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Still Sharpe, old Bean
(Actor) Sean Bean is cast as Fred, the SPARTAN second-in-command and expert in martial arts and close-combat.

Fred gets into a duel with a mighty gold elite. Fred has his trusty machete;the Gold Elite has a plasma saber. The Elite swings and stabs about, Fred uses his speed and skill to dodge the blows, trying to find an opportunity to strike.

Finally, the elite loses his patience and lunges at Fred. Fred sidesteps the lunge, and hacks at the Elite's back with the machete. The Elite's shields 'blow out', leaving the Elite unprotected but shattering the machete. The Elite, angrier than ever, whirls around to kill him. Fred ducks, and swings the little bit of blade stuck to his machete(The 'hilt-shard').

The strike cuts off the Gold Elite's sword hand at the wrist. The elite roars in pain, grabbing the stump of his wrist. Fred seizes the opportunity. He snatches the plasma saber from the severed hand, and slices off the Elite's head.

Fred then examines the glowing weapon in admiration, and says, "This one's sharp(e) all right."

[Sean Bean acted as a soldier named Richard Sharpe in a British TV series, and often joked about his character. In Fellowship of the Ring, Bean(As Boromir) cuts his finger on Elendil's broken sword, and says, "Still sharp(e)"]

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