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No Movie
(You're freaking me out) If seargant Johnson doesn't have a cigar then the movies pointless If there's a movie the games and storyline might disappear plus the special effects will probably be lame the grunts,elites,brutes,etc. will probably look lame Master Chiefs costume will probably be lame they'll probably have some millionare actress be Master Chief if the movie doesn't ruin the games then it's fine but if the games get ruined then this movie better be #1 in the boxoffice or whatever they call that thing if Halo games and Halo itself doesn't get ruined then you can make all of the movies you want and in the last Halo you make Johnson or someone should die or get injured but after that last Halo please somehow come up with even more Halo games after they destroy that 7nth Halo ring make them find another Halo ring or something because I don't want Halo games to disappear Halo RULES It's the BEST series ever I want to be able to play it until I die and I want my children to play it when I get older LONG LIVE MASTER CHIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(MasterChief on 04-14-06 06:48 UTC, permalink)

The Final Countdown
(Music) If they filmed the maw part, all in slow mo as a montage, like warthog avoiding explosions, flying over jumps, into access tunnels, into flood, etc. And here comes the really bad part-if they played chariots of fire in the background!!! Yech!

(Wild Weasel on 04-14-06 06:48 UTC, permalink)

The whole thing!
(You're freaking me out) I think the movie is ganna rock, its ganna explian everything. There si going to be endless action/information entering the heads of who watches it. Some only understandable to the halo veterans. But the movie is ganna b a must own for any one. It will revolutionize movies how halo1 did games! the humans are ganna take sides with the elites and eta. And own the rest of the covie's. Then we will turn against the elites and crush the rest of the covies. And we will OWN the flood. Cortana will go rampant. Master chief may or may not b slian, and if he isnt he will live happily ever after with the rest of his spartans, maybe kelly, depends how she is doin! But no matter what he will kill the arbiter first. Arbiter will die! 2401 and 363 will have kids? Johnson will end up with miranda and they will have crazy green flood babies? IDK its impossible to tell whats in store....BUT ITS GANNA OWN!

(C4 on 04-14-06 06:46 UTC, permalink)

the trickster
(A wink to us fanbois) Well the Master Chief is driving a warthog along the beach and see's an arch, Sargent Johnson (whos supposed to be with keyes)looks at him, winks and says punch it while he takes a grenade out and throws it into a pile of dead grunts. Slowmo of the grenade droping into dead grunts and the truck running over them as it explodes, and carries the warthog over the arch. They land safely while crushing the unsuspecting elites that didnt see or hear the explosion that happend twenty yards away.

(Kyle van Es on 04-14-06 06:46 UTC, permalink)

Overpowered Pistol
(Weapons) The makers of the movie will decide to "follow the fans" and put in a part with the Halo 1 pistol. Master Chief will say something along the lines of "EAT THIS!" and shoot one shot from the pistol. They will show it coming out of the barrel and flying into a Wraith tank, and killing the driver, and then the tank explodes in a huge explosion. Then he tries to blow off t

For some reason, your entry got truncated!
- free3bme
(Elite on 04-14-06 06:45 UTC, permalink)

The Horrible Truth
(Hey, I'm in a movie!) Here's a funny scene for the movie:

Sgt Johnson: Chief, i think if we defeat the Covenant we'll be famous!!!

Chief: What?

Sgt Johnson: They might even make us in a video game!!!

MC: With all due respect sir, i think we are a video game.

(Sgt. Johnson's mouth drops open)

(j23 on 04-14-06 06:43 UTC, permalink)

product placement
(Cheap Merchandising) MC has just killed the last of the Covenant invaders and a fellow marine, inconspicuously states "It's Miller time!"

(Jeepguy on 04-13-06 15:12 UTC, permalink)

Look Out Below...
(Corny twists) An elite and the MC get into a pitched battle while fighting somewhere on Earth. After trading shots for a while the Elite charges the MC and pushes him down, after a tough scuffle the MC shoves the Elite back and manages to pick up his pistol (which just happens to have landed right next to him) He goes to take aim at the Elite. The only problem is, is that he only has 1 bullet left in the clip.

The Elite picks up on this and laughs in an alien tounge. However, the Master Chief gets an idea. With a wry smile on his face he points far above the elite and fires off a shot. For almost a minute nothing happens...the Elite laughs uncontrolably, he manages to eke out something in human like "You missed you dirty ape".

But then...far above the elite we hear a chain breaking and a slow creaking sound. Before being crushed by a massive cargo container the Elite manages to let out an audible gulp, Looney Tunes style.

(jman571 on 04-04-06 05:26 UTC, permalink)

2100 Attack Points!
(Corny twists) A human colony is under attack by the Covenant. The Master Chief's mission is to save a V.I.P family that needs extraction immidiately before the Covies touch down. In the upstairs bedroom the parents talk quielty and the husband assures the wife not to worry and that everything will be alright, their pick-up is about to arrive...

Meanwhile, in the living room the 2 sons are playing some random Pokemon-ish game, except instead of little furry monsters the cards consist of UNSC soldiers, including each Spartan, which are extrememly collectable. (doubtlessly started by the one and only: ONI Section 2) One of the boys pulls out an extremely "rare" holographic Master Chief and shows it off to his brother. As they are eyeing the cool card, the doorbell rings, and the father and mother run down to answer the door. Expecting a military squad, or a vehicle. Instead... they open the door to find the 7 foot tall Master Chief, decked out in his MJOLNIR armour. Immidiately the wife faints, and in unison the boys look up from the card to see the real-life chief, they shout "COOL!!!"

Maybe later, the MC signs the card, and gives the boys a frag grenade to play with or something...

(jman571 on 04-04-06 05:25 UTC, permalink)

Peter Jackson style dramatic scene
(Weepy melodrama) When Peter Jackson wants a scene to be dramatic, he cuts out all ambient sound, leaving only the noise of weapons being prepared, those noises he amplifies to sound bigger, and then he adds some weepy melodramatic music in the back that makes us cry.

The camera flashes to various activities, an assult rifle being cleaned, the safety being taken off a pistol, a sniper rifle being asembled, a shotgun being loaded, a tank being fuled, ect. Marines prepare and march somberly through the armory. At the covie camp, energy swords are being forged, elites are gearing up, and transports are being loaded. Then comes the huge battle.

(Brenan 117 on 04-04-06 05:24 UTC, permalink)

Don't Use Gamer Terms
(Dialogue) If I ever hear the actors utter the words "Double Melee," "No-Scope," or "Pwned," I'm walking out of the theater.

(Mintz on 02-21-06 14:50 UTC, permalink)

Similar music
(Music) If any one here has watched the new Battlestar Galactica series, they will realize that the music for that show is similar to Halo, or vice-versa. If Marty were to compose the music for the Movie, then mabye they could borrow BsG's music composer (don't remember his name...) to help out. It's really a fascinating feel to the music they have. I think it would add to the overall experience, if of course, the Halo: the Movie itself was any good.

(scurvy_king on 02-21-06 14:49 UTC, permalink)

Variety of ordinance
(Weapons) Obviously, using a long-fused, timed explosive would be a pain in the ass in the fast-paced videogame world of Halo. But there are purpose-built bombs in use in the real military. If the Spartans were going to sneak into a city and cause some havoc, they wouldn't pop out and start hurling grenades. They would use plastic explosives and Thermite, and set them off in a chain or all at the same time. This would be more ideal for stationary vehicles as well. There are more ways to destroy things than just rocket or grenades.

(scurvy_king on 02-21-06 14:49 UTC, permalink)

He Truthfully had his Regrets about someone...
(A wink to us fanbois) The scene: The Control Room of a Halo installation. Computer terminal and entrance are separated by a wide chasm (and bridge)

The setup: Master Chief vs The Prophet of Truth

Truth takes potshots at the chief with his throne's beam cannons, while the chief makes a run for the bridge.

The section of floor below the chief collapses because of the beam cannon strikes, sending MC plunging into the bottomless chasm below. A hoarse scream begins and then fades. After a few seconds of silence, there is a yellow flash.

Truth cackles and hovers towards the computer core, index in hand. He's blinded by a bright flash of yellow light right in front of the terminal. The next moment, he's dead.

Master Chief gazes steadily at the Prophet's corpse, and says, "I learnt that trick from your little brother."

(If you don't understand what happened, play the Regret boss battle and the Gravemind cinematic.)

(UrsusArctos on 02-21-06 14:48 UTC, permalink)

The Music
(Music) For the love of god, please keep the original music, maybe with a few new rock songs for battle scenes.

(Opey on 02-21-06 14:43 UTC, permalink)

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