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Super...errr....chief to the rescue!
(Scenes from Hell) An enormous covenant plasma blast hits the rails of a high-speed train inside a human city. The tracks are melted alway revealing a gap in the tracks.

Unfortunately, there is no time to warn the oncoming train, if it tries to brake at it's current speed, it'll derail for sure. It's moving at hundreds of miles per hours and if it hits the gap in the tracks, everyone onboard will be killed!

So the Master Chief hears this on the UNSC radio and decides to do something about it. But he first has to convince his superior to let him go.

MC: Please, General you've got to let me go, I'm the only one who can help those people.

GENERAL: Ah, it's too risky, we've already lost too many heroes in this war, and we need you Chief. Besides, there's nothing anyone can do.

MC: You're right. This isn't a task for anyone. It's a task for the Master Chief. And I'll be damned if I let those civilians die.

GENERAL: Alright, Chief, you have my permission, go now. And God-speed.

MC: I won't let you down.

The Chief borrows a warthog and drives off, by now the train is a mere few kilometers from the tracks so to everyone's amazement a Spartan arrives, clad in his MJOLNIR armour. MC uses a service ladder to climb onto the tracks and runs to recieve the oncoming train.

As the train approaches his position, still going very fast, he braces his feet and moves his arms out to "catch the train". The train hits him full-tilt and instead of being totally and utterly crushed the train is slowing down and the Chief is bring propelled by the train, his feet creating sparks with the ground, in an attempt to stop the train. Finally, barely feet before the gap the train comes to a halt,and the MC jumps off. He waves to the stunned on-lookers...and drives off toward the sunset.

(jman571 on 11-08-06 13:31 UTC, permalink)

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