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Master Chief is the man.
(Actor) And his voice work won't be recognized if done by any other actor.

Interesting, however, this is a moot point if they never show the face of MC.
As an afterthought. What if all the original voice actors were used, and they got pretty faces to merely act (with voiceover)? Hmmm....
(CYBRFRK on 12-14-05 21:43 UTC, permalink)

Cortana is not a cheap suit...
(Computer Graphics) Creating Cortana as merely a hollow, cartoon-like character will not approach the level of maturity that this character has. She has developed in hundreds of hours of gameplay for millions world-wide, and simply to make her a cartoon character will lose the nature of who and what she is.

So the question remains: Person in a suit, with all the nuances and movements of a person, or a complete CG being?
Even is she's a 'real person' it may backfire. Julia Roberts as Tinkerbell comes to mind.
- free3bme
(CYBRFRK on 12-14-05 21:44 UTC, permalink)

Doom the movie showed us FPS on the big screen
(Other games) Will we see FPS camera angles? We can only hope that the flop that is Doom the movie, does not carry over into the Halo universe.

(cybrfrk on 12-14-05 21:47 UTC, permalink)

Wooden or CG props are not acceptable...
(Props) When props are used, they should look real. I'm not talking about having the MC hold a wooden toy, and we are to use our imagination, I'm thinking metallic, right reflection, good weight.

This is an interesting point. Even TV series like Stargate, have realistic looking weapons. The alien weapons have kick and can cause as much damage as we would expect. So including non-wooden, high-powered toys would be an awesome idea.
MC holds up first *real* BR... to the obvious groans of tell-tale plastic sheen. :(
- free3bme
(CYBRFRK on 12-15-05 01:18 UTC, permalink)

Will the convenant just be another dark menace?
(Plot) Enemy within, grown from our own stock, just hundreds of decades ahead of ourselves?

Not sure where this is going. Are you suggesting that more of the halo-verse storyline will be revealed? Perhaps who the Reclaimers are and where the Covenant actually came from?
(CYBRFRK on 12-15-05 22:45 UTC, permalink)

(Dialogue) here's a few:

1 - Cortana calls MC "John" in a 'tender' moment.

2 - You see virtual 'tears' as Cortana realizes MC is going on a suicide mission or realizes she might not ever see him again due to a hard choice she has to make.

3 - MC tries to 'touch' Cortana during same 'tender' moment.

Nicely done, would be better if it was seperated out, but they all fall under the same theme, so OK
- free3bme
(fw on 12-18-05 22:09 UTC, permalink)

'kill me!'
(Scenes) Flood scene where obvious former 'buddy' human is now a flood, and the turmoil as other soldier(s) or MC realize they have to kill him/her. Cherry on top is that flood hasn't completely subsumed personality, so creature's last shreds of humanity come out and plead for help/quick-death.

According to the rules, this entry is fine, because even though something similar occurs with Keyes and MC, the storyline is above reproach. If they pour on the schmaltz (ala Matrix death scenes), it'll suck.
- free3bme
(fw on 12-18-05 23:36 UTC, permalink)

Chew on this!
(Oral Fixations) Johnson is 'castrated' and no longer chews on a cigar.

Could happen to Keyes as well, but Johnson would be the most hurt by it. Aye.
- free3bme
(fw on 12-18-05 23:47 UTC, permalink)

Overuse of a classic from Star Wars
(Dialogue) Watch your step around here, some say it is a hive of scum and villiany.

"I've got a bad feeling about this." That would actually fit, but I ain't saying why. :)
- free3bme
(CYBRFRK on 12-20-05 00:23 UTC, permalink)

Generic beasties
(Actor) Will the Flood indeed look distinct if featured in the movie, or will they look like every other dime store beastie from the last 20 years of zombie movies? Keep it unique!

Don't lose parts of the Flood anatomy that set it apart from the rest.
- free3bme
(fw on 12-21-05 20:39 UTC, permalink)

Starring Stuntmutt
(Comic Relief) A character such as "Jenkins" marine from the first flood scene, or even Cortana herself, are tagging along as comedy rather than actual characters with depth and purpose. This would Halo fans to groan at more than just bad jokes.

Bad grammar aside, this is a good point, though possibly already iterated in some form or another already here. There is a fine line between getting laughs and getting laughs in the face of danger. (Hudson in Aliens)
- free3bme
(Ross Mills on 12-22-05 05:20 UTC, permalink)

Wort wort wort
(Dialogue) Master Chief is in a tough spot... and starts talking to an Elite... who responds by giving a human-like shrug and saying, "Wort wort wort." Then, the Elite lets MC go.

Lame re-use of existing Halo dialogue would be bad. Subtle homage is one thing (Hulk's dream in Ang Lee's Hulk movie where Hulk gets to say 'puny human') but just inserting it for any reason isn't cool.
- free3bme
(Eastbeast314 on 12-22-05 05:21 UTC, permalink)

If I see Master Chief's Face, Ill Cry!
(Actor) Seeing Master Chief's actual face will ruin the entire world of Halo for me, if they show his face, I will quit playing Halo forever

(NeedzABetterSN on 12-22-05 05:23 UTC, permalink)

The last one
(Scenes) (scene) There should be a heartbreaking scene in which the Master Chief is going into some covenant infested area (Two betrayals esque) with one other marine, the Chief is hit by a ball of plasma knocking him down and depleting his shield. Another ball of fiery death streaks toward the chief, and the marine realizing that the chief is the last hope, jumps in front of the ball, saving the chief but losing his own life.

Love it! Perfectly cliche, grody to the max!
- free3bme
(Whiterlight on 12-22-05 05:24 UTC, permalink)

MC is not Emo!
(Music) Gamers love using angsty emo rock for their montages, don't they? Cue the My Chemcial Romance as Master Chief embarks on a slow-mo killing spree FOR THE WIN!

I'm feeling a little emotional just thinking about it. *snif!*
- mnemesis
(SonGoharotto on 12-22-05 05:27 UTC, permalink)

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