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(You're freaking me out) I just hope the directors dont read the Part of First Strike that details Sarges Regenerative abilities

just imagine it

An Elite slices Sargeant Johnson in half and turns around and walks away then hears Sarge say in the wierd two people with same voice saying same thing at slightly varying tiomes effect "I-I'm mad as hell now-w" Elite turns around and sees two Sarges. Elite slices both of'em in half then walks away and hears in a four of the same people talking at same time going "You're starting to piss me off."

The Elite begins slicing and now we have hundreds off johnsons. Finally the sword runs out of energy and the ELite whimpers and look at thousands of sarge's its lower mandibles tremble. Later the sarges meet up with more marines.

At once the sarges start going "About the money you owe us" or "Remeber what you said about my music."

Hollywood will probably do this two. I have seen much worse.

(me on 11-08-06 02:30 UTC, permalink)

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