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John Woo, Spartan 117
(Scared of Realism) This is all supposed to take place a few hundred years in the future, I got that. I can also get the idea that certain physical attributes can improve during this time. And, yes, the Spartans have genetic and cybernetic augments. Keep the action real! (At least within the bounds of the above stated.) No super flying killer death leap-kicks. No punching the ground to create a diversionary tremor. (Kicking the cliff face to start a landslide is right out!) They've been trained in weaponry, and all the uses thereof...yes! But if I see anyone doing a one-handed handstand while hosing the combat area with bullets, I just might draw some blood myself. This is supposed to be 'Halo' not 'Crouching Grunt, Hidden Elite'.

(PsycoJoe on 01-18-06 16:33 UTC, permalink)

Short-assed Missions
(Scenes) Like they do with alot of movies made out of games, the missions, when they are portrayed in the film, usually cut to important scenes. So they will probbably do that with the Halo Movie as well.
For Example:

Cairo Station Scenes= First part of Armory scene. Getting on the elevator with Johnson. Marines cheering and the following scene. With same loops between High Charity and Cairo Station. First part of mission with several skips between rooms. Space scene. And bomb secene with bomb beeping frantically when Chief kills last elite.

They might even cut out a few missions and just stick to misssions and cinematics that are important to the story.

(j23 on 01-18-06 16:28 UTC, permalink)

Arogant Elite - Indiana Jones scene.
(Scenes) MC and his marines and ODSTs charge across the bridge, guns ablazin. Marines and ODSTs lay down covering fire while chief hits the button to open the doors, behind them, a sheild-less camo elite draws his energy sword, reveals himself, and begins acting all macho, twirling his sord in complex arcs and growling. Chief sighs: "I don't have time for this". Chief draws his pistol and shoots the elite in the head.

(Brenan 117 on 01-18-06 16:22 UTC, permalink)

Starcraft? Star Trek? Hey, what're they doing here?
(Scenes from Hell) MC mystically transforms into a badass with a taste for hoverbikes(Jim Raynor in Starcraft), The Arbiter gets psionic powers like The Protoss High Templar Tassadar from the same game.

Gravemind turns into a starship/planet killing abomination like one seen in the classic 60's episodes of Star Trek, and the late Jacob Keyes is shown fighting a gold elite hand to hand. With his uniform on, he's tossed about like a rag doll. When the elite rips off his shirt, he kung fu's the elite to death.(Like Captain Kirk vs Khan)

(UrsusArctos on 01-18-06 16:21 UTC, permalink)

its all about the killing
(Comic Relief) well its not really its about the story. but half the fun of the game was the comedic ways that stuff got blown up, run over, beaten to death or just blown away. so heres an idea for a bunch of marines getting KIA.

A group of stranded marines hudle together fighting for their lives. grunts gettin wooped all over the place. Then a fearless elite steps in to rally grunts for a charge on the marines position. with his back to the marines he gets his grunts into formation. then a marine throws a plasma grenade and sticks the elite on his back, but the elite doesnt notice. A marine makes a wise crack at the elite and the marines all laugh heartily. the elite calls the charge turns and runs at the marines guns blazing. the grunts see the plasma grenade run the other way and the elite runs into the marines and blows them all to hell. the scene finnishes with the grunts taking the mick out of the idiot elite and all laughing heartily.

(tim on 01-06-06 14:36 UTC, permalink)

Starship trooper-like scene
(Scenes from Hell) ridiculously cheesy/edited UNSC marine propaganda shows on a TV. Later, it turns to live footage from a news reporter embeded with some marines.
"The very presense of the alien scum has scard harvest in some areas, but nevertheless, the victorious and powerful warriors of the human race push forward bravely to take back the planet!" while the repoter is talking about how brave the marines are and how they are killing covies by the thousands, marines in the background are running and screaming "RETREAT! RUN THE @#%#$ AWAY!!!". A hunter rounds the corner and swings his sheild, cutting 3 marines in half, hunter attacks reporter, impales him on one of his spikes, and camera goes dead.

Yes, Starship Troopers this should not be. They did a really good way of making a connection to what would be going on at home; and with the advent of current "no-restrained" news, I could see this being real-time, all the time. However, to avoid those lines being drawn in parallel with Troopers, this should be avoided.
- cybrfrk
(Brenan 117 on 01-06-06 14:36 UTC, permalink)

I hope not...
(Scenes from Hell) I really hope that they can make this movie awesome. I think I have lost all hope in video game movies. If they make The Rock Master Chief, I will hurt somebody. Corny lines would ruin the movie. "Leave me Chief..." COME ON! Why would people want that crap in there? This movie needs fresh ideas, not overused ones! If they dare mess up the Covenant I will cry. There is alot of things that could go wrong with that. For example: Marine comes upon an Elite. Elite kicks marine and in return marine kicks Elite knocking out his shields. Then marine delivers swift blow to Elites head with fist and kills him. Yeah right, I hope none of that. Remember how much trouble The Chief had fighting that Elite in The Fall of Reach? I'm just hoping they don't make the Humans seem like an unstoppable juggernaut. This better be a good movie or I'll go Chuck Norris on whoever is responsible for making it suck...

(Pooman on 01-06-06 14:35 UTC, permalink)

Unrealistic Ballistics
(Scared of Realism) Okay. The manual for Halo clearly states that the MA5B fires a 7.62mm bullet. That's a .30 caliber gun. If you, for example, shot a Grunt with this rifle, it would immediately die of the wound. The .30 is about as big-ass a bullet as you can have without having recoil dampeners. So forget hosing down an area with minimal to medium effect. If you sprayed a squad of Covies with this rifle you would end up with chunks and a broken arm for yourself.

Don't forget:
1. Master Chief is in a suit of armor that has much much more strength than a human.
2. There are shield technologies at work here; we are > 500 years in the future.
- cybrfrk
(scurvy_king on 01-06-06 14:16 UTC, permalink)

Hordes Of Marines
(Positive Thinking) In the Halo games, there are only about 4 or 5 marines supporting you at one time. In real olife, this would be much diffrent.

In Metroplis , you should should have around 100 marines in the area. Since the Covenant only attacked New Mombosa, there should be alot of marines to spare. Atleast 20 marines, 5 Scorpian tanks, and 1 ass-kicking Spartan. There should be around the same number of Covenant. If Bungie or whoever could include a huge battle scene like that, i would ask the guy next to me to get me more popcorn.

(j23 on 01-06-06 14:15 UTC, permalink)

'Classical' Music
(Music) There's definitly going to be some bit of rock music referred to as classical music by sarge, or some other badass marine.

(eiii on 01-06-06 14:13 UTC, permalink)

hungry hungry hippos
(A wink to us fanbois) MC blasts a covie with a shotgun, and the camera zooms in on the shotgun's action--a casing pops out with a hippo smiling back at us.

- cybrfrk
(Frofalcon on 01-06-06 14:13 UTC, permalink)

sneak attack
(Scenes) covenant are on guard around one of their de facto headquaters a handful of jackels patrol, several grunts sleep around. One grunt falls alseep on sentry duty by a nearby lake. Sudenly, ODST's crawl out of the water. One hits the air release on his helmet. He begins giving hand signals to his platoon, camera goes underwater and reveals a number of ODST's making their way up the bank.The leader draws his silemcer pistol and a 10 in combat knife, he flashes the knife in the light, and signals to the chief. The rest of the 30 ODST's draw their knives and pistols and proceed to slit the throtes of all the covies in the area. A grunt wakes up and screams "Y-Y-YIPE! ALARMMMM!!!" Other grunts wake and reach for guns, only to pe sniped by chief, ODST's pull out assult rifles and start firring. An elite grabs his com to call for help, and chief comes down and snaps his neck sam-fisher style.

(Brenan 117 on 01-06-06 14:13 UTC, permalink)

Johnsons actor
(Actor) Has anyone seen the Predator? Well i was warching it recently and i was thinking why not have the black guy (im sorry i cant remebmer his name)as sergent johnson and if you are worried about his age then just remeber that arnold Swarsneger (bad spelling i know) was about 45 at leats in some of his movies and they made him look about 25 with make up.

(Drunk Gnome on 01-04-06 01:36 UTC, permalink)

Platoon? or Homeworld? or Boromir? or...
(Weepy melodrama) A group of marines are trapped and surrounded by a huge covie force. They open fire wildly as plasma comes streaming in from all sides. The camera zooms in on one marine, his face lit by flying plasma and muzzle flashes--he looks around desperately. Cue Adagio for strings or some similarly tragically tranquil music. Slow-mo kicks in. Camera pans all around him as he watches his buddies fall one by one, voices tuned down and slowed down. Someone yells "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO." Finally, he gets hit, camera follows him to the ground. MC's foot comes down next to his face as scene fades to black. Or as scene suddenly returns to realtime, and triumphant music plays as MC kicks everyone's ass.

(Frofalcon on 01-04-06 01:35 UTC, permalink)

Covenant's version
(Plot) Okay, once of my main concerns for the Halo movie is how far into the Covenant side of things they're going to go. I mean sure, a few subtitled lines about how much they hate humans is fine. What I'm talking about is a long, drawn out macho bad-guy conversations.

In the first game the Covenants mysteriousness was what made them an interesting enemy and I imagine that translating that into the movie. If they try to do a split-storyline like they did with H2 the movie will go right down the drain. A Covenant arch nemisis (like Zuka Za-whatever in the H:TF book) would be a big mistake in my opinion, because it would be too hard to pull off without making it cheesy.

Also, I'm wondering how they are going to handle translations. Are they going to have the Chief just be able to hear what the Grunts say like in H1 or is he going to be able to understand all the Covenant? Personally I think the Grunt-only thing would be best, it would preserve the Covenants mystique while allowing for some great comic relief. However to do this there'll have to be a segment explaining why that is.

(FOrunnER on 01-04-06 01:34 UTC, permalink)

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