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What is a Cliché?
"A once pithy, clever sayings in which someone encapsulated an idea or feeling. Unfortunately, thousands of other people used and reused those sayings, until they became trite and tiresome. Because they are catchy and concise, clichés stick in the brain and immediately occur to the stymied writer. However, using a worn-out phrase is tantamount to admitting that you have not been able to think of anything more interesting to say. One often hears young people say "That movie was so cliché!" source
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We have noticed that many people have lost the vision on what cliché is.  To date, the majority of submissions has been "I hope the movie has/does xxxx", when it should be more like "The chief encounters a pack of grunts, grabs one and throw it at the other's like a bowling ball. When they come crashing apart, you hear the sound of a bowling strike."

Examples of clichés that are Great: Examples of clichés that are just ok: Examples of clichés that just don't get it:

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