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Slicing and evaporation
(Scenes) Let's see...a pelican with a squad of marines and thermite(Aluminium powder, mixed with oxidizing agent. Melts almost anything)is damaged by enemy fire and puts down in a canyon.

The wing roots are ruptured; high octane fuel leaks. Bruised, battered and panicking marines flee the craft, fearing an explosion. They're unlucky enough to meet a gold elite(sword) and his cohorts, who just happened to be camping nearby. The sword elite alone slices the whole marine squad in half, while his minions herd the unfortunate marines into killing positions.

As the gold elite's sword slices a marine in two from top to bottom, a feeble voice is heard. "You haven't finished me yet."

The pilot of the pelican is seen sitting against the pelican, bloody, drenched in octane, breathing heavily, his eyes glittering with pure hatred. He survived the crash and got out of the cockpit during the massacre. The aliens laugh. The gold elite and his minions surround the wrecked craft and its pilot. The gold elite bellows, and a grunt translates the message: "Master says that you talk, or you'll die even more painfully."

The pilot gasps and struggles to sit erect. "Tell...your master...all the information he wants is in this.". He holds out a frag grenade. As the commanding elite approaches, he slowly pulls out the pin.

The elite looks at the grenade for a moment and, turning to the pilot, bellows: "I don't care about trinkets!Speak, infidel!"

The pilot's head is turned skyward, his eyes are closed, his expession one of complete peace and tranquility.

BOOOM. The grenade explodes, setting off the octane, which then sets off the thermite. The pelican, the pilot, and all the aliens evaporate in a blaze of white light.

(UrsusArctos on 01-02-06 08:14 UTC, permalink)

(Music) There's going to be a part in the movie where Masterchief jumps off a bridge or spaceship and when that happens the song "Jump" by Van Halen is going to be played by Sarge over the COMM.

(Sal on 01-02-06 08:16 UTC, permalink)

My Concerns For The Halo Movie
(Positive Thinking) People say that The Halo movie will be just one long movie. Well, I think it shouldn't be just ONE mvie but possibly three, almost like The Lord of the Rings. The first movie could be John 117 being taken away from his family, going through training, Sigma Octanus IV, and the fall of Reach. The second movie could be when finding Halo and destroying it. And the third could be based off the third book; returning to Reach, finding Master Chief's Spartans, Destroying the Unyeilding Heirophant, and the returning to Earth.

Three movies is a something I would suggest for a Halo Series. I know it wouldn't be how the director would have it, but it's still a possiblility that I, as a Halo fan, would like to see. Thanks.

(Johny117 on 01-02-06 08:17 UTC, permalink)

Flood Attack
(Scenes) There will definitely be one scene where Master Chief walks into a quiet room and looks around, and then BAM a Flood drops down from the ceiling and scares the pants off of everyone. This will be accompanied by scary music.

(Elite on 01-03-06 01:01 UTC, permalink)

super stupid grunt
(Scenes from Hell) on the 343gs level a grunt walks up to a flood and says "come on we must stop the flo..." "oh my god" the grunt says it runs away from the flood to the covenant the grunt sticks a grenade to a hunter and the hunter says "whats wrong with you im your all"BAAMM the hunter blows up. the grunt runs to the flood and says "mr.elite the flood is here i killed one of them but there are hundreds more" the flood stands in confusion thinking "wtf does he mean he didnt even hurt one of us" then a pair of glasses lands on the grunts eyes.then master chief flew by."use 'em wisely" the grunt shakes his head whoa where am i he looks at the flood "HOLY GRENADE STUCK TO ME" the grunt then screams in fear then has a fit of something like "dont kill me no no im a flood they went that way don" SPLAT the grunts blood flies everywhere and the flood walks up to the covenant "oh your back mr.grunt we need to destroy the flood" the end

(Dark Lord on 01-03-06 01:02 UTC, permalink)

Kinda, sorta related...kinda
(Scenes) I've always thought that the npc's on any fps should have a death kinda like halo, where they have a random death pose. Not like those crappy games where the last 5 enemies u killed all crawl towards you on the ground and pull out their sidearm to shoot you, but where their bodies just go limp. Buuuuut...

I do think that something they should add in the game and the movie would be that on the lines of that. Like say you are traveling with a group and you're attacked. Something that would add to the drama would be like one marine gets hit and falls to the ground, not dead yet, and says something like "chief, I'm hit, go on without me." Its just a thought but would be a good idea.

(Fortune 417 on 01-04-06 01:31 UTC, permalink)

Shotgun's 'R' Us
(A wink to us fanbois) I say put something in there with the Master Cheif, possibly when he kills a grunt or an elite with a shotgun at a distance and says something close to, "well, I guess I had host" or something to that extent, and possibly not just with a shotgun but some situation that gamers would know and say, "damnit, I wish I had host!"

(rhinohumper on 01-04-06 01:32 UTC, permalink)

Saving Private Jenkins
(Corny twists) On Sigma Octanus we meet a stranded squad of marines in an abandoned town. As they are trying to get back to their base they come across a family in a bombed out building and as one marine attempts to help them he is struck by a bolt of energy from a beam rifle. The rest of the squad dive for cover and the team sniper takes up position. He looks to where the shot came from and we see an Elite with a beam rifle. He looks through his scope at the dying marine in the street, and for once feels pity for the human and moves his crosshairs over to where he sees a human sniper rifle fire right at him and we see the bullet go through the elite's scope and then blow his brains out. Then the squad leader says "Thats why we can't take kids."

(Captain Crazy on 01-04-06 01:33 UTC, permalink)

Covenant's version
(Plot) Okay, once of my main concerns for the Halo movie is how far into the Covenant side of things they're going to go. I mean sure, a few subtitled lines about how much they hate humans is fine. What I'm talking about is a long, drawn out macho bad-guy conversations.

In the first game the Covenants mysteriousness was what made them an interesting enemy and I imagine that translating that into the movie. If they try to do a split-storyline like they did with H2 the movie will go right down the drain. A Covenant arch nemisis (like Zuka Za-whatever in the H:TF book) would be a big mistake in my opinion, because it would be too hard to pull off without making it cheesy.

Also, I'm wondering how they are going to handle translations. Are they going to have the Chief just be able to hear what the Grunts say like in H1 or is he going to be able to understand all the Covenant? Personally I think the Grunt-only thing would be best, it would preserve the Covenants mystique while allowing for some great comic relief. However to do this there'll have to be a segment explaining why that is.

(FOrunnER on 01-04-06 01:34 UTC, permalink)

Platoon? or Homeworld? or Boromir? or...
(Weepy melodrama) A group of marines are trapped and surrounded by a huge covie force. They open fire wildly as plasma comes streaming in from all sides. The camera zooms in on one marine, his face lit by flying plasma and muzzle flashes--he looks around desperately. Cue Adagio for strings or some similarly tragically tranquil music. Slow-mo kicks in. Camera pans all around him as he watches his buddies fall one by one, voices tuned down and slowed down. Someone yells "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO." Finally, he gets hit, camera follows him to the ground. MC's foot comes down next to his face as scene fades to black. Or as scene suddenly returns to realtime, and triumphant music plays as MC kicks everyone's ass.

(Frofalcon on 01-04-06 01:35 UTC, permalink)

Johnsons actor
(Actor) Has anyone seen the Predator? Well i was warching it recently and i was thinking why not have the black guy (im sorry i cant remebmer his name)as sergent johnson and if you are worried about his age then just remeber that arnold Swarsneger (bad spelling i know) was about 45 at leats in some of his movies and they made him look about 25 with make up.

(Drunk Gnome on 01-04-06 01:36 UTC, permalink)

sneak attack
(Scenes) covenant are on guard around one of their de facto headquaters a handful of jackels patrol, several grunts sleep around. One grunt falls alseep on sentry duty by a nearby lake. Sudenly, ODST's crawl out of the water. One hits the air release on his helmet. He begins giving hand signals to his platoon, camera goes underwater and reveals a number of ODST's making their way up the bank.The leader draws his silemcer pistol and a 10 in combat knife, he flashes the knife in the light, and signals to the chief. The rest of the 30 ODST's draw their knives and pistols and proceed to slit the throtes of all the covies in the area. A grunt wakes up and screams "Y-Y-YIPE! ALARMMMM!!!" Other grunts wake and reach for guns, only to pe sniped by chief, ODST's pull out assult rifles and start firring. An elite grabs his com to call for help, and chief comes down and snaps his neck sam-fisher style.

(Brenan 117 on 01-06-06 14:13 UTC, permalink)

hungry hungry hippos
(A wink to us fanbois) MC blasts a covie with a shotgun, and the camera zooms in on the shotgun's action--a casing pops out with a hippo smiling back at us.

- cybrfrk
(Frofalcon on 01-06-06 14:13 UTC, permalink)

'Classical' Music
(Music) There's definitly going to be some bit of rock music referred to as classical music by sarge, or some other badass marine.

(eiii on 01-06-06 14:13 UTC, permalink)

Hordes Of Marines
(Positive Thinking) In the Halo games, there are only about 4 or 5 marines supporting you at one time. In real olife, this would be much diffrent.

In Metroplis , you should should have around 100 marines in the area. Since the Covenant only attacked New Mombosa, there should be alot of marines to spare. Atleast 20 marines, 5 Scorpian tanks, and 1 ass-kicking Spartan. There should be around the same number of Covenant. If Bungie or whoever could include a huge battle scene like that, i would ask the guy next to me to get me more popcorn.

(j23 on 01-06-06 14:15 UTC, permalink)

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