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singing grunts
(Characters) They better not make the grunts sing, or wair goofy clothing, who would want another oompa-loompa like creature. It would be cool if the still screamed really loud when they got shot though.

(Jess on 12-23-05 22:01 UTC, permalink)

(Dialogue) The marine who opens the door in 343 GS whispers under his breath while typing it in "Nothing can w1thstand my leet hacking skills."

(Tin Can Man on 12-23-05 22:02 UTC, permalink)

(Scared of Realism) We know that that suit of armor can withstand an incredible amount of force and still protect the occupant. However, I would hate to see an ODST drop, some thing go wrong with the capsule, and have him abandon it.
Images of clouds rushing by, flash to conversations with Cortana as she calculates trajectory and probability of success. More flashes of the ground rushing up, and MC simply states, "It has to work."
Flash to MC throwing out his arms, and grabbing at tree branches as he rushes towards the ground, to land both feet firm, with nothing more than a momentary pause before standing erect.
"Cortana...now tell me where those Covenant are!"

He is not Superman! That suit weighs so much that he would go half-way into solid rock, based on a 1000 foot free fall. We are often expected to believe that ridiculous circumstances mean that equally stupid fixes cure all.

(CYBRFRK on 12-24-05 01:52 UTC, permalink)

CGI Overload
(Computer Graphics) Every single enemy, landscape, scenery, and anything other than actors will be in CG on a green screen, and it will look hugely unrealistic.

Our illustrious producer has already shown that CGI can be done correctly, and WETA is the team (alongside ILM) to provide that realism. Yes, having a completely done CGI title would suck. We already paid for that.
- cybrfrk
(Elite on 12-24-05 01:52 UTC, permalink)

(Dialogue) One small thing they could add to the movie would be RvB. For example when there's a large fight scene, Johnson could call out to a marine for help or to alert him and call him "Tucker." A quick thing like this would make it a tad bit more enjoyable and memorable.

Sticking to the pre-machinima version of the game would be nice. Even though my wife is from Iowa!
- cybrfrk
(Sk8erdmg on 12-24-05 02:27 UTC, permalink)

(Characters) Pirates are just done to death.

Pirates rock, however, unless they are pimps of the high sea, we see your point. So does this claymatic writer
- cybrfrk
(Pak on 12-24-05 02:28 UTC, permalink)

(Romance) If there is even one love scene involving MC, I'm going to flip out and beat the crap out of the guy sitting next to me.

(Grey Wolf on 12-24-05 02:28 UTC, permalink)

Sound bite number #39...
(Dialogue) We all know the Chief doesn't talk all that much in the game. But I hope they don't try and turn him into the typical badass anti-hero by having him spew out one liners that sound like they should be sound bites for a trailer. Same for any other important character.

(fluffmiester on 12-24-05 03:28 UTC, permalink)

Master chief
(Scenes from Hell) It turns out Master Chief is played by a robot, a robot voiced by Matthew Perry. And on top of that he cant stop craking jokes while pistol whiping grunts

(Kyle van Es on 12-24-05 03:28 UTC, permalink)

Movie Length Versus Source Material
(Plot) A game of decent length and sizable books make for a lot of ground to cover in less than three hours. Even if it's just including the first book and first game, Halo will have great difficulty in covering enough ground to both guide newcomers and please fans.

(Anthony Oriti on 12-24-05 03:29 UTC, permalink)

The Rediculous Scenario
(Scenes) I really don't want to see the gratuitous rediculous scenario. You know the one where the hero is cornered by a hundred ninjas and all he has to defend himself with is a dull butter knife. The kind of situations where even the luckiest man on earth wouldn't stand a chance but this guy, being such a badass, can get through them unscathed or at the very worst with a scraped knee. Not to mention the "Oh my god I just survived a nuclear explosion because I hid behind this concrete planter!"

These sorts of ungodly displays of power have no purpose in a movie, not only do they distract from the movie itself but they also make it seem that much more unbelievable.

Not even the Master Chief could out-fox a dozen Spec Ops Elites weilding plasma swords, no matter how many grenades he has.

(Boxer on 12-24-05 10:17 UTC, permalink)

(Scenes from Hell) It should all be claymation! with purple dinosaurs, and lots of blood, and they should change the title to Simbad space pirate extrordinare(Master Cheif would be simbad and cortana his wench)

(Jess on 12-24-05 10:17 UTC, permalink)

Very, very suggestive tattoos
(Scenes) No,not in a sexual sense!

Picture this: there's a marine with a tattoo "CUT HERE" on the back of his neck(I think there was someone like that in one of the Halo novels), and he jokes about making a clean slice of things. He's in a very, very quiet area, and a stealth elite with a sword chops off his head exactly at tattoo level.

Another somebody has his arm/chest tattooed with "GRUNTS KISS MY BUTT" or "ALIENS SUCK MY ASS". This uncultured individual gets a swarm of glowing pink needles or something bright, blue, and sizzling stuck in his butt. Boom. Don't give little grunty ideas when he's in a bad mood.

I'm reminded of Starship troopers, when the four friends decide to get laser-tatoo's to commemorate their recent victory in battle. The scene was applicable and lent itself nicely to the confrontation on the ship, however, it was a tad of out place. NO COPYING.
- cybrfrk
(UrsusArctos on 12-24-05 10:19 UTC, permalink)

Comic Relief again
(Comic Relief) Johnson played by Chris Tucker, smartass remarks and all.

(an angle on 12-24-05 10:20 UTC, permalink)

'Bloody' Flood
(Plot) I've always had a thought of a small horror scene including the flood.

how about, chief is under attack from the flood. he fights his way through swarm's and swarm's of them.He just makes it through a door before closing and locking. Chief hears a noice. he sees a small light sorce, shining on a computer panel. he walks over. he activates it, and light Appears all over the room. suddenly chief sees an Elite. he walks over to it, and it turns around. with horror, the elite has an infection form flood, eating away his left eye. with all that's left in his breath, he says whilst hyperventerlating,'the war with you is pointless,i shall let you live, if you stop this beast on my face' Chief picks up his rifle, and fires at the flood form, killing the host aswell.
Chief walks back to the control panel, he places reads the infomation, and history of halo.
he slips on the elites blood. his head smack's on a switch, then the room ditaches its self from the rest of the underground installation, and rockets upwards to the surface.
chief picks up his gun again, says 'it's about time,'then he reloads his shotgun.
the scene picture fades away, but at the end, you hear many flood attacking, then his shot gun fire.

(AntiFreakazoid on 12-26-05 02:04 UTC, permalink)

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