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Gordon's Alive?!
(Cheap Death) If MC were to be presumed dead by Covenant after a large explosion or collapse of a building, without them even checking I might add, only for him to be alive after clinging onto a railing or jumping to safety.

Then later on the Covenant would be dumbstruck to find that he really is alive when they never saw him dead to begin with.

(Ross Mills on 12-26-05 02:05 UTC, permalink)

MC-Not a legal baseball player
(You're freaking me out) Because Master Cheif is "juiced up" on all this high-tech muscle enhancer stuff, I don't think he would be allowed to play any sports games.

(masterchef182 on 12-26-05 02:06 UTC, permalink)

(Insider info) I would hate it if there is some stupid reference/easter egg that has already been used hundered and hundreds of time in the games. Like that whole obsession with the number 7 Bungie has.

(GoldenElite0 on 12-26-05 02:09 UTC, permalink)

Count the reps
(Insider info) Somewhere in this movie, after some engagement, there must be corpse humping. I'm not talking about any kind of faint of heart corpse humping. I want to see some knees bend! It doesn't matter if it's the Chief or a marine, so long as some grunt gets ridden like ye olde cavalry horse.

Interesting. Simliar thoughts as this and this.
- cybrfrk
(Jamirus99 on 12-26-05 02:10 UTC, permalink)

(Scenes) In the big 343GS scene, I think that when Chief goes in the room he puts down Mendoza's body and heres a cough. It's Bisenti. Bisenti tells him to get out. That they are coming. Chief asks "What's coming?" Then he hears the scribble. And the Infection forms come and Bisenti tells Chief to get out of here and risks his life for chief. T_T

(Kool-K on 12-26-05 02:11 UTC, permalink)

Master Cheif's Face
(Not in the face!) Don't show the Master Cheif's face unless it is imperitive that it be shown. Even though he/his face outside his armor were described in the books, PLEASE, I'm BEGGING YOU Bungie DON'T SHOW HIS FACE. If you did that you'd be putting a face on a character, which, in this instance would be bad. YES we know his name and that he's a white male. That's it. That's how it should stay and should. Don't reveil it because it's a representation of all the people that play Halo/Halo 2, whatever race or gender they may be.

(rhinohumper on 12-26-05 02:12 UTC, permalink)

Robert DeNiro and Eddie Murphy
(Plot) You know, they could make it into a buddy flick. You got your serious white guy (MC) and your funny black sidekick, Johnson. This formula is overused in Hollywood action films, perhaps to give humor to an otherwise serious story.

Can you see MC in an 80's pastel colored sport coat? And we'll change the name of his sidekick to Sgt Tubbs.
- cybrfrk
(an angle on 12-26-05 15:48 UTC, permalink)

Er, C3PO?
(Characters) Guilty Spark will no longer be the floating orb we know, but a humanoid robot in the fashion of the homosexual one from Star Wars.

(an angle on 12-26-05 15:49 UTC, permalink)

Da Rules of Space
(Scared of Realism) Sound can travel through vacuum just fine. All ships, regardless of size, have artifical gravity. No matter how badly beaten up a ship gets, the artificial gravity will always work. Ships encountering each other are always on the same plane. The Faster Than Light (FTL) Drive will fail as soon as you need it to work. Reverse thrusters are not needed - nobody liked Newton anyway.

(dr_saius on 12-26-05 15:50 UTC, permalink)

No live actors!
(Computer Graphics) If anyone is going to make a Halo movie, I would suggest making it a computer animated movie, and only use actors for their voices. But make the graphics more realistic than in the game so your not stuck watching "Halo: The Movie in Halo 2 Graphic!"

Make it interacive, charge $59.99, and enable other viewers to interact at the same time.
- cybrfrk
(Wolf Claw on 12-26-05 20:50 UTC, permalink)

Plot Deviation (sp?)
(Plot) There should be no variation in the plot from the games, and books. The games, being more widespread, should take precidence over elements added in the book "The Flood". That's it. Anyway, this isn't for adding to Halo's universe, just futher illistrating it. Correct? If any of the game/book is neglected, I will disown it as a Halo product.

(Danny on 12-27-05 13:11 UTC, permalink)

The Long Walk
(Scenes) Movie draws to a close. Although the odds were against them, MC and his AI sidekick have triumphed. With a final, forlorn look around at the bodies (friend and foe), MC turns away from the camera and slowly (thanks to filmspeed manipulation) walks away. *Cue music*

(PsycoJoe on 12-27-05 13:12 UTC, permalink)

Love > War ? *gags*
(Romance) Interwoven within the Halo story would be the theme of love is greater than war. I suppose, they tell a story about a Marine going to war for his wife and how the war pulls them apart, but their love keeps them together. And they miss each other and write scattered emails across the stars and stare at the same ol' digital photographs and worry like hell. And at the end of the movie he makes it home alive, too! Long kiss and all. Actually, this may be a good way to work romance into the movie, without taking too much away from its actually point. Then again, there is a lot of ground to cover, so why bother to tread over this? This didn't happened too much in Halo, not in the games or too much in the novels. It takes away from the other themes of Halo. That's all I'm saying. Love in war is really Hollywood and cliche. Should be like this though. Jones: "Long as we're standing here, might as well write my old lady. Cortana - you take dictation? Dear Mary, I miss you so much - STOP. Will be home soon - STOP. How is the dog? STOP. Have you learned to cook yet? STOP. Love, Sargeant. PS - I've met someone. Will be home soon for divorce. Bye-bye... PS - do you think I could take the dog? Maybe not. Think about it! Write back. - Got that, Cortana?"

(an angle on 12-27-05 13:13 UTC, permalink)

(Scenes) The somewhat-obligatory "catching a single branch/rail/loose rock as the hero nearly falls to his death from the edge of a cliff" seen in Hollywood action flicks.

(Michael M. on 12-28-05 15:14 UTC, permalink)

MC and the amazing technicolor dream-puddle
(Weepy melodrama) Master Chief looks out over a battlefield, covered in covenant corpses. He looks at his feet, and sees a puddle of water. He sees his face, dissolve to the dead spartans, to reach burning, to flood-infected marines, then back to his own face. He falls to his knees and stares at the sky...fade scene...


(Wild Weasel on 12-28-05 15:15 UTC, permalink)

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