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Directed by J. J. Abrams
(Plot) In the beginning: After a particularity gruesome opening battle scene, the Chief is left hurt, limping away with his armor dented, hand on his side, and his visor cracked. He coughs and some blood spills out of his helmet into a small pool on the ground. Later, an Elite finds the tiny pool of blood and says, "The humans created a demon; now we shall fight fire with fire!" The Covies then use the DNA in the blood to create an evil clone of Master Chief wearing Covenant/Spartan armor who is faster, stronger, and smarter. But in the end, Master Chief prevails, killing his clone as his clone whispers, "All I wanted was to be like you... But I guess my time is over now..." Master Chief replies, "Don't worry. We Spartans don't die. We just go to hell and regroup." "We then, I guess one day I'll see you in hell Master Chief..." "I'm looking forward to it... my brother..." Master Chief clone dies, movie ends. ~ Fin

This is so scary, I'm going to curl up on the floor and ride the shakes away..
- free3bme
(CaptainCupcake on 07-27-11 14:54 UTC, permalink)

Googly Eyes
(ANIME-Reference other films/series) Master Chief is punched in the crotch, causing his massive anime style eyes to shatter his helmet,showing his japanese face (screw Japan if that happens)

I don't advocate screwing Japan. They've been through enough.
- free3bme
(FoeHammer777 on 07-27-11 14:04 UTC, permalink)

Cortana Compliments Chief/Johnson
(ANIME-Reference other films/series) Cortana: You look nice Chief + Johnson in unison: Thanks Chief's visor de-polarizes to reveal red cheeks.

- free3bme
(NewGuy on 07-27-11 14:03 UTC, permalink)

The chief remembers...
(Weepy melodrama) (anime)While chief walks down a hallway he remembers some time when he was a kid, or there is a girl who he liked and it gets all sad. He remembers how he had to fight his friends and his lover died by the hands of the covenant, and he starts asking himself is it all worth fighting for.

(Loadedevildude on 07-27-11 14:03 UTC, permalink)

Throw More Grunts At Him!
(Scenes) (Battle Order) Master Chief is cutting through hordes of enemy soldiers, mostly Grunts. An Elite Commander keeps sending in Grunts who keep getting their asses kicked. Slowly he sends in the higher ranking Grunts, who also get killed. Eventually he sends in his lowest ranking Elites, and eventually all that's left is the Commander. He runs in with a bloodcurdling yell, only to get his ass kicked as well.

(ReleasetheMonk on 07-27-11 14:02 UTC, permalink)

(Scenes) The scene opens with a long slow shot of a futuristic city. Everything is peaceful and beautiful. The scene transitions to a group of birds (probably doves) quietly cooing and eating and doing other things that birds do when suddenly BANG, a loud noise heard across the city frightens the birds and they all fly off leaving feathers behind. The scene shifts to focusing on a lone feather that slowly and gracefully floats down to the source of the noise; a group of Spartans fighting Covenant. A Brute's foot comes into frame and violently stomps on the feather, ending it's whimsical journey. By the end of this story, we will get no less than 3 more shots of birds flying for no particular reason.

Directed by John Woo!
- free3bme
(AfroRyan on 07-27-11 14:01 UTC, permalink)

Because the best city to use in fiction is your own!
(You're freaking me out) The Covenant invasion is inexplicably moved to downtown Tokyo instead of New Mombasa, and Godzilla either has to fight them or take the day off.

- free3bme
(J23 on 07-27-11 13:59 UTC, permalink)

(Scenes from Hell) (Note: This cliche will truly make sense if you've watched Neon Genesis Evangelion. Also, today, August 29, is the day John the Baptist was beheaded) Poor little John fights against a monstrous beastly Covenant Sharaquoi on August 29, 2530. He mutters to himself... "I mustn't lose my head, I mustn't lose my head, I mustn't lose my head, I mustn't lose my head, I mustn't lose my head, I mustn't lose my head..." And then a fiery, red-haired young Spartan comes along and yells, "What are you, an idiot? Go ahead and fight already!" As an extra, an attractive older commanding officer promises John an "adult kiss" if he fights the Covenant beastie. John then turns into a forty-meter horned purple mecha and mauls the Covenant beastie before eating it alive. He wakes up and says, "Wow, what a dream!"

This would suck on many levels.
- free3bme
(UrsusArctos on 07-27-11 13:58 UTC, permalink)

Master Chief Kills Himself
(Plot) At the beginning of the movie we see Master Chief sitting. He removes his helmet and we see his face. Then BAMMM. His head starts to fall. He shots himself with the magnum. Then it writes "5 days of ago" on the screen.

Yep, that'd be pretty damn stupid.
- free3bme
(SSG4 on 07-27-11 13:57 UTC, permalink)

(Dialogue) Lets split up

- free3bme
(BlueReaper on 07-27-11 13:55 UTC, permalink)

Untitled Spartan Team Encounter
(Dialogue) Spartan #2: Takes on an Innie minder with a jab to the chest, tearing his aorta. The Minder drops, dead. Innie Commander: Grabs the prisoner by the throat and uses him as a human shield. "If you move, I'll kill him." Spartan #2: "I'm not here to kill you." Innie Commander: (Surprised) "You're not?" Spartan #2: "No. But she is." Spartan #1 Moves from the shadows, pistol in hand and fires a single shot.

OMG, cliche to the max!
- free3bme
(MaxRealflugel on 07-27-11 13:55 UTC, permalink)

An incredibly long...
(ANIME-The silence is deafening!) Most space opera's suffer from this cliche, and I doubt Halo Legends will be any different. I suspect there will be at least a 30 second shot of nothing but a character looking out the window of a space vehicle staring in awe at things in space. Those things could include: space itself, spaceship vehicles, Earth, Alien Worlds, Halos, or an Alien fleet.

Predictions aren't really what we're looking for here. Just a straight description of the scene, etc. Thanks!
- free3bme
(AfroRyan on 07-27-09 00:47 UTC, permalink)

Storm of clich
(ANIME-Roll Credits) Dr. Halsey: (In voiceover, standing on a cliff's edge as the wind blows her scarf around her face, flower petals and snowflakes (somehow) past her hair, sparkly tears over her eyes, and ocean spray over her feet)
"Oh, John."

Master Chief: (Pausing on the battlefield)
[Incoherent yell]
[Blood splatter]
[Massive explosion that leaves him untouched]


(kabu on 07-25-09 04:20 UTC, permalink)

Upon the discovery of a Forerunner artifact.
(ANIME-Reference other films/series)

ONI: How old is it?
Scientist: It's over 9,000!

OK, not thrilled to see the obvious ones done w/ little effort, but watcha gonna do? Too many more of these and I'll start to reject them, sorry!
- free3bme
(NewGuy on 07-25-09 04:18 UTC, permalink)

Cortana chooses Master Chief
(ANIME-Reference other films/series) Cortana: Master Chief, I choose you!

And so the new influx begins. :)
- free3bme
(NewGuy on 07-25-09 03:46 UTC, permalink)

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