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(mr. catamanashaka on 01-31-06 14:22 UTC, permalink)

self sacrifice is so beautiful *teardrop*
(Weepy melodrama) After just watching Final Fantasy: The spirits within again. All I have to say is don't overuse the concept of self sacrifice. The formula usually goes like this. 1. team of four or five marines are working together as a unit, kicking ass (see taking names) along with the main character(s) 2. The team is put in a nearly inescapable situation 3. one or two of the team put themselves in a completely inescapable situation to allow the other members to live. This usually invovles a heroic and distracting last stand, a quick repair of crappy equipment that invovles standing in the midst of a bunch of enemies to do so, or setting of a suicidal explosion to take out all of the enemy who happen to be clustered around said suicidal explosive conveinently. 4. One of the surviving members screams "NOOOOOO" dramatically and vows to avenge their death/not let them die in vien/ take all their stuff that they left behind and sell it on ebay. 5 repeat all earlier steps until everyone who HAS to survive (the master chief, johnson, random love intrest girl) are the only ones left. I realise this plot device was used in the halo books, most notably in first strike with the final lure/dramatic explosion thing. The point is to use it SPARINGLY and use it WELL. or don't use it at all. The books for the most part did it right and used it to teach a lesson. The final fantasy movie mostly did it to get rid of characters after they had ceased amusing the writers.

Meyeselph is correct, the Halo novels and their use of this cliche means it is fair dibs for the movie. BUT don't take it too far! :)
- free3bme
(Meyeselph on 01-31-06 14:24 UTC, permalink)

pop rock bad, classical good
(Music) Halo 2 had several good segments ruined by songs by popular bands and the soundtrack had even more tragedy. Some nice instrumentals (from Halo: Combat Evolved and new ones) done by those who did the original music would set the mood for the movie. Adding some Steve Vai solo again like in 2 would be fine, it's just that putting in genres that are popular now takes away from the futuristic feel of the games. Electronic ambience and classically influenced instrumentals will do the trick in setting the right mood.

(ebok on 01-31-06 14:25 UTC, permalink)

One liners
(Dialogue) He should have a bunch of one liners or should make horrible puns. It would be like stuntmutt directed it, therefore, it would be awesome!

(The Mike on 01-31-06 14:25 UTC, permalink)

Mc must die
(Weepy melodrama) If the first movie is good enough for a sequal or trilogy. I think MC should die in the last movie. I can see it now, him paying the ultimate price in order to save humanity. It would be in the same tone as bruce willis' last scene in armeggedon.

(Waldoman on 01-31-06 14:27 UTC, permalink)

Common Mistakes
(Scenes) Since everything I'd normally address has already been mentioned, I'll say one thing. No montages.

Perhaps a marine talking about a montage he pulled off of the chatter link that had recently pass the MPRRS?
- cybrfrk
(PZ on 01-31-06 14:27 UTC, permalink)

Charlize Theron In Blue Paint
(Actor) Whoa, Cortana... though the prospect of seeing Charlize Theron (or some other Hollywood bimb-- er, I mean, actress) verbally whipping the Chief while standing on a holopad in her 'virtual-nude' form is quite appealing, the producers really need to make her with CG tech. Motion capture would be permissible, but real actresses? No. Just no.

(Severian on 01-31-06 14:28 UTC, permalink)

The Perfect Beginning
(Scenes) Picture the scene. Sunset. Legions of Covenant are advancing on a city. The ground rumbles Nothing stands in their way. Suddenly, from the sky, a drop pod slams into the battleline in a huge cloud of dirt and the Chief jumps out, dual SMGs in hand. The Spartan appears to be alone, but then other similar pods begin to land, and several ODSTs charge forwards. That; in my opinion, is the perfect opening for the film.

I agree. And yet wonder where the cliche is in all of this...
- cybrfrk
(Quintinius on 01-31-06 14:58 UTC, permalink)

The Music
(Music) For the love of god, please keep the original music, maybe with a few new rock songs for battle scenes.

(Opey on 02-21-06 14:43 UTC, permalink)

He Truthfully had his Regrets about someone...
(A wink to us fanbois) The scene: The Control Room of a Halo installation. Computer terminal and entrance are separated by a wide chasm (and bridge)

The setup: Master Chief vs The Prophet of Truth

Truth takes potshots at the chief with his throne's beam cannons, while the chief makes a run for the bridge.

The section of floor below the chief collapses because of the beam cannon strikes, sending MC plunging into the bottomless chasm below. A hoarse scream begins and then fades. After a few seconds of silence, there is a yellow flash.

Truth cackles and hovers towards the computer core, index in hand. He's blinded by a bright flash of yellow light right in front of the terminal. The next moment, he's dead.

Master Chief gazes steadily at the Prophet's corpse, and says, "I learnt that trick from your little brother."

(If you don't understand what happened, play the Regret boss battle and the Gravemind cinematic.)

(UrsusArctos on 02-21-06 14:48 UTC, permalink)

Variety of ordinance
(Weapons) Obviously, using a long-fused, timed explosive would be a pain in the ass in the fast-paced videogame world of Halo. But there are purpose-built bombs in use in the real military. If the Spartans were going to sneak into a city and cause some havoc, they wouldn't pop out and start hurling grenades. They would use plastic explosives and Thermite, and set them off in a chain or all at the same time. This would be more ideal for stationary vehicles as well. There are more ways to destroy things than just rocket or grenades.

(scurvy_king on 02-21-06 14:49 UTC, permalink)

Similar music
(Music) If any one here has watched the new Battlestar Galactica series, they will realize that the music for that show is similar to Halo, or vice-versa. If Marty were to compose the music for the Movie, then mabye they could borrow BsG's music composer (don't remember his name...) to help out. It's really a fascinating feel to the music they have. I think it would add to the overall experience, if of course, the Halo: the Movie itself was any good.

(scurvy_king on 02-21-06 14:49 UTC, permalink)

Don't Use Gamer Terms
(Dialogue) If I ever hear the actors utter the words "Double Melee," "No-Scope," or "Pwned," I'm walking out of the theater.

(Mintz on 02-21-06 14:50 UTC, permalink)

Peter Jackson style dramatic scene
(Weepy melodrama) When Peter Jackson wants a scene to be dramatic, he cuts out all ambient sound, leaving only the noise of weapons being prepared, those noises he amplifies to sound bigger, and then he adds some weepy melodramatic music in the back that makes us cry.

The camera flashes to various activities, an assult rifle being cleaned, the safety being taken off a pistol, a sniper rifle being asembled, a shotgun being loaded, a tank being fuled, ect. Marines prepare and march somberly through the armory. At the covie camp, energy swords are being forged, elites are gearing up, and transports are being loaded. Then comes the huge battle.

(Brenan 117 on 04-04-06 05:24 UTC, permalink)

2100 Attack Points!
(Corny twists) A human colony is under attack by the Covenant. The Master Chief's mission is to save a V.I.P family that needs extraction immidiately before the Covies touch down. In the upstairs bedroom the parents talk quielty and the husband assures the wife not to worry and that everything will be alright, their pick-up is about to arrive...

Meanwhile, in the living room the 2 sons are playing some random Pokemon-ish game, except instead of little furry monsters the cards consist of UNSC soldiers, including each Spartan, which are extrememly collectable. (doubtlessly started by the one and only: ONI Section 2) One of the boys pulls out an extremely "rare" holographic Master Chief and shows it off to his brother. As they are eyeing the cool card, the doorbell rings, and the father and mother run down to answer the door. Expecting a military squad, or a vehicle. Instead... they open the door to find the 7 foot tall Master Chief, decked out in his MJOLNIR armour. Immidiately the wife faints, and in unison the boys look up from the card to see the real-life chief, they shout "COOL!!!"

Maybe later, the MC signs the card, and gives the boys a frag grenade to play with or something...

(jman571 on 04-04-06 05:25 UTC, permalink)

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