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(A wink to us fanbois) a battle is occuring in a valley on alpha halo, which looks suspiciously like blood gulch. An elite (or a marine, take your pick) is dominating the battle. he is shouting out things like 'owned! hah! I am pawning you, you (Long string of bad words that no one wants to hear)!" somebody (preferably from his own team) snipes him, saying "banhammer!" or somesuch, and everyone rejoices. the marines and covenant befriend each other and everyone goes to the pub for a coupla a rounds...

(Cipher on 06-05-06 05:51 UTC, permalink)

Remix on a common theme
(A wink to us fanbois) Marine in close quarters combat on the truth and reconciliation. he's only carrying a shotgun when he comes to a long corridor. the elite standing gaurd at the end of the hall is carrying a plasma rifle. the marine, hopelessly outranged, shrugs and tries to get him anyway. all hope seems lost until the Elite staggers and falls, as a shotgun report echoes through the corridors. the marine looks at his gun in confusion, as it doesn't look like he shot him. Sergeant Johnson crawls out of the ventilation panel conveniently located at chest height. "If you're gonna play this kinda game son, make sure you're host!". The marine, thanking his lucky stars that the writers named him, responds "Sir, yes sir!"

(Cipher on 06-05-06 05:51 UTC, permalink)

The Warthog jumped over the moon and Sarge's everywhere
(Scenes from Hell) A little after-credits joke I thought of, in honor of the sarge who's in a dozen places at once, and the warthog that can't be destroyed.

At the end of the credits, 343 Guilty Spark is floating in space, exactly as in the game.

As he approaches the screen,we hear a very familiar voice say, "Keep it steady now." We get to hear rock music in the distance, rapidly increasing in volume.

343 GS turns around and screams in horror, before something big and green hurtles across the screen and hits him. The rock music is VERY loud.

The camera pans around the object. It's a Warthog, and it's manned by THREE laughing sarges! Poor Sparky got himself stuck on the Warthog's three-barreled gun when it hit him; there's no escaping the ever-present Johnson(s) now!

Gunner sarge: I'm keepin' ma eye on you.

Passenger sarge:You gonna think big time? You gonna FLY big time!

Driver sarge: Damn right I am.

343 Guilty spark: HELP MEEEEEE!

We hear wild laughter and whooping as the warthog soars high over the moon basis, highlighted by 343's flashes.

(UrsusArctos on 06-05-06 05:49 UTC, permalink)

(Scenes) at the beigining of FoR when 6 year old John is playing King of the hill the camera should look at his shadow and it should show MC fighting elites!

It worked in Star Wars!

(Anonymous on 06-05-06 05:27 UTC, permalink)

What's wrong here?
(Scared of Realism) A Covenant cruiser fills the screen, its engines roaring over the speakers, deafening the audiences. A MAC round punches through it like a bullet paper plane, and a huge explosion fills the screen and deafens those not yet deafened. Fighters ZOOM and WHOOSH between each other, their weapons blasting through the sound system... wait... whats wrong here? Oh yeah, THERES NO AIR IN SPACE. Therefore, NO SOUND. Imagine seeing all this in ABSOLUTE SILENCE. It is certainly more scientifically correct and would be very unusual, intersting, atmospheric, surreal. All that destruction with no sound would be much more dramatic than with sound exploding our eardrums. Think about it.

(Bladekay on 06-05-06 05:27 UTC, permalink)

deadly entry
(Plot) rite well i think that they should have the covenant moving in and absolutely slaughtering everything that moves on some planet that earth controls,around the time that all the spartans are still alive,and the sound of killing fades out and you can hear Dr.Halsey talking to some general about how they have to send out the spartans to destroy the covenant or they will be overrun and some sort of argument between the two in which Halsey wins(and still during this the killing goes and after she says "get the spartans ready for deployment" and a voice replies "yes ma'am" the voices fade out and the sound of killing returns until a super close up of a corner of one of those drop capsule things crashing into the ground and all the marines closest turn around,you hear a hiss and you see a spartans boot come out of the capsule. you hear static and then john's voice over the private channels to the other spartans "lets give'em hell spartans" And then it fades out to HALO anbd the music. that is definetly the best beginning i can think of and definetly something i would be looking forward to seeing.

You described a corny cliche and don't even realize it. Kudos. :)
- free3bme
(Abolyss on 06-05-06 05:25 UTC, permalink)

They SHOULD show MC's face...
(Not in the face!) ...but in a clever way.

What if he always has his helmet on in the present storyline (on halo, fighting the flood, etc), but flashbacks occur where we see a GROUP of Spartans with their helmets off. One of these is MC, but the filmmakers should never plainly state which one.

This would allow people to attach a face OF THEIR CHOICE to imagine behind the helmet. If done right, this could sidestep the whole issue while creating an interesting aspect of the film people could argue about later:

"No way, Master Chief would never have red hair!" "Hey! I have red hair!" "So does my irish setter but he ain't the chief and niether is you!"

This would've been rejected, but it is definitely clever so it stays!
- free3bme
(Dave Bergland on 06-05-06 05:23 UTC, permalink)

(Plot) A high ranking earth leader betrays all humans by selling the Covenant military secrets in exchange for ruling power over all of earth after the invasion is complete.

(Haas on 06-05-06 05:22 UTC, permalink)

Cortana's super ability
(You're freaking me out) After disabling the entire Covenant defense network, Cortana searches for the "answers" to the entire plot using MSN Search, just like in The Island. Because, of course, MSN Search is stronger than Groogle.

Then she uploads a virus to destroy the Covenant battle-fleet and, by some mysterious stroke of luck, a wormhole appears and a message from the future arrives and then...whoa, crossover time!

(Ironheart on 06-05-06 05:21 UTC, permalink)

The Flood Encounter
(Scenes) I was thinking about interesting things to put in a Halo Movie (if I were making it). One thing I was thinking would be that for when the Master Cheif first encounters the food, there's a period of suspence after the Cheif first finds out about them in Jenkin's helmet (think that's his name?) Anyway, I was thining that the sound of water droplets slowly dropping would kinda add suspence. And a way to re-inforce that sence of "something's wrong" in the audience for the water dropping sound would be to earlier in the film, say the Master Cheif (or anyone really, marine, civilian, actualy, I think it would be better to use the Master Cheif to hint at more of a connection to the audience, and put it at the Pillar of Autum, let's say).

Anyway, he walks through a room where the covenant a have already struck, and it's quite, all you can hear while he walks through the room, ready incase any more are left over, is a water dripping sound. The room is quite dark because many lights were shot out. The Cheif opens the a door leading to a hallway that's rather bright. When the door opens and spews bright light in the room, it illuminates the side of the wall on frame right (in a 2.35:1 aspect ratio), which is all messed up from the plasma fire recently and you can see red blood trickling down the wall in a tight, steady stream. The doorway is frame left in the back pale, and rather far away from the camera (enough space in order to make him seem small, and insignificant from the camera's perspective (he's a lone spartan on the Pillar of Autum overrun by covenant)) and the wall on frame right is close to the camera. As the Cheif walks through the door, into the hall, the camera "tilts" down (meaning it moves along a verticle axis towad the floor) but keeps focused on the door with the bright hallway through it (note, the hallway is traveling perpendicular to the door) as you see the MC's silouett cautiously walking through the doorway. Before the MC gets far enough though the doorway that we can see him fully lit up (he's still in darkness), the camera stops close to the ground, and on frame right we can see that the dripping sound is the blood trickling down the wall, and off a piece of the metal wall that's twisted out or whatever, causing the blood to drip off it into a puddle on the ground (when the camera stops traveling downard we can see the bottom tip of that metal at the top right of the frame, and the blood dripping into a pool at the bootom of the right frame.

Cut to: the camera at the end of the hallway the MC just walked into, he is pretty far down (acutaly, just use a wide angle lens). The MC is fully light in the light hallway (contrast going from a dark room to a brightly light hallway), and as the door automaticaly shuts behind him, it completely drowns out the "dripping sound" and the MC walks down the hall toward the camera, which makes him grow in size (camera is also positioned close to the ground for a low-angle shot of MC when he's close to the camera.

Now, back to the Flood encounter. When the audience hears that same "dripping" sound as the audience is waiting for the Flood to finaly show themselves, and it all becomes clear:

1) the dripping sound from the first scene represents the Flood (hence you hear it when the flood are revealed). Maybe later on in the movie, a dripping sound could just be used to induce suspence? Although that might just kill the whole idea by over-use...

2) The small MC silouette represents how the Flood nearly overcome him.

3) then as the MC walks into the light of the hallway and the suffocation of teh "dripping sound" and walks toward the camera represent how later on in the film the MC conquors over the Flood (and covenant too, maybe luring them into encountering eachother, while the lone soulder does what is needed, while they are concentrating on fighting eachother.

Of course, this is a hypothetical scene for a hypothetical Halo Movie script. I think those two shots would be subtle enough to not slap people in the face, but enough to be an interesting foreshadowing device.

This is clearly 'rejected entry' material because you've missed the whole point of the database, BUT your cleverly detailed scene saves it from vanishing into the ether! Now if only you could spell and grammar-check it, it'd be perfect! :)
- free3bme
(Pico on 04-14-06 07:03 UTC, permalink)

Joan Rivers as Cortana
(Actor) I think that Joan Rivers' succulent and sultry voice and figure would be perfect for the cortana role.

Besides, she'll work for cheap! And I dont think shes doing alot lately!

Even if its 'rejected entry' material, if you make me laugh, you get in. :)
- free3bme
Laugh? I think Joan Rivers would make me puke as Cortana. She is more reminiscent of a jewish nagging mother than a sultry goddess of our digital domain!
- cybrfrk
(Sk1LL4X3D on 04-14-06 06:59 UTC, permalink)

whiny hollywood music and abuse of patriotism
(Music) It has ruined many an acceptable film, and while popular with the more gullible of the masses it definately has no place in a halo movie. imagine the scene, its after halo has been destroyed, the stars and stripes are unfurled behind the Master Cheif's head and then the whiny, predictable sound of the Hollywood violin orchestra kicks in while cortana gives Chief a rallying speech about 'doing the right thing' the music builds to a despicabley whingy crechendo and the audience are left with the credits and a sour taste in their mouth.

(TehCaTzor on 04-14-06 06:56 UTC, permalink)

(Music) theyd better not puncuate the action sequences with death metal or rap music or anything like that.

Halo is all about the Monks.

(Confalone on 04-14-06 06:53 UTC, permalink)

A love for all time
(Romance) Master chief and some random woman (possilbly another spartan but if it was then it wouldn't have the 'sexy leading lady' thing hollywood wants as female spartans are more imposing them smoulderingly beautiful.)Fight through all the adversity of the human-covenant wars TOGETHER. Love conquers all and they hug alot. Possibly have a long dramatic kiss with cheesy music in the background every so often. Have the requisite scene where master chief is ashamed of his scars or his freakish gigantism and the woman says 'I love you just the way you are'. If this DID happen the other cliche of the love intrest dieing at one point in the movie to give him 'revenge' motivation may HAVE to happen just to spare us all the out of character lovey dovey. The halo storyline seems to have been built for this to NOT happen (master chief is probably rather frightfully unattractive and has a heavily supressed sex drive. The closest he gets is his camraderie with female spartans and I haven't seen any of them kiss or say 'i'll be there for you' yet.) Still hollywood has a way of worming in anything into a storyline. I personally don't remember the part of Doom where you had to constantly escort around your freaking sister either.

The first half of your entry is spot-on. The second half started to lose me, but it's all cool. :)
- free3bme
(Meyeselph on 04-14-06 06:53 UTC, permalink)

Marine description
(Characters) A marine is wearing a redish beret and when he is first seen you hear Prince in the back. He shows up in a Warthog with blood stains and calls it his little red corvette. After he survives a near death expirence or is holding another marine who is dying he say "So this is what it's like when Doves cry."

(Dan on 04-14-06 06:51 UTC, permalink)

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