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That Holy Sword
(A wink to us fanbois) (A wink to us fanboys) At one point, the MC kills an Elite weilding an energy sword, but quickly grabs it before the Elite has time to activate its self destruct mechanism (Halo 1's excuse for not letting us weild them) ANd the MC picks up the energy sword and slices several grunts into peices.

(Mr. Sputnik on 01-31-06 14:06 UTC, permalink)

Use the Books
(Plot) Hollywood is awesome at making movies out of books, but TERRIBLE at making them out of video games. So I propose that the Halo movie be based on the books, particularly FoR.

(Miles O'Smiles on 01-18-06 16:48 UTC, permalink)

Just dont do it....
(Positive Thinking) Ok, so it's a bit more like a list of DON'Ts and DOs for the movie making people.

1. Show the master chiefs face! I always liked the feeling that, I was the Master Chief, You were the master cheif, we all were the master chief! And The Master Chief, is a Big Guy with a Big Gun and a helmet over his head! and if they do, dont make it a big name star!

2. Bend the Original Story Stuff! Sure, make the first game into a movie, or make up a time between the games, or after it's all over! Span the entire thing for the heck of it! Just dont mess with the set facts! Like having Capt Keyes die in the Master Chief's hands!

3. Do Not have an overly long fight between the master Cheif and some random elite, then blurr the rest of the fights! Hey, movies have done that before!

1. I do pray and hope they do their research on this! Like what made the games fun, and how to bring the feel of it to the movie! Like how bad humans were being beat by the covenant! Or how crazy it would be to have to fight on an alien world, where you have no friends, everything there is trying to kill you, you're a long way from home, and the dam thing under your feet is a weapon!

2. Ok, so maybe this was a Don't, but oh well. Don't have any out of place jokes! Like an Jackal asking how many covenant it takes to screw in a light bulb. (51, 1 elite but he needs 50 grunts to order around!) Or like Johnson saying, "Hey MC, they should make a video game about us, you hear me?" "That would never happen!"

3. Do well to the fan and the fan will do well to you. Treat us right and you will make alot, treat us wrong, and we'll find out where they live!

4. Can't stress it enough! Just got to drive the point and feel of halo into the movie! Nothing out of place, nothing "breaking the laws" or facts already set. Remember that Halo was loved for it's great music and it's crazy areas, and cool weapons, characters, and ships!

well thats all for now, hope i made a point, or two, and i hope the movie is good!


Johnson: "Hey Chief, they should make a video game about this"
MC: "Sorry, I don't have time to play with myself"

I hear ya brother, having throw backs to existing games, movies of the past and such would really suck the methane out of this sucker.
- cybrfrk
(toadking07 on 01-18-06 16:47 UTC, permalink)

master chief has to remain a faceless hero
(Not in the face!) i hope whoever plays the master chief has the helmet on throughout the movie. and they get the voice actor from the games. he has to remain faceless because every halo fan can imagine themselves as being him hence one of the reason the series is so popular.

John....I am your father!
It worked for George Lucas, it damn well could work for us. Vader's face was kept a secret until the third (sixth episode) installment. We had zero hints in A New Hope, saw the back of his helmetless goard in The Empire Strikes Back, and saw the fully corrupted skull in Return of the Jedi. My hope is that others see the true theatrical quality of an approach like that and make it so.
- cybrfrk
(Mu1ciber on 01-18-06 16:43 UTC, permalink)

'I gotta save Bubba'
(Cheap Death) Scene somewhere on a human colony, or possibly on Earth, in the jungle, a skirmish between humans and Covenants. Covenant get ready to bombard the place with plasma mortars. A lone, brave marine goes in to save any surviving marines, kind of like the Vietnam War scene in Forest Gump, save a a couple marines, finds his best friend still alive, but hopeles to save, brings him to safety, last words of the dying marine, something like "I just want to go home."

(Lethal Industry on 01-18-06 16:43 UTC, permalink)

Don't die until you say that thing...
(Cheap Death) The Chief and some other marines fighting some covenant patrols,one of the marines being older, more experienced, and the older one gets shot in the back with a carbine, or some other rifled weapon. The chief holds him in his arms, saying "you're going to be fine" or some other overused phrase, the dying marine says something like " Guess I won't see that retirement ring, huh?", coughs and dies. Some other marine says something like, "he can't die! He was like a father!"

(Lethal Industry on 01-18-06 16:41 UTC, permalink)

Sergent Micheal Jackson
(Scenes from Hell) Master Chief, Sergent Johnson, and a bunch of ODSTs enter a room occupied by Flood. While they're killing anything that isn't human, a Flood-infected Sergent Stacker appears. A large group of various Flood forms assemble around him, and they launch into a dance number to Micheal Jackson's "Thriller". Sergent Stacker is singing.

Move over Stubbs...
- cybrfrk
(7he grunt w/a plasma pistol on 01-18-06 16:40 UTC, permalink)

(Scenes) i would be really surprised if they didn't show a battle through a reflection. MC's face mask, elite, jackel shield, even through a wart hog thats running through. also they have to have a sniper seen like in saving private ryan where the guys sitting in the tower pickin' guys of and then the tank comes and blows him away

(INK21 on 01-18-06 16:40 UTC, permalink)

Man vs. Beast
(Characters) Here's betting that the movie will portray the Covenant as little more that vicious beasts, and will neglet to show them as very militarily intelligent.

(Chuck Norris on 01-18-06 16:39 UTC, permalink)

Some thoughts on possible music
(Positive Thinking) I know how much most of us enjoy the current halo music, but I just wanted to share my thoughts on possible music for the movie. When I read the books I was into one album in particular and that was Wiretap Scars by Sparta. Now, I do this with many albums, listen to them on repeat while I read certain books, but this style of music really coincided with the themes of the story. It really seemed like I was in space with the Spartans destroying the covenant ship. I think that would be a good link right there too. Spartans = Sparta. I know that my favorite movie of all time, Donnie Darko, did a bit of linking between the movie themes and the songs... Echo and the Bunnymen, Tears for Fears. I have no idea what people would think of this, especially Sparta and those in charge of the movie development, but I would like it. And I don't think it would be a sort of "cheesy catch" to grab audiences either. I think that to take the current halo music and intertwine it with some Sparta would really capture the halo theme in a fresh new style. I don't think that this will ever happen however, but I had to at least give voice to my opinion.

(webby on 01-18-06 16:39 UTC, permalink)

MC = Jean-Claude Van-Damme Jr.
(Scared of Realism) Unrealistic weapon reports. Anyone shooting a vehicle with anything other than a Rocket Launcher to blow it up (Van-Damme style). Anyone killing the Pilot or Driver of a vehicle and the vehicle crashing and exploding. Any/All vehicle fire(s) leading to explosion. Unecessary explosions. Unrealistic weapon design.

(IronLion on 01-18-06 16:38 UTC, permalink)

Don't Cross the Streams
(Don't do it! OK, do it!) At some point in the movie, in order to boost up their fire power against the Cov, some ensign will recommend drawing shield power or some other Star Trek-like babble to boost either the PoA's weapons' power. Then Cortana will put that ridiculous ensign in his place by telling him that by doing so would overheat the PoA's power core, thereby causing it to become unstable and blowing up to some Star Trek-like babble size. Much like Egon said in "Ghostbuster": don't cross the streams. However, at the end of the movie, to destroy Halo, Cortana will recommend doing the very same thing. Master Chief or whatever comic relief ensign they've allowed to survive for the 9-14 male age demographic will remind her that she said never to divert power because something awful would happen. "No, Egon, you said crossing the streams was bad." Don't cross the streams.

(DenizenZERO on 01-18-06 16:37 UTC, permalink)

(Characters) Johnson likes gangster rap instead of "flip."

Or starts quoting "The Black Eyed Peas" during a heavy moment of combat:

Lose control, of body and soul.
Don't move too fast, people, just take it slow.
Don't get ahead, just jump into it.
Ya'll hear about it, two peices to it.
Get stutted, get stupid.
- cybrfrk
(an angle on 01-18-06 16:36 UTC, permalink)

Odds of it being a good movie
(Dialogue) Of course there will be that scence where chief is going to do something risky, and if hollywood has it's way, cortana will spout out some increditable odds. She isn't C3PO, from what I remeber she never did it in the books or game, she spoke plainly, like asking chief "what if you miss?".

(ThumperXC on 01-18-06 16:36 UTC, permalink)

Inside the movie museum
(Scenes from Hell) Master Chief grabs hold of active camouflage from a stealth elite and decides to wreak havoc on a group of covenant who're hunting for an artifact inside a museum on Cote D'Azur.

What should've been a decent copy of the event in Fall of Reach turns into a series of obvious references to Peter Jackson and Bungie's inspirations, as the Chief heads inside the movies section.

A huge Lord of the Rings exhibit dominates one of the rooms in the movie section. A couple of jackals examine Gondor and Rohan crested helmets, and one or two others look very interestedly at decorated shields.

The invisible chief picks up Sauron's(robust and very weighty) mace, and uses the Dark Lord's fearsome weapon to smite the foul creatures in no time at all.

Then it is to the 'costumes and models' section. An elite finishes examining a Predator suit, and turns to life-sized Alien model. He looks at the jaws and the shape of the head(Doesn't anyone notice the family resemblance?)MC fits some lethal titanium-alloy killing blades to his fist and sneaks between the Elite and the Predator suit to deliver a lethal strike.

Now, to a brute who's standing quite nearby. The whole wall of the exhibit he's facing is covered with posters of the original King Kong and Peter Jackson's remake, model biplanes, and a very large model of the Empire State Building.

The brute looks at a seven-foot replica of Kong roaring and holding a screaming Fay Wray barbie doll. A delighted grin spreads across his ugly mug and he chuckles as he imagines himself in Kong's place. Invisible MC clobbers him with the model Empire State Building.

(UrsusArctos on 01-18-06 16:35 UTC, permalink)

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