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(Scenes) The scene opens with a long slow shot of a futuristic city. Everything is peaceful and beautiful. The scene transitions to a group of birds (probably doves) quietly cooing and eating and doing other things that birds do when suddenly BANG, a loud noise heard across the city frightens the birds and they all fly off leaving feathers behind. The scene shifts to focusing on a lone feather that slowly and gracefully floats down to the source of the noise; a group of Spartans fighting Covenant. A Brute's foot comes into frame and violently stomps on the feather, ending it's whimsical journey. By the end of this story, we will get no less than 3 more shots of birds flying for no particular reason.

Directed by John Woo!
- free3bme
(AfroRyan on 07-27-11 14:01 UTC, permalink)

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