of faceless nobody soldiers are decimated and the audience cheers because the characters portrayed in the movie are alright. All but one. One secondary character is sacraficed for drama's sake in the retreat, probably Miles or something. The leader is distraught about the all the destruction he is probably responsible for.]

Master Chief: How many of us are left?

Captain Keyes: Only about twenty. We need to stand ready, if they brake through that door/barracade/bulkhead.

[After a little more talk of strategy that the audience doesn't understand, they decide to charge into the thick of enemy soldiers without any clear intention of winning even though victory isn't that far off. Either they will all be slaughtered for their reckless actions and the civilians will suffer for their brash actions or the cavalry will promptly arive when things look their bleakest and as soon as one of the main characters is in peril. Apparently, consalidating and mustering all of their forces couldn't be done from the begining. Soon an offensive move is executed made up of the few survivors. They win. The End.]

(ShortRoundMcfly on 06-11-06 19:41 UTC, permalink)

Completely out of place...
(A wink to us fanbois) We get a huge scene, Master Chief laying waste to an enormous group of Covenant, then the voice-over pops in with "Kill-tacular" or "Un-Freakin'-Believable!"

(GameJunkieJim on 06-11-06 19:42 UTC, permalink)

Typecasting at it's best!
(Actor) I can completely envision Samuel L. Jackson as Sergeant A.J. Johnson.

(GameJunkieJim on 06-11-06 19:42 UTC, permalink)

Eye of the Tiger
(Props) Instead of telling the story of the Spartan's training normally, do it in a montage sequence set to "Eye of the Tiger." It could have them gradually getting better at shooting, running, and lifting. Bonus points if you get some product placement in there of the Chief using a Bowflex.

(EvilTurkey1021 on 06-11-06 19:42 UTC, permalink)

A Halo Tomorrow
(Scenes from Hell) Several things come to mind: First, MC's faceplate needs a small port added to it. Why? So that a lit cigarette can dangle from his mask while he blasts aliens with a gun in each hand, like a in a John Woo film. Second, speaking of guns: MC needs a pair of big-ass revolvers, something like the .357 Python, so we can see slow-mo shots of him spinning the cylinders after each reload. Let's add some slow-mo empty shells falling to the floor at his feet while we're at it. And while not thematically related, what action movie is complete without the burning-stuntman-running-around-waving-his- arms cliche? Here's the scene: for some reason, MC makes a Molotov cocktail, lights it with his cigarette (looking WAY cool as he raises the bottle to his faceplate - don't miss the extreme close-up of flames reflected in MC's mirrored mask), then says "Feel the burn, baby" as he tosses it towards... oh, I dunno, an onrushing Flood guy. Flood guy catches fire, waves tentacles frantically, and runs off a cliff/ledge/rooftop.

(Darth Marty on 06-11-06 19:43 UTC, permalink)

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