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Saving Private Jenkins
(Corny twists) On Sigma Octanus we meet a stranded squad of marines in an abandoned town. As they are trying to get back to their base they come across a family in a bombed out building and as one marine attempts to help them he is struck by a bolt of energy from a beam rifle. The rest of the squad dive for cover and the team sniper takes up position. He looks to where the shot came from and we see an Elite with a beam rifle. He looks through his scope at the dying marine in the street, and for once feels pity for the human and moves his crosshairs over to where he sees a human sniper rifle fire right at him and we see the bullet go through the elite's scope and then blow his brains out. Then the squad leader says "Thats why we can't take kids."

(Captain Crazy on 01-04-06 01:33 UTC, permalink)

Shotgun's 'R' Us
(A wink to us fanbois) I say put something in there with the Master Cheif, possibly when he kills a grunt or an elite with a shotgun at a distance and says something close to, "well, I guess I had host" or something to that extent, and possibly not just with a shotgun but some situation that gamers would know and say, "damnit, I wish I had host!"

(rhinohumper on 01-04-06 01:32 UTC, permalink)

Kinda, sorta related...kinda
(Scenes) I've always thought that the npc's on any fps should have a death kinda like halo, where they have a random death pose. Not like those crappy games where the last 5 enemies u killed all crawl towards you on the ground and pull out their sidearm to shoot you, but where their bodies just go limp. Buuuuut...

I do think that something they should add in the game and the movie would be that on the lines of that. Like say you are traveling with a group and you're attacked. Something that would add to the drama would be like one marine gets hit and falls to the ground, not dead yet, and says something like "chief, I'm hit, go on without me." Its just a thought but would be a good idea.

(Fortune 417 on 01-04-06 01:31 UTC, permalink)

super stupid grunt
(Scenes from Hell) on the 343gs level a grunt walks up to a flood and says "come on we must stop the flo..." "oh my god" the grunt says it runs away from the flood to the covenant the grunt sticks a grenade to a hunter and the hunter says "whats wrong with you im your all"BAAMM the hunter blows up. the grunt runs to the flood and says "mr.elite the flood is here i killed one of them but there are hundreds more" the flood stands in confusion thinking "wtf does he mean he didnt even hurt one of us" then a pair of glasses lands on the grunts eyes.then master chief flew by."use 'em wisely" the grunt shakes his head whoa where am i he looks at the flood "HOLY GRENADE STUCK TO ME" the grunt then screams in fear then has a fit of something like "dont kill me no no im a flood they went that way don" SPLAT the grunts blood flies everywhere and the flood walks up to the covenant "oh your back mr.grunt we need to destroy the flood" the end

(Dark Lord on 01-03-06 01:02 UTC, permalink)

Flood Attack
(Scenes) There will definitely be one scene where Master Chief walks into a quiet room and looks around, and then BAM a Flood drops down from the ceiling and scares the pants off of everyone. This will be accompanied by scary music.

(Elite on 01-03-06 01:01 UTC, permalink)

My Concerns For The Halo Movie
(Positive Thinking) People say that The Halo movie will be just one long movie. Well, I think it shouldn't be just ONE mvie but possibly three, almost like The Lord of the Rings. The first movie could be John 117 being taken away from his family, going through training, Sigma Octanus IV, and the fall of Reach. The second movie could be when finding Halo and destroying it. And the third could be based off the third book; returning to Reach, finding Master Chief's Spartans, Destroying the Unyeilding Heirophant, and the returning to Earth.

Three movies is a something I would suggest for a Halo Series. I know it wouldn't be how the director would have it, but it's still a possiblility that I, as a Halo fan, would like to see. Thanks.

(Johny117 on 01-02-06 08:17 UTC, permalink)

(Music) There's going to be a part in the movie where Masterchief jumps off a bridge or spaceship and when that happens the song "Jump" by Van Halen is going to be played by Sarge over the COMM.

(Sal on 01-02-06 08:16 UTC, permalink)

Slicing and evaporation
(Scenes) Let's see...a pelican with a squad of marines and thermite(Aluminium powder, mixed with oxidizing agent. Melts almost anything)is damaged by enemy fire and puts down in a canyon.

The wing roots are ruptured; high octane fuel leaks. Bruised, battered and panicking marines flee the craft, fearing an explosion. They're unlucky enough to meet a gold elite(sword) and his cohorts, who just happened to be camping nearby. The sword elite alone slices the whole marine squad in half, while his minions herd the unfortunate marines into killing positions.

As the gold elite's sword slices a marine in two from top to bottom, a feeble voice is heard. "You haven't finished me yet."

The pilot of the pelican is seen sitting against the pelican, bloody, drenched in octane, breathing heavily, his eyes glittering with pure hatred. He survived the crash and got out of the cockpit during the massacre. The aliens laugh. The gold elite and his minions surround the wrecked craft and its pilot. The gold elite bellows, and a grunt translates the message: "Master says that you talk, or you'll die even more painfully."

The pilot gasps and struggles to sit erect. "Tell...your master...all the information he wants is in this.". He holds out a frag grenade. As the commanding elite approaches, he slowly pulls out the pin.

The elite looks at the grenade for a moment and, turning to the pilot, bellows: "I don't care about trinkets!Speak, infidel!"

The pilot's head is turned skyward, his eyes are closed, his expession one of complete peace and tranquility.

BOOOM. The grenade explodes, setting off the octane, which then sets off the thermite. The pelican, the pilot, and all the aliens evaporate in a blaze of white light.

(UrsusArctos on 01-02-06 08:14 UTC, permalink)

The Halomatrix Troopers
(Scenes) In the Truth and reconcilliation, the Master Chief finally gets to the room where the covenant are holding Keyes and the marines.He rushes into the room and bullet-time effects come up. Master Chief starts running around, wasting his rounds on the grunts and elites inside. Finally, he runs out of ammo but there is still a golden elite in the room, unscathed. The elite immediately lights up his plasma sword, shouts "wort wort wort" and does that battle cry of elites where they shake their heads. The Chief then throws a plasma nade into the elite's mouth and boom!

(CapKEEZ on 01-02-06 08:12 UTC, permalink)

ODST landing.
(Scenes from Hell) "Flight of the Valkyries" plays as pelicans fly over a beach crawling with covies. The rummble of the engines terrorfies the grunts, who begin to flee their posts. Human pilots laugh over the com. as they mow down the running covies. ODST's start bailing out of the pelicans and parachute to the ground. The camera switches between a group of elites shooting up, and the ODST's firing their MA5B's and Sniper Rifles and throwing grenades. They charge into the forruner structure, smash windows, and shoot sleeping grunts. One grunt waves a white flag, only to get sniped in the head. Song ends, and sarge slots in ACDC's "TNT" into the radio.

(Brenan 117 on 01-02-06 08:11 UTC, permalink)

New Batches of Marines
(Scared of Realism) There had better be true to the game use of marines. I read the books and frankly they dont give that great of a use of marines, almost hollywood style in how they get picked off. In the game they get killed and you get a few marines like Mendoza who you notice, but they are never invincible (Except Johnson but I think everyone can agree that it is acceptable for him to always live on). Marines should be useful and help out the Chief, but should also fall down somewhat unnoticed along the way. A lack of drama concerning thier deaths would be very in keeping with the game. Thus, every once in a while Chief joins up with some new marines and maybe switches a gun with one, then keeps on trekking to his next objective. Halo was great because the marines were actually helpful at times as decoys and whatnot; the movie should embody this as well by using them like real to life war heroes. They should die at the Chief's side as the movie progresses. More or less, marines should act just as they do in the game. No Doom squads, please.

(webby on 01-02-06 08:09 UTC, permalink)

Check-points and way-point guides...
(Computer Graphics) There could actually be a good reason to display way-point guides on screen. We do have the worlds most complex and thoughtful computer in our head -- right? So having a little GPS heads up makes sense. However, I really think that leaving out the check-points and save screens is a must. ;-)

(CYBRFRK on 12-30-05 23:44 UTC, permalink)

Creatures that go bump in the night?
(Positive Thinking) As many fans would know, there were original alien animals within the extensive environments of Halo. As time went on, these were cut for a variety of reasons, however, the fans were still hoping they would make it into Halo2. Now we sit on the verge of a new era, a movie created from a plot picked apart for more than three years, and what better to do than add in characters and animals originally removed. Bring on the leafy eaters and the carnivorous spiders. A scene reminiscent of a Tauntaun ride of old, would include MC riding some indigenous life form on his way to his next check point.

(CYBRFRK on 12-30-05 23:43 UTC, permalink)

Stealing a prophet's little privilege
(Scenes) MC and Cortana are in a bad spot. They've been assigned to kill a prophet...let's say that Truth himself has come to Halo and they're assigned to kill him.

MC lands up in a huge room inside Truth's personal starship, filled with sword zealots, elite councillors and commando elites, all of whom are ready to slice him to charred peelings. Truth and Tartarus taunt him over the loudspeakers, watching the fun from a glass-paneled platform above.

MC tells Cortana, "Time for a catastrophic kill."

Cortana said, "I'm working on it...got it. The elite shield generator detonation code. Will that do?"


Truth:"What! That's MY prophetic privilege, you satanic demons..."

All the elites writhe and scream in horror as their shield-generators emit a chilling wail.

MC leaps into the air as the hundreds of elites explode, and he goes flying, superman-style, through the platform above. Suddenly, the movie goes slow-mo, and he uses a kung-fu move to snatch Tartarus's Gravity Hammer. He proceeds to blow a hole through the ships hull, and the movie speeds up again as Tartarus and Truth are destroyed in the inferno and a glowing MC shoots into space with a fountain of flames trailing him. He radios a longsword to pick him up and heads home.

(UrsusArctos on 12-30-05 23:42 UTC, permalink)

cauterisation, scmauterisation
(Weapons) In the games, when a marine gets shot with plasma, blood goes everywhere. I think this needs to be changed, as the hot plasma would cauterise the wound. The needler could still be bloody though!

(harriloon on 12-30-05 23:41 UTC, permalink)

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