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Who likes to eat anyway!
(Scared of Realism) Although all the heroes in the movies are so bulked and full of muscle they never seem to like eating anything, and when they are just about to it something the enemy strikes. Those poor malnutritioned heroes!!! I hope they give MC a chace to eat and may be even take a piss.

(Serdar on 06-11-06 18:29 UTC, permalink)

mc's brother
(You're freaking me out) I think that it would be awesome if the mc went back to reach and was walking through a burned down city and heard some gun fire, so he walks toward the gun fire and see's another spartan killing some forgotten elites. he'd be all scratched up with a broken lens and dented armore. the mc walks to him and talks to him, then they hear a pelican. the beat up spatan says he wants to stay and help anyone he can. then the mc boards the pelican and leaves the planet. then at the end of the movie they rejoin and fight in one more scene that would end the movie.

(bigieboy on 06-11-06 18:30 UTC, permalink)

Improvised Vehicle of Justice!
(Scenes) The Master Chief and a small group of Marines have found a brief sanctuary behind a wrecked pelican in the middle of a deserted battlefield. Human and Covenant corpses and destroyed vehicles litter the ground.

Cortana: Chief, the Covenant battlenet indicates that they are aware of our current position and are moving to intercept.

Master Chief: How many?

Cortana: Um... most of them.

Random Marine: That's it! We're toast! Game over man!

Sgt. Johnson: Suck it up Marine. The fat lady may be warming up but she ain't singing yet. The Chief will figure out a way to get us all to the extraction point.

Sarge looks at MC as if to say, "Isn't that right?" MC nods slightly and then surveys the destruction around him.

Master Chief: What we need is transportation.

Cortana: Well, there isn't anything here that looks particularly serviceable. Certainly nothing that could transport six marines, an augmented super soldier and an AI construct safely past several thousand Covenant troops. Unless, of course, you paid especially good attention in shop class.

Master Chief: As a matter of fact, I did pretty well. My Fusion reactor went the longest without melting down.

Cortana: Well... that's comforting.

Begin "building stuff" montage. A-Team ripoff music plays as Marines and the MC salvage parts from the battlefield and bring them to the wrecked Pelican. There a quick search reveals crates of tools inside. Arc welding ensues. Something begins to take shape but the camera angles don't reveal much. After some time the Chief tosses a wrench to the ground.

Master Chief: Well... That outta do it.

Random Marine: What should we call it?

Cortana: Ugly as hell?

Sarge: I like it. It's got a ring to it.

Cortana: Well, whatever it we call it, it's time to use it. Covenant forces inbound.

The camera pulls back as the troops get on board. The thing they have built is a bizarre combination of Covenant and Human technology. It is bristling with weaponry including a Cannon from a Scorpion tank and several mounted Ghost plasma cannons. MC starts to get in the driver's seat but Sarge stops him.

Sgt. Johnson: Nuh uh Jounior. I'm driving this hunk of crap. You get up there and make sure you kill as many of those Covenant bastards as possible.

MC: You're the boss.

Sarge fires up the engine and adjusts the rear-view mirror. A Grunt skull dangles from it cheerily.

Sgt. Johnson: Let's get the hell out of here marines.

Marines: HOO-ra!

The Deathmobile roars off towards the advancing forces... and the inevitable cliches therin.

Great job!
- free3bme
(Slothboy on 06-11-06 18:32 UTC, permalink)

this time will be different
(Scenes) (scene takes place on a stolen covenant phatom, they aproach the covenants biggest battle stations)

cortana- ok kids get ready, we are comeing in hot, stay close and please dont be the hero.

mc-ok let me get this right. we are going to blow up a covenant battle station and get out alive?

cortanna- yes, is there a problem?

hotshot- yes there is, this is the biggest covenant battle station ever built and you want us to blow it up, this is sucide.

blue-dont forget the 400 covenant battle crusiers

cortanna- yes, so heres the deal, we have to get the fuel station a place the chrages and we got about 5 minutes to get out? any questiosn

mc-yea, whos getting out first?

(shizos on 06-11-06 18:33 UTC, permalink)

Save yourself, I feel like dying.
(Scenes) Master Chief is on a human ship that has been overrun with covenant. Cortana is going to blow it up and win the battle (as is her usual plan), but there's only one problem: Miranda Keyes is still on the ship! MC runs through the halls looking for her.

Finally he sees her, but she is surrounded by five grunts and four elites. Seeing Miranda on the other side, he lets out a battlecry and moes through them. Safe on the other side, he begins to talk to Miranda.

MC: Are you okay?

Miranda: I... I think so.

MC: Good.

Suddenly MC hears something down the hall.

MC: Uh oh... I have a bad feeling about this. You go, I'll get out if I can.

Miranda: No! I'm not leaving you!

Three elites come running down the hall. At the site of Miranda and MC, they smile menacingly.

MC: Go. I'll handle them.

Miranda: I can't! Chief, I love you!

MC: ...

Before anyone can say anything else, one of the elites activates his energy sword and prepares to kill Miranda. As he lunges, Master Chief leaps in front of the blow.


(Coweh on 06-11-06 18:35 UTC, permalink)

Familiar Faces
(Characters) Before setting out on his latest mission, the Master Chief is introduced to a team of marines he will be working with. Among them are some very recognizable characters, including a surly, quiet badass, an excitable and enthusiastic young recruit (who will later be given a sit-down pep talk by the surly badass), a supremely slick ladies' man, a bespeckled demolitions expert/hacker, and a no-nonsense, surly woman who kicks the rest of the team's collective ass as they attempt to hit on her. Later on, the surly badass shows a soft side before sacrificing himself to save the enthusiastic young recruit (who has by now wet his pants).

(The Captain on 06-11-06 18:38 UTC, permalink)

the grunty hunter
(Scenes) (scene) the Master Chief rushes into a room nearly knocking into an elite, then the elite attempts to take Chiefs battle rifle right from his hands, until the elite pins the chief to a wall. a charged plasma salvo hits the elite in the back, depleting its shield.the grunt who fired the shot knew he the elite would do worse to him than death, but he was only following his creed, when in doubt, shoot. being pinned to the wall, the chief has only one option, he headbutts the elite, knocking it unconsious. the chief was about to throw the alien away, when he saw a green blob flying towards him, it blew the unconcoius body in half, separating the legs from the rest of the body. the chief threw the blown corpse at the trigger happy hunter creating a distraction while he picked up his gun. the other hunter started runing at the chief, and raised its shield high in the air, ready to crash down on the armoured spartan, only to have three metal slugs enter through it's chin and come out of the metal cap dominating most of it's head. the grunt who knew that death would be the easy way out of his troubles, swiftly jumped ontop of the hunters head, pulled the trigger of the plasma pistol, overcharging it, and released the salvo into the back of the hunters neck, and before it could jump clear of the massive creature it had slain, the human shot in in the chest, causing it to topple onto the floor, bleeding to death unable to move because the hunters shield had it pinned to the ground.it new that this would be the price to pay for his sins, a slow and painful death, even though it is nothing compared to what would happen to him if he'd survived. the cheif went around the room,executing the remaining grunts when he heard another fuel rod cannon preparing to fire, the elite had taken it from a dead hunter, the shot completely missed the chief, nailing a grunt right in the head, incinarating it in the progress. the chief slowly walked toward the miraculously alive elite, the elites says in a harshly painful voice, "Demon, no matter how many you slay, no matter how long you fight, the covenant will see to your death, as we have with many of your fellow brethren." the chief kniels down and looks directly in the elites eyes, and says, "maybe so, but at least i'll have seen your death." the chief slung his rifle, and picked up the fuel rod cannon, and rose to his feet, then walked a couple meters away, examining the alien technology carefully. after being about ten feet awa, he turned around, aimed the gun straight for the bloody carcass, and charged the gun when the elite murmured, "go ahead finish the job, just as what will be done unto you!" loud enough for the chief to barely make out what it was saying. a green explosion nearly blinded the chief, and when he was able to see clearly again, there was no trace of the elite left in existence, except the legs over in the corner, then Cortana says to the Chief, "how dramatic, you up for another round, passive sensors are showing fifteen moving contacts in the next room."

(S.J.M. on 06-11-06 18:42 UTC, permalink)

Rookie sentiment
(Weepy melodrama) The flood are advancing in an unstoppable onslaught from the distance, and MC and his vastly outnumbered ensemble of rag-tag soldiers must make it to the ship in time. They collectively run to the pelican. However, the smarmy rookie with the glasses slips on a piece of debris and falls down. The others keep moving, but the MC wheels around. A close up of his visor shows him hesitate for 3 seconds, until he decides to double back ten yards and lift the rookie up onto his feet.

"No! You have to get on the ship!" The rookie says, all the more convincing with dirt covering his face.

"We're not gonna leave anyone behind" MC replies.

The rookie looks up at him, smiles and nods, eyes teary.

They make it back onto the ship.

(decoy boy on 06-11-06 18:48 UTC, permalink)

god-awful scenes
(Scenes) Upon thinking of scenes I would absolutely hate to see in this movie, I could not help myself to thinking of the absolute atrocity that is Rambo III. With that being said:

1) ....MC prying open a hippo cased shotgun shell, dispensing the gunpowder onto a shrapnel wound from a plasma grenade, then lighting it on fire to cauterize his wound.

2) MC hand to hand combat fighting an elite..the elite grabbing MC in a bear hug attempting to break his back. MC grabs a plasma grenade, wraps rope around the elites neck, sets the grenade in the elites mouth and kicks him down a hole.....hanging the elite while the grenade detonates in his mouth.

3 An abandoned forrunner child (or forerunner spirit) is found and leads MC through the covenant forces via shortcuts or underground tunnels...forming a bonding relationship, only to be caught in a prediciment where MC must decide the fate of the child or the fate of humanity

(please do not spoil this movie!)

(wooskies on 06-11-06 18:53 UTC, permalink)

Opening Scene
(Scenes) Black, beginning credits appearing. pinkish-white lines pass by (credits cont, slow zoom out revaling a vibrant scematic of halls and passegeways[as inside the Truth and Reconciliation] flying by) Halo logo fade in, (Halo theme song [monks chanting] starts) Halo logo disolve /w/ scintilion effect of rippled water (cont zoom out reveals an oddly shaped screen in a purpleish large room) camera passes over left shoulder of gold amored Eliete studying the next sreen over Gold E:Concetrate your fire here. (Highlighted section of space binks) (zoom in to earth-like planet on screen) human ship passes black Zoom out to human eye, then Sprtan helmet.

(mc117 on 06-11-06 18:54 UTC, permalink)

Gamer Chief
(A wink to us fanbois) The MC will snipe a Covenant with a sniper rifle and yell "BOOM! HEADSHOT!" thereby alerting all the Covenant in the vacinity to his position. He will then proceed to kill them all with his pistol and the last one to die will say "that's...too...cheap..."

(Elite on 06-11-06 18:54 UTC, permalink)

Jack Bauer = MC ??
(Scenes) A La the last 5 minutes of season 3 of 24, we live in the suit with the Master Chief as he navigates the trechory of his first feature film.. to close with a shot of him (sans helmet, no head shot) weaping over : Dead spartans.. emotional toil.. humanity.. death of cortana (nod to Jilly ;)) before his com clicks on and he's called back to save us one more time..

(MC_Leprechaun on 06-11-06 18:55 UTC, permalink)

Game Over
(Scenes from Hell) The movie opens right up into an action-packed scene where the MC alone is kicking some Covie ass, beating down grunts, jackals, and elites left & right...Suddenly reinforcements arrive, the MC soon exhausts all his ammo and frantically looks left & right, then he finds a choice plasma grenade on the ground near a falled grunt, primes it, and throws it into the mass of Covenant soldiers...BOOM! The grenade goes off, killing all of the enemy. The Master Chief then proceeds down a dark hallway...out of nowhere a gold elite weilding a blazing plasma sword appears. Before the elite has a chance to cut the MC into two, the screen goes static and then into darkness. The words 'GAME OVER' appear on-screen.

MENDEZ: How many times do I have to tell you recruit! Always be mindful of your surroundings! Let's run through the simulation one more time...

(jman571 on 06-11-06 18:56 UTC, permalink)

Uber Characters
(Characters) Like all contemporary movies, Halo will feature Non-Stop Ultra-Black-Belt-Female-Ninja action, where Female characters do massive damage with their bare hands and feet and unarmed Woman always prevail against armed Male opponents. Imagine Miranda laying waste to entire Covenant legions unarmed. For some reason the fans love it.

(reagan64 on 06-11-06 18:56 UTC, permalink)

A scene focusing on one marine dieing and another crying over his body
(Weepy melodrama) This happens to be in just about every movie. A whole scene focuses around one small soldier than does not have any sort of relevancy anywhere else in the film. He is killed and his best friend who was fighting with him begins crying over his body. The guy is sad, but in a movie about a cybernetically enhanced super soldier the scene would be horribly out of place

(crouchosarus on 06-11-06 18:57 UTC, permalink)

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