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Somebody save my baby!
(Scenes) We enter the scene into a bustling metropolis, with business people walking quickly to work, mothers taking their children to school, and vendors selling things on the street. Suddenly, air-raid sirens go off and for several minutes there's sheer panic.

Out of nowhere a large Covenant cruiser swoops down out of the atmosphere and hovers above the city; opening it's shuttle bays and spewing forth countless phantom dropships. As one of these ships goes down into the city, it fires plasma bolts at a large advertisement sign. It begins to fall...right on top of a crying child who has lost his mother.

People watch the billboard slowly crash down, and the mother is crying nearby, and then WHAM, a blur through the air, and the sign crashes to the ground. As the dust settles we can see a figure next to the sign... it's the Master Chief holding the boy in his arms.

"Here you go M'am". The Master Chief reunites the child with his mother and sprints off to halt another Covenant invasion.

(jman571 on 11-08-06 13:30 UTC, permalink)

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