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Directed by J. J. Abrams
(Plot) In the beginning: After a particularity gruesome opening battle scene, the Chief is left hurt, limping away with his armor dented, hand on his side, and his visor cracked. He coughs and some blood spills out of his helmet into a small pool on the ground. Later, an Elite finds the tiny pool of blood and says, "The humans created a demon; now we shall fight fire with fire!" The Covies then use the DNA in the blood to create an evil clone of Master Chief wearing Covenant/Spartan armor who is faster, stronger, and smarter. But in the end, Master Chief prevails, killing his clone as his clone whispers, "All I wanted was to be like you... But I guess my time is over now..." Master Chief replies, "Don't worry. We Spartans don't die. We just go to hell and regroup." "We then, I guess one day I'll see you in hell Master Chief..." "I'm looking forward to it... my brother..." Master Chief clone dies, movie ends. ~ Fin

This is so scary, I'm going to curl up on the floor and ride the shakes away..
- free3bme
(CaptainCupcake on 07-27-11 14:54 UTC, permalink)

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