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It's not easy being a kid.
(Character Development) Most people don't want to talk about MC's background. I disagree. Having none stop action can't always be a good thing, that's one of the reasons the Halo is good, the story.

I would really like to have afew flashbacks to when he was in training.

(Jake on 12-30-05 23:41 UTC, permalink)

Flood scene
(Music) Chief enters the flood room, his flashlight sheds light on mangled bodies, severd limbs and torn chests cover the floor, light reveals a broken part in the wall, foutaining blood to the ground. A bloody hand still clutches a device, chief investigates, and finds an MP3, still playing "Mr. Sandman" Music echos an begins to fill the room, camera flashes to the mp3 playing, and shadows gathering behind a door, flood burst in at the end of the first song verse. Camera fades out to the music "Mr. Sandman bring me a dream..."

(Brenan 117 on 12-30-05 23:39 UTC, permalink)

What's the story?!
(Plot) Generaly, without the books, halo has a pretty shabby plot, no offense to bungie. I don't think the halo movie stands a chance if Alex garland doesnt model the plot after the content of the books.

(Brenan 117 on 12-29-05 23:44 UTC, permalink)

Cortana, the skank
(Characters) I honestly hope she doesn't get any more skanky in an effort to lure in the masses. Seriously, she got more than skanky enough in H2, with those skanky skank patterns.

(Grey Wolf on 12-29-05 23:44 UTC, permalink)

Hail to the king!
(Actor) It would be horrifying/awesome if the Master Cheif was played by Bruce Campell, compleate with all the wisecracks and remarks. And of course he would need his trusty chainsaw and boom stick.

(Gruntzilla on 12-29-05 23:43 UTC, permalink)

R rated?
(Scared of Realism) The Halo Movie might be unrealistic. A marine might get hit by plasma and just fall down, with little or no blood or gore. And for all the Flood fans out there, the flood might look stupid and less gory. Since there have been alot of controverseys involving games, like the Hot Coffee mod in GTA:San Andreas, they might have to totally change how some of the aliens looked. Flood may end up looking like freakin' dinosaurs!!

(j23 on 12-29-05 23:43 UTC, permalink)

No extra bullcrap...
(Change for the sake of change) Hollywood has a knack of tossing in extra things that weren't in the original story for no apparent reason. I don't want to see MC wielding some weapon I've never heard of or talking to some SPARTAN that never existed in the books. MC chatting with Spartan 105- Billy Bob, just isn't going to cut it with me.

(redapocalypse04 on 12-29-05 06:32 UTC, permalink)

Don't just stand there
(Scared of Realism) A common occurance in modern film - the weak guy just standing there in awe as he watches a blade/projectile/big object fall into him. I mean, what the hell, man? The *least* you could do is roll to the side or do your damned best to get out of its path before it crushes/slices/hammers you into oblivion. *rolls eyes*

(Michael M. on 12-28-05 22:41 UTC, permalink)

Bang Bang, You're Dead
(Scared of Realism) Here's a tip for aspiring movie heroes: the bad guy NEVER dies from the first few shots. He'll get up six minutes later when you think everything's well and safe with a butcher's knife/sword/pistol and attempt to make one final shot at you just like every other action movie villain in the history of modern film.

(Michael M. on 12-28-05 22:40 UTC, permalink)

(Character Development) Oh my god, AFTERSTORIES. That old "Jimmy went on to graduate from college, and Sarah and Brian got engaged. As for Kyle, he's still doing his time in community service after the cops caught him" thing that I have grown to despise so much.

(Michael M. on 12-28-05 22:39 UTC, permalink)

Stupid Henchmen
(Scared of Realism) We all know that the covenant are not stupid, and that their soldiers are grizzled dudes. I want to see a lot of death and accurate shooting on both sides. None of this..."5 baddies sprayin bullets everywhere and the good guy takes them all out with a revolver from 50 yards away" crap. Just apply that ideology to Halo. I mean...even the Grunts can do damage when the attack is coordinated well.

I mean, they don't always have to be dead-eyes, but at least a threat with the weapons in their hands.

(ManKitten on 12-28-05 22:00 UTC, permalink)

Emotional Chief
(Weepy melodrama) If they make the chief too emotional, I will be very unhappy. He was trained to be an emotionless killing machine, and he does a good job of that.

(eiii on 12-28-05 21:54 UTC, permalink)

(Positive Thinking) Dear Bungie: The halo universe has evolved and grown big through the years,and has come to such an intresting point in which the Halo universe stars presenting a level of complexity only true halo fans really apreciate, so , bungie or whosoever reads this: dont tune down the complex, very well built story you have done with the 2 games and the books into a usual Hollywood story where there are BAD and GOOD guys, just keep up the work you've done and put it smotthly and with style on a very good movie.

PS: Please dont show MC's face... and keep the game's voice actors

(Somebody on 12-28-05 21:53 UTC, permalink)

Teh Lies
(You're freaking me out) After disagreeing with Bungie's Halo story Bible, Hollywood will kidnap Bungie's staff, then begin to write thier own Bible, making sure to include every clicheh' added to this database :(

(Fork on 12-28-05 21:52 UTC, permalink)

(Music) Any... and i MEAN any use of the song "let the bodies hit the floor" by that band with that guy that died... anyway, no clich? heavy metal, or any non-original tracks. If they do use heavy metal,(or other such clich? music selection), I want it to feel like its from the future, and dont try to make it a remake either... i ain't gonna fall for that. I want a complete and collected movie not a hash dish.

(Prah on 12-28-05 21:52 UTC, permalink)

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